Khamenie’s Bank Accounts

In the recent days, CNN has published a report Newest Top 1000 List For The Mullahs’ Officials’ Bank Accounts These Bank Accounts are in Swiss, UK, USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and other parts of the world. The fattest accounts belong to Khamenei’s sons, and Khamenei’s family. These days Iranians ask :”Where is the Oil Money ? Why do the Mullahs cut the subsidies?” In the recent years more than $600 billion have earned from selling the oil, gas, and other natural resource, that it’s near the half of the total revenue in the past 100 years !! The CNN’s report is an answer to Iranians’ question: “Where is the Oil Money ?” In the Mullah’s pockets. Of course all Iranians know the answer before, but the report gives them some detailed information. Here are excerpts of the report that are related to Khamenei: “ Swiss Numbered and OGDA accounts and identified assets as evaluated by the WH/OP, March 2011(C$-Canadian dollar, A$-Australian dollar)

1- Ali Khamenei . Khamenei has the following funds in bank accounts abroad that total about US $36 billion. (This figure exceeds western intelligence estimates from 2010 that suggested Khameneis net worth was about $30 billion) :

Switzerland (18 accounts, including in Micheloud&Cie/UBS/Credit Suisse) totaling 8.4 billion, or $11.84 billion
Liechtenstein: $9.7 billion
Cayman Islands: $6.8 billion
Shanghai, China: $3.2 billion
Belize $2.5 billion
Russia $1.1 billion
Malaysia $450 million
Trinidad & Tobago $400 million
South Africa: 2.1 billion, or US $2.96 billion
India: $630 million
United Arab Emirates: $560 million
Syria: $210 million

2- Mojtaba Khamenei . The foreign-held funds owned by Khameneis elder son, Mojtaba, total an estimated $21 billion

United Kingdom: £1.14 billion in two accounts frozen since 2009, worth US $1.84 billion
Germany: 2.12 billion in four accounts, or US $2.99 billion
Switzerland (18 accounts in UBS/Micheloud & Cie., Credit Suisse) totaling 3.85 billion, or US $5.427 billion
South Africa: 950 million in two accounts (worth $1.339 billion)
South Africa: $620 million
Shanghai, China: $4.1 billion
Liechtenstein: $2.8 billion
Malaysia: A$670 million (Australian dollars), worth US $715 million
United Arab Emirates: $700 million
Qatar: $400 million

3- Masoud Khamenei : (UBS/ Micheloud & Cie/Credit Suisse 2.7 billion Euros, S. Africa $980 million, Syria $45 million, UAE $120 million, Malaysia 540 million Euros, Venezuela $1.2 billion, India 320 million Euros)

4- Mostafa Khamenei : (Credit Suisse $690 million, Hong Kong £360 million, Russia $80 million, Syria $12 million, Canada C$110 million, Panama $992 million)
5- Naziyheh Khamenei :(Turkey $52 million, India 120 million Euros, Germany 102 million Euros, United Kingdom £ 280 million, UBS $421 million)
6- Badrieh Khamenei : (UAE £142 million, Syria $13 million, Spain 120 million Euros, Panama $329 million)
7- Hassan Khamenei :(UAE $60 million, Canada C$200 million, Turkey 37 million Euros, Shanghai $ 344 million)
8- Hadi Khamenei :(Liechtenstein $290 million, S. Africa £121 million, Malaysia 93.2 million Euros, UBS/Scobag Privatbank/HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) 890 million Euros, Turkey 84 million Euros)
9- Aziz Khoshvaght : (an in-Law) (Germany 52 million Euros, Austria C$ 101 million, S. Korea $21.9 million, Turkey $4.1 million)
10- Gholam-Ali Hadad-Adel : (Khamenei’s son father in Law) (Canada C$ 220 million, Virgin Islands $365 million, Panama110 million Euros, Hong Kong $ 252 million)
We can be sure that these bank accounts are just one part of Khamenei’s embezzlements. All Iranians know that the oil industry (all oil contracts without any exceptions) and the car industry, are plundered only by Khamenei and his family. In fact, Khamenei has monopolized these industries for his family and his close friends ! Iranians know that each section and industry are plundered by a special group of Mullahs. The Islamic Azad University (its total cost = $50 billion) and part of banking industry are plundered by Rafsanjani’s family, Sugar industry is plundered by Mesbah-Yazdi family, Tire industry is plundered by Yazdi family, Dried fruits/nuts industry is plundered by Asgaroladi family, etc. Many Iranians are aware of Khamenei’s Children Scandal . But two months ago, Iranians heard that some members of Khamenei’s family live in Canada. . Many Iranians knew that Khamenei’s wife, Khamenei’s children, and Khamenei’s family go to London, the mother city of Islam!, every now and then. Many Iranians knew that some members of Rafsanjani’s family, Larijani’s family and many other Mullahs’ family live in Canada, but this fact that some members of Khamenei’s family live in Canada is surprising for many Iranians. It can show them that the West’s fight against the Mullahs is a sham fight, a fake fight. The Mullah’s bank accounts in the western banks is another sign of the sham fight.

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