Naser Hejazi Dies at 62

Naser Hejazi, a famous Iranian footballer dies at 62, today. He had lung cancer, and as we said before, Naser Hejazi was the footballer that did the intellectuals’ job in the recent weeks . Naser Hejazi was not an intellectual, and had not a big brain, and you know that for playing football and becoming a footballer you don’t need a big brain, but Naser Hejazi had a big difference with other Iranian celebrities: “Naser Hejazi was not Khayemal (Ass-Kisser)“. Naser Hejazi did not kiss the Mullahs’ ass. Naser Hejazi was a anti-Mullah. Naser Hejazi knew that he dies very soon, and then decided to speak his mind. What he said was the the people’s words, the people’s voice. What he said made him very very popular. Naser Hejazi became a hero and a symbol for Iranians. Naser Hejazi became a symbol of Iran. The Mullahs had destroyed his life, as they have destroyed Iran and all Iranians’ life. What Naser Hejazi said was the real voice of the people, and that’s why Iranians respect him or love him now . Naser Hejazi showed us that the famous Iranian intellectuals (that are really fake-Intellectuals), are really stupid. And almost all of them are Khayemal (ass-kisser )and hypocrite. But Naser Hejazi was not Khayemal. Naser Hejazi could be a good teacher for all other Iranian celebrities, like Abbas Khayemal (Abbas Kiarostami). They should take a look at Nase Hejazi and how he became a martyr and a symbol for Iranians, and made a good name for himself in the Iranian history. Naser Hejazi is also a man who reminds us How stupid are Iranian intellects, and how embarrassing is the tragedy of the Iranian intellectualism

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