Abbas Abdi = Great Traitor/Criminal

In the recent days, the Islamist Baboons, i.e. the Islamist-Reformists, are fighting for survival. They want to save themselves and their Islamic regime. Abbas Abdi is one of these Baboons, who opened his f-u-c-k-i-ng mouth yesterday and defended Khatami’s bullshits and craps , and bullshitted Iranians again. In the recent days, Abbas Abdi and other Islamist Baboobs threaten Iranians with a civil war, and a similar condition like Libya or Iraq. But these Baboon don’t know that Iran (75 million) is not neither Libya (6 million), nor Iraq (25 million). The total number of Mullahs’ mercenaries, in the best case, is near 1 million, and if 75 million Iran rise up, then the mercenaries corps would be f-u-c-k-ed up in less than a month. Iranians would try their best to topple the Mullah’s regime with non-violent protests, and it’s quite feasible. Only the traitors and Islamist Baboons like Abbas Adbi, are the main obstacle to effective non-violent protests, and they are the number one guilty of any violent protest or civil war in Iran. Abbas Adbi and his friends are really expert in imposing war and disaster to Iran. The history will not forget their shameful betrayals in 1980s, 1997 to 2004, and 2009 to 2011. But If the Mullahs impose a civil war to Iran and Iranians, then the Mullahs, their Islam and all Islamic things in Iran certainly would go to hell for ever. And What Iranians will do with the Mullahs and their Islam would be much worse than what Europeans did with the Priests and the Pope after the Middle Age. If the Mullahs impose a civil war to Iran, then never ever Iranians allow the Mullahs and their Islam to live in Iran. If the Mullahs prefer a final bloody end for their Islamic Middle Age, like the European Middle Age, then the lampposts in Tehran and other Iranians cities will be ready for hanging all Mullahs and all Islamists. Don’t threaten angry Iranians with a civil war. Threatening to a civil war, can not save the Mullahs, it only deteriorates the Mullahs’ destiny and the Islam’s destiny in Iran.

Abbas Abdi and his friends, including Ghouchani, Behnoud, Nabavi, Alavi Tabar, etc openly and clearly tried to silence and discourage the people. They are really traitors to the people’s movement. In 2009, Abbas motherf-u-c-k-e-r Abdi said: “If the people were beaten to death, they should not defend themselves, because it’s violence !! ” or he said: “The people should not chant against Khamenei . The people should listen to their leader, Mousavi. They should not chant against the Islamic regime.” Now the Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi says : “Some groups (i.e. the majority of Iranians inside Iran) that protests against Khatami, want to kill more people!, they think 40 or 50 martyrs is not enough for Iran. They want to convert Iran to another Libya or Iraq !!! … I think the 17th Mousavi’s statement (i.e. the dreadful statement after Ashoura day) was his best statement and could solve the problem … I agree with Khatami and what he said is really acceptable … If some one defrauds you, what do you do? you should go to the court , and you should not do whatever you want to do (i.e. Khamenei and his dogs/thugs in his Islamic courts! would solve the problems legally !!, as usual !!) … The politics and politicians’ duty is not demanding “Justice” or “social Justice”, it’s demanding “compromise”… What khatami said was right and free of paradox … Mousavi is totally agreed with Khatami … What khatami said is useful for ‘the balance of power’ (i.e. for keeping the Islamic regime safe) … But it’s not useful for other goals (i.e. for fundamental change and what the people wants!)” It’s not joke, it’s what he has said.


Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi tells some big blatant lies. He says 40 or 50 people were killed in 2009, while the name of more than 250 killed people have been published, and the real number of martyrs is near some thousands. Just in the above picture you can see dozens unknown martyrs. In fact, the majority of martyrs are unknown, and they have been buried in mass grave. Shame on Abbas lair. He says that the 17th Mousavi’s statement is his best statement, while Iranians know that after this shitty statement the green movement died. In these days, no one has any doubt that the green movement has died and Iranians hate Khatami and all Islamist-Reformists. And it’s a good news for the people’s movement. Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi says that the people should go to the Khamenei’s courts and complain about Khamenei’s crimes to Khamenei’s courts !! He is really full of shit and full of paradox. Talking about reform in this Islamic system and changing the unchangeable Khamenei’s regime is a great ridiculous paradox. Do you forget your ridiculous conditions in 1997 to 2004, Mr. Abbas mortherf-u-k-c-e-r? The defenders of this stupid shitty idea, are not ignorant people, they are really ultra-charlatan and traitor. Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi says that the politics and politicians’ duty is not demanding “Justice” or “social Justice” !! It’s exactly show us who is he. What Khatami and Abbas Abdi and other Iranian Baboons say is very clear and very meaningful. They want to keep the Islamic regime safe; they want to prevent the people form toppling the Islamic regime . It’s so obvious that what they say is useful for their own goals, not for the people’s goals

Abbas Abdi is really a charlatan and has deceived some stupid Iranians inside and outside Iran. Butwithout doubt, Abbas Abdi is one of the great traitor to Iran and the Iranian people’s movement. Abbas Abdi and his friends, who called themselves “Journalist” or even
“Intellects!!”, all are shameless mercenaries. They are not only full of shit, but they are really criminal. Politically aware Iranians know that Abbas Abdi works for the Mullah’s intelligence service. Abbas Abdi’s resume are so embarrassing, and until now he has not apologized for any of his shameful and criminal behaviors. He is so shameless. In 1980, Abbas Abdi was a leader of Islamist students, who invaded the American Embassy in Tehran . Abbas Abdi was a hardliner and Muslim fanatic in 1980s. The eight years war between Iran and Iraq, and more than $1000 billion damage, and more than 200,000 killed people, was just one result of Abbas Abdi’s stupidity and traitor. In the whole 1980s, a decade of Khomeini’s great tragedy, Abbas Abdi and his close friends worked for the Mullah’s intelligence service, and the Mullah’s Judiciary system . They were high rank Khomenei’s dogs/thugs, and they killed and tortured many Iranians in the prisons and in the streets. Abbas Abdi certainly is one of main criminals in 1980s, and should be brought to the court in the near future.


After Khomenei’s death, Abbas Abdi and his friends, i.e. the left-wing Islamist hardliners, were isolated. In 1990s, they were expelled from both the Mullah’s intelligence service and the Mullah’s Judiciary system, and tried to create Islamist-Reformists’ group. In 1997, the youth’s bomb exploded and Khatami, a neutered Baboon, became the president . Khatami was very stupid and very coward. The dreadful mistakes of Khatami in his eight years presidency, imposed huge burdens on the people. Khamenei truly called him Shah Soltan Hossein, who is the weakest king in the Persian History. After 5 or 6 years, Abbas Abdi became a critic of Khatami. Abbas Abdi said: “Khatami and all Islamist-Reformists should resign and leave the Islamic republic alone, then Khamenei understands that he badly needs us, and he can not control the people without us. So we come back again and would gain the upper-hand“. Khamenei’s dogs arrested Abbas Abdi. Then he made a secret deal with Khamenei’s dogs in the prison, and was freed. But what was his secret deal? some years later it became clear: “He should work for the Mullah’s intelligence service and write article for them in the Iranian media and tries to play the role of regime’s spy or secret agent” In fact, he became a mercenary again, and after the beginning of the people’s movement in 2009, he showed his dreadful mission and his dreadful intentions very clearly.

The Iranian Baboons ask for “the balance of power” not anything else. But what the majority of Iranians want is “fundamental change, that means toppling the corrupt regime of the Mullahs, the corrupt regime of killers and rapists”. Now in 2011, Iranians are sure that the reactionary Islamic system and all reactionary Islamic laws are the main cause of their problems. Now they know their enemy, i.e Khameni and his dogs/thugs, plus Khatami and Iranian Baboons. Iranians inside Iran hate both Khamenei and Khatami, but for toppling Khamenei’s regime, they need some active organizer groups. Unfortunately the majority of Iranian expats are either ultra-stupid or ultra-reactionary. Iranian expats’ population is near 4 million, But the main question is: “Do these 4 million Iranians, who live in the US and Europe, have 4 wise people ?!! ” It’s very ridiculous and embarrassing, but the answer is not very clear and Iranians can not be sure about the answer !! Even 4 wise and active people could create a good organizer group/website outside Iran. The current Iranian exapts’ media are belonged to the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists and the stupid Islamist-Reformits, i.e. the Iranian axis of Evil ! Shame on them all. And the western powers support the Iranian axis of Evil, not the Iranian people. The majority of Iranians inside Iran have no voice, absolutely nothing. The main voice and the main media are the traitors’ voice and the traitors’ media. This serious problem should be solved very soon.

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