Iranian female Film Stars

The outside world know nothing about Iranian film stars. Iran is isolated by the Mullahs and the Islamic regime and is not part of the International community. It has caused a lot problems for all Iranians, including Iranian film starts. Iranian actors and actresses, that some of them are educated and familiar with the world, could be global film stars if the Islamic regime is toppled. Now lets take a look at some of Iranian female film stars.

Niki Karimi

Niki Karimi is the first woman that became a big female film star after the Islamic revolution. In 1990s, she was the number one star of Iranian films. She has tried to be an intellect, and has learned English and translated some books from English into Persian. Niki Karimi is one of the first Iranian film stars who learned English and was an active member of film festival’s jury, like Cannes, Venice, etc.


Niki Karimi is a film actor that has become a film director. She was assistance/friend of Abbas Khayemal (Abbas Ass-Kisser!), i.e. who you know him as “Abbas Kiarostami” (but I prefer to call him “Abbas “Khayemal”). Niki Karimi was a friend of “Abbas Khayemal”, but she is not as stupid as Abbas Khayemal, who sell himself, his friends and the people to the Mullahs and Islamic regime. As a film director, Niki Karimi’s movies are not as shitty as Abass Khayemal’s movies (he has just one or two semi-good movie, that made it by chance). Niki Karimi has been on the people’s side and has not sold herself to the Mullahs, like Abbas Khayemal and many other Iranian stupid celebrities.

Mahnaz Afshar

Mahnaz Afshar is the second famous Iranian female film star. She is not as smart as and also as arrogant as Niki Karimi, but she is a good girl, a good simple-minded girl. Many of stupid Iranian film critics (charlatans), make use of her low self esteem for flirting with her and for laughing at her. Mahnaz Afshar should learn something from Niki Karimi and how she laugh at almost all stupid Iranian film critics. Of course, the film actors don’t need a big brain, and even a very small brain is enough for them.


Other Iranian film stars are pretty and attractive, but they are Khayemal (ass-kisser) and stupid, like the great “Abbas Khayemal”! Unfortunately the majority of Iranian film stars are dumb or charlatan.


The number of smart and open-minded film stars in Iran are really small, maybe like any other parts of the world. Taraneh Alidousti (she has worn black dress in the below picture) is one of these exceptions. Taraneh Alidousti and a small group of other Iranian film actors or film directors, including Fatemeh MotamedAria, have not sold themselves to the Mullahs.


Fatemeh MotamedAria

If Mahnaz Afshar and Niki Karimi were considered as Iranian Kate Winslet and Iranian Charlize Theron, then Fatemeh MotamedAria is definitely could be considered as Iranian Meryl Streep! Fatemeh MotamedAria is a very good actress, even if she is not very beautiful and very attractive.


Iranians film stars certainly have the potential for growth, and becoming international film stars. But their biggest obstacle is like the biggest obstacle of other Iranians: “The Mullahs and their Islamic regime”

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