Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s Mercenaries

May 28, 2011

These days are historical days for Iranians. In these days, the Islamist-Reformists, aka Islamist Baboons, desperately try to save their Islamic regime and deceive the people. But the people have given them a big “No” answer, or as Iranians say “a Big Bilakh”. Yesterday, Rafsanjani, the BastardFather, summed up the Islamist-Reformists’ bullshits in the past days and said: “Now, in these years, the lie and hypocrisy don’t work (of course it worked at the time of Rafsanjani !) … In 1980s when we toppled the Bani-sadr’s government, it united the people behind the great leader; Now we can unite behind our great leader in this way ( by toppling Mr. shit); The people are not stubborn and obstinate, they accept “Solh va Safa” (that literally means “peace and pleasure”, but many young Iranians use it as a slang that means “dirty trick; betrayal; bribe, etc”) … things should go back to normal … the people lover our dear leader, Khamenei, and the enemy should be aware of that !!

Rafsanjani’s bullshits about “Solh va Safa” and ” things should go back to normal” ! is the gist of Islamist-Reformists’ bullshits. But the people say: “our main problem is “your normal conditions!!”. Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries want to deceive the people as usual. But now Iranians are not as stupid as the past decades. Iranians have paid the highest price for the fundamental change, for a revolution, not for “going back to normal conditions“!! and respecting Khamenei for his crimes and brutality !! Now Iranians know their enemies and the real causes of their dreadful problems, i.e. “Mullahs’ normal conditions!”. “Normal conditions” in Khamenei’s regime means “Medieval conditions”; means: “rape, kill, torture, terror, tyranny, suppression, censorship, embezzlement, systematic destruction, etc . It’s a good news that Iranians finally understood that the Islamist Reformists and Basiji thugs are two sides of the same com . When the Islamist-Reformists, who are either Khatamist or Rafsanjani’s mercenary, desperately try to deceive the people but they fail in their attempts, it’s really very enjoyable. Now Iranians can see the Mullah’s foul play.


The stupid Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries are so shameless. All they did in the past two years was discouraging the people. In fact, they were the brake pedal for the people’s movements , as the stupid Ebrahim Nabavi, clearly declared it in his shameful article after Ashoura Day. The Iranian history will not forget this historical betrayal. Now all famous Islamist Baboons try to defend Khatami’s bullshits, and save their Islamic regime, but they gain nothing. The majority of Iranians have no media and no voice, but Khatamists’ propaganda machine, Rafsanjani’s propaganda machine and Khamenei’s propaganda machine could not deceive the people. And it’s a real victory for Iranians. The history will not forget these days. Now we are making history in Iran .


Now Khatami truly has become a symbol of Stupidity, Hypocrisy, and Spineless. Now Khatamists and and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries feel isolated and have lost their temper and are totally confused. But the people say: “There’s nothing to be gained by losing your temper. You have a good solution: Why don’t you go f-u-c-k yourself ?! ” The coward Khatami and the stupid hypocrite Rafsanjani’s mercenaries are the real enemy of Iran, a free and democratic Iran. They are the main responsible for the death of Green Movement. They have plundered our oil money, our national wealth, and our national resources. Almost all of them have big fat bank accounts, that are full of embezzling funds and mercenary money .


After killing, raping and torturing ten thousands of Iranians in the streets and jails, and when the Mullah’s regime was on the edge of toppling in the first weeks after the giant electoral fraud, or in the Ashoura Day, the stupid Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries tired to calm and silence the people’s movement and the people’s voice, and save their beloved Islamic regime. But today is another day. Now Iranians say: “The stupid Islamist Reformists, including Mousavi, are not enemy of Khamenei. They are charlatan and hypocrite and want to save their beloved Islamic regime, i.e. the regime of the killers and rapists. Their media censor the people’s words and the people’s voice. They try to deceive us and play with us. They deserve no respect and no attention. We don’t do anything for these stupid traitors. They are dead for us.

Oriana Fallaci Interview with Khomeini, 2

May 28, 2011

Oriana Fallaci, 1929 – 2006, the Italian journalist and political interviewer, had an interview with Khomeini in 1979 that is very interesting and informative. We will publish the English translation of this long interview in series of three parts, and here are the second part:

“Let’s talk about freedom and democracy, Imam. In one of your first speech in Qom you said that the new Islamic government would guarantee freedom of thought and expression to all , including the Communists and ethnic minorities. But now the Communists are called “Children of Satan” or “Evil on Earth.” You demand that I allow the conspiracies of those who would lead the country to anarchy and corruption, as if freedom of thought and freedom of expression was plotting and corrupt [!]. So I say: [only] for more than five months I have tolerated [!], we have tolerated those who did not think like us . And they were free, absolutely free to do whatever they wanted. Through Mr. Bani-Sadr, who is here, I even invited the Communists to talk with us. But in response they have burned the crops of wheat, set fire to ballot boxes of the polling stations, and with guns and rifles have responded to our offer of dialogue …. But, Imam,Closing opposition newspapers, for example. In that speech in Qom you also said that you had to be modern means to train men who are entitled to choose and criticize. But the newspaper Ayandegan, for liberals, has been closed. And so all the papers for the lefts . The newspaper Ayandegan “was part of the conspiracy of which I spoke [!!]. They had relations with the Zionists [!] … The same in all the newspapers that the Attorney General of the Revolution considered subversive and closed [!!!] .This is not against freedom. It is everywhere. No, Imam. The lefts who fought against the Shah, were persecuted and arrested and tortured. How can you call them enemies, such as denying a right to exist in space and a left has fought and suffered so much? None of them have fought and suffered [!] . If anything, they have exploited for their own purposes the pain of the people who fought and suffered. You are not well informed : Most of the left alluded was abroad during the imperial regime, and returned only after the people had driven the shah. Another group was here, that’s right, in its hidden coves and hiding in their homes, and only after the people he gave his blood , they use of the blood. But so far nothing has happened that limited their freedom [!!].


“Excuse me, Imam: I want to be certain of having understood. You say that the left had nothing to do with the ouster of the Shah. The left that gave many arrested, many tortured and murdered so many. Neither the living nor the dead, left, count for nothing. They did not contribute anything. They have not served in any sense of the Revolution . Some have fought, yes, but for their ideas and nothing else, their purposes and nothing else, their interests and that’s it … No, the Left have never worked with us. … Our movement has always been a Muslim, and the Left have always been against it. They are built by the Americans [!!!] .A left US-made, Imam?! Yes, born in and supported by the Americans to launch slander and sabotage against us and destroy us. So when you speak of the people, Imam, refers to a people tied exclusively to the Islamic movement. But do you think these people who have killed thousands, tens of thousands died for freedom or for Islam? For Islam. The people fought for Islam. And Islam means everything [!!!], even what this world is called freedom and democracy. Yes, Islam has everything [!]. Islam encompasses everything [!!!]. Islam is everything. At this point, Imam, I have to ask what it means by freedom. Freedom … It is not easy to define the concept. We say that freedom is when you can choose your own ideas and think about what you want without having to think of others, and stay where you want, and pursue the job you want. I see … Thinking, therefore, does not materialize and express what you think. And what democracy means, Imam? I ask this question with particular curiosity about republic or monarchy in the referendum, because you have banned the term Islamic Democratic Republic. Deleted the word “democratic” and said: “Not a word more, not one word less.” Result, the masses who believe in you pronounce the word democracy as if it were a dirty word. What is wrong with this word that we in the West seems so beautiful? To begin with, Islam does not need words like the word democracy [!!]. Just because Islam is everything means everything [!!!] . For us it is sad to put another word next to the word Islam, Islam is perfect [!!]. If we want Islam, is the need to specify that we want democracy? [!!!] … Democracy is a thing of Aristotle, that the Soviets is another, yet another one of the capitalists [!!!]. We can not afford to put in our constitution a concept as ambiguous [!!!!] . Finally, here’s what I mean by democracy: I give a historical example. When Ali became the successor of the Prophet and leader of the Islamic state, and his reign was from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, and included much of Asia and even Europe, and this confederation had all the power, he happened to have a difference with a jew. And the jew sent for him by the court. And Ali accepted the call of the court. And he went. And seeing him enter the court stood up, but Ali said angrily: “Because when you get up later and not when I enter the jew? Before a court the two contenders must be treated identically. ” Can you give me a better example of democracy? [!!!!]

Imam, democracy means much more . And this I also say that the Persians as we foreigners, do not understand where it’s going to parry his Islamic Republic. If you foreigners do not understand, the worse for you. So the matter does not concern you. you have nothing to do with our choices. If you do not understand some Iranians, that’s their problem. It means that they did not understand Islam [!!!!!]. But they understood the despotism that is now exercised by the clergy, Imam. In drafting the new Constitution the Assembly of Experts has a past article, the fifth principle, that the head of the country must have the supreme religious authority, that is you, and final decisions should be taken only by those who know the Quran , that is, by the clergy. This does not mean that, for the Constitution, the policy will continue to be made by priests and that’s it? This law ratifies the people is not inconsistent with democracy [!!!] Because the people love the clergy, has confidence in the clergy [!!], wants to be led by clergy [!!!], it is fitting that the highest religious authority will oversee the work of the Prime Minister or the President of the Republic to prevent mistaken and that go against the law that is against the Koran [!!]. Or, the highest religious authority or a representative group of clergy. So let us have justice administered by the clergy. Let’s talk about that after winning five hundred executions were carried out in Iran . Do you approve of the summary manner in which these processes are celebrated without a lawyer and without appeal? Obviously you Westerners who had ignored those who were shot, or pretend to ignore it. These were people who had participated in the massacres in the streets and squares, or of people who had ordered massacres, or to people who had homes burned, tortured, sawn legs and arms during interrogation. What we should do them: to forgive, let them go? [!!] … My people did not put his questions. If we had not intervened with the shootings, revenge People would break out of control means any official of the scheme would be executed. Then we had more than five hundred: the dead would be thousands. Okay, but I do not necessarily alluded to torturers and murderers of Savak. I was referring to rifles that the sins of the regime had nothing to do, to people who are still executed for adultery or prostitution or homos-e-x-u-a-lity . It is justice, according to you, shot a poor prostitute or a woman who betrays her husband or a man who loves another man? If a finger is gangrenous, what should I do? Let go gangrenous whole hand and then the whole body or cut your finger? [!!!] The things that bring corruption to an entire people must be uprooted as weeds that infest a field of wheat [!!!] . I know, there are companies that allow women to treat themselves in the enjoyment of men who are not their husbands, and men to treat themselves in the enjoyment of other men, but the company that we want to build does not. In Islam, we want to pursue a policy that will purify the society [!!!], and for this to happen it is necessary to punish those who bring evil corrupting our youth . Whether you like it or not, we can not endure the bad guys to spread their evil. Besides, you do not do the same? When a thief is a thief, do not put in jail? In many countries, perhaps not to execute murderers? Yes, the evil must be removed, uprooted like weeds . Only eradicated the country cleanse. ”

The stupid illiterate Khomeini even could not understand the difference between “Democracy” and “Justice”. But the Western media, like the Time, called him “Philosopher-King“! The unknown and uneducated Khomenei became a hero by the Western media in 1978, and we would write more about it later. But how they could call an uneducated Mullah a
Philosopher-King” ?! Khomeini said that Islam does not need words like the word democracy, and he was right. Because the word democracy is a dirty word in Islam. In Islam you should only obey the god, the prophet and the leader ! that’s all. Khomeini said : “the people love the clergy, has confidence in the clergy, wants to be led by clergy”. It was true in 1979, but now, in 2011, “the people hate the clergy, has no confidence in the clergy, and doesn’t wants to see the f-u-c-k-i-ng face of any clergy! ” Khomeini said tens of thousands died for Islam, not freedom. But now in 2011, tens of thousands died for freedom and anti-Islamic values Khomeini confessed that Iran only was free for five months after the 1979 revolution. And it’s certainly true. Only 5 months. Closing opposition newspapers, for example Ayandegan for liberals and all the papers for the lefts was a clear sign of tyranny and dictatorship, and exactly the same as what we experienced in these years. Since 1979, the Mullahs always have said that “the protesters are Zionist and work for Zionists or America.”, or “You are not well informed”. Khomeini and the Mullahs used of the people’s bloods for their own interests, and stupidly said “We can not afford to put in our constitution a concept as ambiguous as democracy !!’ and then they put the most reactionary and ambiguous concepts in our constitution, like Velayat-e Faqih, an unelected Islamic Senate (Guardian Council), Islamic laws, etc Khomeini said : “If a finger is gangrenous, what should I do? The evil must be removed, uprooted like weeds ” It’s very funny that now the gangrenous finger is Mullahs, the weeds are the Mullahs, and the evil that must be removed is the Mullahs and their Islamic regime. Of course we cut the weeds in the modern way, not in the Mullah’s way. 2010s is not 1970s.