G8 and Sarkozy vs Internet

In the recent days, there is a very important news that the main stream media doesn’t cover it : “ Nicolas Sarkozy (aka SarkHonry! ) will be convening the eG8 forum, just two days ahead of a G8 summit that will focus on Internet policy The report says: “One of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, Publicis, has been appointed by Nicolas Sarkozy to organize the eG8 forum , which will gather an impressive cast of business actors to discuss the future of the Internet economy. In fact, Sarkozy has stated for months his intention to use his presidency of the G8 to impose his concept of a civilized Internet !! This notion, borrowed from the Chinese government, is in line with Sarkozy’s record on Internet policy. Last year on the international stage, Sarkozy also tried to impose the idea of nation-state control over the network’s architecture, playing down the importance of the Internet for freedom of communication and democracy worldwide …the ACTA agreement that will be signed during the G8, the adoption of website blocking mechanisms and talks about a Virtual Schengen border !!! in Europe !!!, or plans for Internet Kill Switches, plans for Internet Kill Switches are some of the numerous examples of governments trying to take over the Internet and its governance. Citizens must react by holding their governments accountable and ensure that the Internet remains our most precious tool for improving societies” Apparently, the Big Brother is really French.


The Big Brother is also British, American, Iranian, Chinese, European, African, etc. ‘G8 vs Internet’ truly says: “The Internet is the place where we meet, speak, create, educate ourselves and organize. However, as we are at a turning point in early web history, it could either become a prime tool for improving our societies, knowledge and culture, or a totalitarian tool of suveillance and control … Now governments of the World are uniting to control and censor the Internet . … The US governments reaction to Wikileaks, the adoption of website blocking mechanisms in Europe, or the plans for Internet kill switchesare all major threats on our freedom of expression and communication. These threats come from (corrupt) corporations and (corrupt) politicians, unsettled by the advent of the Internet … By creating fears such as cyber-terrorism, their objective is to generalize rules of exception in order to establish censorship and control, thereby undermining free speech and other civil liberties … They will package this policy using words like democracy and responsibility, but look at their acts. Sarkozy has already enabled disconnection of citizens from the Internet and the censorship of online content in France ” When the stupid SarkHonry wants to be civilized and talks about “freedom” and “democracy”, It’s very funny.


The stupid SarkHonry is like stupid BerlusHorny. He thinks he is “Napoleon Bonaparte”, and we live in 18th century. He and his stupid friends in G8, want to f-u-c-k the freedom and democracy in the name of the freedom and democracy. SarkHonry and his friends are really “The Enemies of Open Societies”. But they should know that the young generation of the world, especially the French youth, certainly will f-u-c-k him and his friends in the near future, and the stupid SarkHonry will go to hell, where “Napoleon Bonaparte” went more than a century ago.

Don’t forget how shameless and how charlatan are the main stream media in the West. They don’t pay enough attention to this important news. Shame on them all.

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