Naser Hezaji and Nourizad’s Confession

Today, another Islamist Baboon, an ex-Basiji rapist, and ex-dog and ex-thug of Khamenei, Mohammad Nourizad repeated Khatami’s bullshits. He asked “the dear leader, Khamenei !!” to forgive Mousavie ! and release him. He added: “Then Mousavi becomes a hero for all Iranians and can save the Islamic regime and their dear leader, Khamenei !!” The stupid Nourizad confessed:” If the angry people lose their patience, then nothing, no weapon, and even Islam, could not stop them, and they throw all of us into the trash can of the history !… So the dear leader, please release Mousavi, he could save us and our Islamic regime!, before it’s too late … The necessity of keeping our Islamic regime safe, imply this … It’s very bad that Naser Hejazi has become a hero, but Ezatollah Sahabi (a stupid hypocrite Khayemal [ass-kisser], worse than Khatami ) is not a hero !! … We and all Iranians [!!] ask our dear great leader, Khamenei [!!] to forgive you !! and release you … Oh, God keep our dear leader, Khamenei, safe [!] Amen [!!] ” Now the stupid Iranians that though the stupid Nourizad, the ex-Basiji repaist, is a hero should be ashamed of themselves. Of course they are ashamed of themselves, and the first backlash against Nourizad’s bullshits show the depth of Iranians’ resentment. Now more than 90% of Iranians hate Nourizad and all Islamist Baboons .

Iranians have an old funny saying that: “Gandesh Daroumad !” or “Taghesh Daroumad !” that means: “it revealed itself” or “it reveals its shit”. Now the Islamists-Reformists, one by one, reveal their shits ! Unfortunately the stupid Nourizad had become a straw hero for some stupid Iranians, inside and outside Iran. But now we can be sure that even the most stupid Iranians know the Islamist Baboons want to save the Islamic regime. It’s a good news for the people’s movement. Even if Mousavi says the same bullshits, the people would f-u-c-k him and send him to the trash can of the history, in less than a minute. For ordinary Iranians Naser Hejazi is hero, who was not Khayemal and became the people’s voice. Naser Hejazi became a legend in Iran, only because he was the people’s voice in the age of silence and hypocrisy. Naser Hejazi said the proper words, the people’s words, at the proper time. And now he has become a legend. Iranians sent near 5 million SMS for him in near 3 hours. It was a historical record that a TV program in the state TV, received 5 million SMS (the average number of SMS that were sent to a TV program in Iran is near 100 thousand). Naser Hejazi was a anti-mullah and what Iranians did for him, was a clear sign that shows us: “Iranians hate Mullahs more than anything else in the world, and if a celebrity openly opposes the Mullahs, s/he becomes a legend !


Khamenei and Islamist Baboons like Nourizad, should be angry and frightened of Naser Hejazi’s popularity. Naser Hejazi has become a legend and hero for ordinary Iranians, because he was a real anti-Mullah . Naser Hejazi wore tie, while Mullahs say it’s anti-Islamic; Naser Hejazi knew English and worked with westerners; The names of Naser Hejazi’s son and daughter were Persian names, not Islamic name; “Atilla” and “Atousa” were not Arabic names; Naser Hejazi did not believe in Islamic veil, Hijab, and his wife and his daughter had not Hijab outside Iran; Naser Hejad was dandy and chic, while the Mullahs said it’s anti-Islamic. Now Naser Hejazi is a hero for ordinary Iranians, not some one like Mammad motherf-u-c-k-e-r Nourizad, the ex-Basiji rapist and the ex-dog of Khemeni in Keyhan and Sepah, or some one like Sahabi, the great Bouzineh Khayemal (Ass-kisser Baboon!), who wrote a ultra-stupid and shameful letter after Ashoura Day. Mammad motherf-u-c-k-e-r Nourizad, was in Khamenei’s jail but some weeks ago he made a secret deal and was released. Now Iranians know why Khamenei released him. And now they clearly and openly say to the Islamist Baboons: “Oun Mame ro Looloo Bord”, that means: “That boob was gone away by the bogeyman”, i.e. the game is over. But Nourizad Bouzineh was right, when he said: “ If the angry people lose their patience, [i.e. if they organized themselves, if they daily protest against the nude emperor] then nothing, no weapon, no Islamic shit [ nothing, absolutely nothing] could not stop them, and they throw all of us, [i.e. all Islamists, including Khamenei, Khatami, Mousavi and all other Islamic rapists, killers, and traitors] into the trash can of the history !” It is certainly ture.

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