Mullahs and Zionists: A Phony War

Non-Iranians can be shocked to hear that the I-s-r-e-a-l’s regime and Zionists work with the Mullah’s regime and Islamists. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton has announced sanctions on seven international companies due to their unsavory ties to Irans energy sector, including Israel’s Ofer Brothers Group The report says: “The Ofer Brothers Group, a familyowned business that owns Zim Integrated Shipping Services, the worlds 10th largest shipping company; a majority of the Israel Corporation, the countrys largest holding company; and more, has been slapped with penalties for allegedly providing an $8.65 million tanker to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, according to the US Department of State … The Ofer Brothers Group also has holdings in Israel Chemicals, Oil Refineries Ltd. and Bank Mizrahi”

H-a-a-r-e-t-z wrote yesterday: “At least 200 international companies operating in Israel maintain extensive trade ties with Iran. These ties include investments in the Iranian energy industry, which is Iran’s main income source and serves to funnel funds to develop missiles, the nuclear program and other unconventional weapons. … the Israeli Airports Authority purchased hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment from Danish and German companies operating in Iran, and after Haaretz reported it, Israel still did nothing”

This new scandal, is very smaller than Iran Contra Scandal, and the great apparent paradox of the West , but it’s very meaningful and can show us that the Mullahs fight against the West and I-s-r-e-a-l is a sham fight, a fake fight, a false fight, a Phony War, or as Iranians say: “Jange Zargary”. It has always been a shame fight and “Jange Zargary”. Iran Contra Scandal can show us everything. Iran Contra Scandal in 1980s, proves many things. Even before 1979, and before the Islamic revolution, the West and especially the US worked with the Mullahs, and toppled the Shah

The World, wake up; Wake up and open your eyes; Wake up and see the fake fight, the Apparent Paradox.

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