Silly Christians and False Apocalypse

The stupidity is a global problem. Christian doomsday prophet Harold Camping had predicted the world would end at 6pm on Saturday, 21 May 2011 !! The 89-year-old Californian preacher had prophesied that the Rapture would begin at 6pm in each of the world’s time zones, with those “saved” by Jesus ascending to heaven and the non-believers being wiped out by an earthquake rolling from city to city across the planet !!! It’s exactly the same as our situation in Iran. Mehdi Khaz, aka Mehdi Godzilla, and other stupid Iranian Islamists have predicted that Mahdi’a arrival is in Khordad (June 2011) ! In fact, they are Iranian version of Harold stupid Camping, an American stupid religious fanatic. Yesterday, the stupid western religious fanatics show us that the number of stupid people in the West, are not small. Camping, a retired civil engineer, has built a multimillion-dollar, non-profit ministry based on his apocalyptic predictions !! . How embarrassing; Americans, you don’t feel ashamed ?!! He previously predicted that the world would end in 1994 !! But still he has many followers in the West, who took his latest prophecy seriously !! His Family Radio Worldwide reaches millions of listeners in the US and around the world !! How embarrassing; Millions of stupid religious fanatics ! I think the number of the religious fanatics in Iran is less than the US. If we had the same Radio in Iran, the number of the listeners would not be more than some ten thousands. In recent weeks, callers to Christian radio stations in the US have debated what to do about non-believing friends and neighbours who will be left behind to endure the wrath of God !! The American religious fanatics are really ultra-stupid.

Some westerners’ comments in the western mass media are really interesting and meaningful: “I wonder whether all the people who donated their life savings to Harold Camping will get a refund tomorrow … Damn. I have a ton of essays to do that I put off, thinking there would be no point to them! DAMN YOU, CAMPING! … anyone who threw away their money and possessions is a fool, plain and simple … What losers. The stupidity of some people in this day and age … Camping has made millions from duping gullible morons and I hope that some of these fools who believed him have lost money; maybe that will teach them to challenge such ridiculous “imaginary friend” fantasies in the future … Camping’s followers are a very small portion of believers across the world. A sad portion, but not the majority … Now I’m waiting for December 21, 2012 to see the fools … I really look at Harold Camping as a brilliant man. All of his calculations are based on biblical information, which probably would be right if the biblical information were true. However, the bible is nothing more than a compilation of fairy tales made into a book … I am not ashamed to state that I am a Christian and remain a Christian. It is just sad that individuals are swayed by every wind of doctrine. The plain truth is that the Bible says all eyes would see the coming. It says no man knows the time. Come he will. (what this stupid American says, is exactly what the Mullahs say) … This guy should be sued for fraud, embezzlement, exploitation and basically anything that can be thrown at him … let’s all laugh at the silly Christians … These crackpots are – by and large – the same group who think climate change is a communist plot and the Earth is 6014 years old … Don’t stress, actual judgment day is March 26, 2018 !!”

In the Cyber space, the supposed stupid Armageddon sweep the world, with users expressing their mock disappointment at the lack of dead people rising from their graves ! . As we said before, Apocalypse Politics in Iran, the US (and even in some parts of the Europe) are exactly the same . The religious fanatics and stupid people in all around the world are all excited by the prospect of an Apocalypse in 2011. They should be aware that 2011 is the best time for the imaginary Apocalypse; 2011 has a big earthquake (in Japan), a big and global mess, many revolutions and uprising, etc. So, Apocalypse Now or Apocalypse Never ! because when the world becomes more free and more democratic and the number of the dictators decrease significantly, then having an Apocalypse would seem more impossible. Hey, stupid religious fanatics, Please hurry up, Apocalypse Now or Apocalypse Never !

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