Oriana Fallaci’s Interview with Khomeini, 1

Oriana Fallaci, 1929 – 2006, the Italian journalist and political interviewer, had an interview with Khomeini in 1979 that is very very interesting and informative. These days we are near to the anniversary of the death of Khomeini, the great founder of the great Islamic disaster, the greatest tragedy of Iran and Iranians. All Iranians and non-Iranians should know Khomenei and his legacy, better than before. Oriana Fallaci’s interview is very interesting and important and can clear many things. We will publish parts of English translation of this long interview in series of three parts, and here are the first part:

“Tehran, September 1979 : His portrait is everywhere, as once the portrait of the Shah was. Pursues you in the streets, in shops, hotels, offices, parades, television, the bazaar … No alcoholic beverages, to begin … No music that excites or soften, to continue … It is forbidden to swim, as swimming more or less need to undress. And so the pools are empty, like empty beaches where couples must be separated and women can bathe only dressed from head to toe. If you’re a woman it is a sin to show your neck and hair … Even shaking hands is wrong, between persons of different sexes . “Allah does not want” exclaimed a young officer of the government’s gesture when I greet him that way … The s-e-x-u-a-l freedom, needless to say, is crime and the criminals are punished with the firing squad. Not a day goes by that the press gives the news some adulterous shot … Those who oppose or criticize or curse is considered an enemy of the Revolution and Islam, a traitor, a spy for the Americans, a Zionist provocateur, an agent of SAVAK, and has only two choices: surrender or flee the country … Inflation galloping to fifty per cent, the police are non-existent, the army is dispersed, the school does not work … Yet it is too early to say that this is a failed revolution, broke out to replace a despot with another despot. And it’s even risky to conclude that it is not a revolution but an involution, and its creatores say :”time of the Shah was better” … At the time of the Shah you could drink wine and beer and vodka and whiskey, but they tortured the detainees with torture from the Middle Ages, you could dance and swim in a swimsuit, but they thrown political prisoners from helicopters in Salt Lake, they do not shoot homos-e-x-u-a-ls, prostitutes, adulterers, but they massacred people in the streets and lived only to sell oil to Europe … 70% of the Iranian population is illiterate … They were the mullahs who preach Islam as a paradise on earth … I asked: “When you speak of the people, Imam, refers to a people tied exclusively to the Islamic movement. But do you think these people who has made a killing tens of thousands died for freedom or for Islam? “He said,” For Islam. The people fought for Islam. And Islam means everything. Islam encompasses everything. Islam is everything .” …It’s a sunny afternoon in Qom, the holy city where Khomeini chose to live in … Imam means saint, guide, leader … They recognized me. I am the stranger who in 1973 interviewed the Shah and asked him without timidity on behalf of its crimes: to the point that he replied: “You Will not it be blacklisted?’ … Blacks on my pants and black blouse wearing a black cloak, my neck and hair are well hidden by a black scarf tied to my chin, and above all this I have the chador. Black, of course … I will act as interpreter with Abolhassan Bani-Sadr of the Revolutionary Committee … He is an old very old … He has tolerated without blinking my accusations of dictatorship, despotism, fascism. “All this does not concern you. Our customs do not concern it. If you do not like Islamic dress, is not obliged to carry it. Because Islamic dress is for young beautiful women [!] and decent man . “(Then, indignant, I will throw off the chador, and open the shell and move the scarf asking if a woman who has always lived without those rags from the Middle Ages seems to be a respectable little old woman. And he wrapped in a long searching look which I feel deprived.) I thank him for seeing me .. It lasts for almost two hours.


“Fallaci: Imam, the whole country is in your hands: every decision is an order. So there are many who now say there is no freedom in Iran, the revolution has not brought freedom. Khomeini: Iran is not in my hands, Iran is in the hands of the people … You have seen the death of Ayatollah Talegani, and how the people have poured millions into the streets without the threat of bayonets. This means that there is freedom [!!]. It also means that people are following only the men of God, and that’s freedom [!!]. Allow me to insist, Imam, to explain myself better. I mean that many say that today the Persia has a dictator. Indeed, the new dictator, the new owner. Do you mind or you are indifferent? On one hand I’m sorry, yes, it gives me pain, because it is unjust and inhumane dictator call. On the other hand I do not care at all because I know that some bad things in human behavior and are covered by our enemies. With the path we’ve chosen, a path that goes against the interests of the superpowers, it is normal that the servants of the alien pricks me with their poison and launch me on all sorts of slanders … Oh, the mercenaries of the Shah said many things that even Khomeini ordered to cut women’s breasts. Say, you say that the Ayatollah Khomeini has made such a monstrosity, which has cut off women’s breasts? No, I do not know, Imam. But you scare the people. And this crowd seem scary. But what do you feel to hear them scream like that, day and night , knowing that if they are standing there for hours to get pound, to suffer, to see you for a moment and praise? I enjoy when I listen to them and see them … And then there is love, love intelligent. One can not enjoy it . Love or fanaticism, Imam? It seems to me more dangerous fanaticism and gender, that is fascist. Indeed not a few people who now believe that a fascist threat in Iran and even claim that it is already consolidating fascism in Iran. No, nothing to do with fascism, fanaticism is not involved. I repeat this because I love that scream. And I love it because I feel that they are acting for their own good, that is to apply the commandments of Islam [!]. Islam is justice [!]. In Islam, dictatorship is the greatest of sins [!]: fascism and Islam are two irreconcilable contradictions [!!!]. Fascism occurs to you in the West, not between the peoples of Islamic culture [!!!]. ” We may not understand the meaning of the word fascism, Imam. I speak of fascism as a popular phenomenon, that is, as we had in Italy when Mussolini as the crowds cheered here applauding you. And here’s how to obey obeyed you. No. Because our mass is a mass Muslim [!], educated by the clergy [!], that is, men who preach spirituality and goodness [!]. Fascism here would only be possible if he came back the Shah, what to exclude, or if it was communism. Yes, what you say could only happen if it was communism [!]. Crying for me is to love freedom and democracy [!!!] .”

What Oriana Fallaci saw in 1979, was very obvious for any one who had an eye, an ear, and a brain. But Yazdi, Banisadr, Mousavi, Khatami, Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, and the majority of Iranians were dumb, blind and deaf. Now it is too late to say that this is a failed revolution. The Mullah’s regime replaced a greater despot, the greater evil, with a lesser despot, the lesser evil. At the time of the Mullahs not only you con not drink wine and beer, or you can not dance, listen to music, watch a film, watch a satellite channel, and swim in a swimsuit, or you can not have any sort of s-e-x-ual freedom as the time of Shah, but at the time of the Mullahs they rape men and women detainees, for the first time in the Iranian modern history; They tortured the detainees with torture instruments from the Middle Ages; they thrown political prisoners in Salt Lake, in Acid, in the mass graves, etc. They massacre people in the streets; They massacre people in the prisons; They f-u-c-k the economy and plunder the oil money in a harsh way; They destroy the environment and plunder everything in a harsh way. But now, in 2011, Iran is not like 1979. Now 85% percent of the Iranian population is literate . Now about 25% of the Iranian population has university educations. Now the majority of Iranians hate the Mullahs and their Islam. Now 80% of Iranian women hate Chador and don’t wear Chador. Now the Islamic Middle Age has ended in the Iranian minds. Now Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Islamists, and their Islam, much more than any thing else in the world. Now Iranians really know that “Islam is everything, including rape, torture, massacre, murder, stoning, fraud, deceit, lie, hypocrisy, dictatorship, tyranny, etc” Now Iranians are sure that Fascism and Islam are two side of the same coin. Now Iranians are sure that the Mullahs and the Islamic Fascists rape, torture, and kill men and women, only for staying in power, and it’s the real meaning of Mullah’s Islam.

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