Mullahs are totally Confused

In the recent weeks, the Mullah’s regime is fighting for survival. Now they are totally confused. What is threatening the survival of the Mullahs and their regime? “People’s Awareness and Hope” Now the people know that the emperor is naked. Now the majority of Iranians know that the main problem is the Islamic leader/king and the Islamic Constitution. Now the Khamenei and his dogs know that their situation is really terrible. They want to get rid of Mr. shit, and try to make use of the stupid Khatami and other Iranian Baboons (Islamist-Reformists) for silencing and deceiving the people, but they have failed. Their situation is so terrible. In fact, Khamenei has a saw (Mr shit) in his ass, and he is not able to take it out, or move it backwards or forwards. In both case, the saw will tear up his ass! Yesterday, Ahmad Tavakoli, a high rank Khamenei’s dog and a member of the notorious Larijani family (he is a cousin of Larijani’s brothers) made a very important confess: “In 2009, we knew that Mr. shit is Mr. nobody and he has not the capacity to mobilize public support to challenge Khamenei, even if he has this intention; But Mousavi had the people in his side and had the capacity to mobilize public support to challenge Khamenei , even if he had not this intention. So it was better that Mr shit became the president”. It’s a big confession. They know that the people hate them and their leader, Khamenei. They know that they have not any public support. The number of Khamenei’s thugs/dogs are really small. The Sepah has about 120,000 members, and Basiji has about 90,000 members. All if we add the number of all other mercenaries and dogs to them, the final number of Khamenei’s dogs/thugs, in the best case, is near 1 million. But Iran’s population is 75 million ! and if the people realize that the emperor is naked and his hands are empty, then they can finish the job very very easily , even in some weeks, less than the Egyptian revolution.

Yesterday, Mehdi Khazali, aka Mehdi Godzilla, the son of one the most reactionary Mullah in Iran, Ayatollah Khazali, has said: “Khordad (June) is the month of big events. In Khordad, we will hear about a very big news. Iranians, I’m sorry for you, but nobody can do anything and you are gone !” Khazali Bouzineh, an ex-Basji rapist who now pretends that he is a member of the ex-Green Movement, is a stupid Khamenei’s agent who stupidly tries to be a secret agent! He is a member of Mullah’s intelligence service, and had a major role in the “Chain Murders” of Iranian scholars in 1990s. But in the recent years, some stupid Iranians think he has become a reformist ! His new mission is “Intimidating the people”. The Khamenei’s regime and his secret agents try to intimidate the young people into being passive. In fact, the Mullah’s regime and all its agents, i.e. Iranian Baboons (Khatamists) or baby Godzillas like Khazali, try to prevent a revolution and regime change . They know that the people are very angry and sooner or later the Islamic regime and its dictator should say goodbye, or as some Iranians say in these days: “Say hello to the end”. They try to spread lies and false information, and say: “Revolution is bad, Revolution is dangerous, revolution is not a solution, we need reform.” But Iranians are sure that the Islamic regime is unchangeable. In fact, from 1997 to 2009, Iranians experienced reform, but the end result was : “a total failure, plus a huge election fraud, plus killing, raping, and torturing ten thousands of Iranians . Now Iranians know that the real problem of Iran is not “who is the president” or “who is in Parliament”, the real problem is the Islamic leader/king and the Islamic Constitution. Now All Iranians know the real problem, and no one can deceive them again. We can be sure that Iranians will finish the job, and the Islamic regime is gone.

Some Iranians ask themselves: “What is this shitty-imaginary big news? ” And some stupid people say: “Mahdi is coming !! the big news is the Second Coming of Mahdi !! (along with Jesus Christ!)” It’s very funny. It’s so obvious that Khamenei wants to get rid of Mr. shit. Maybe Khamenei’s thugs/dogs would arrest Mr. shit’s right-hand man, Mashaei, and then would topple Mr. shit’s government. Today, some pro-Mullahs websites said that the regime has arrested Mashaei’s right-hand man!, Baghaei. Maybe Khamenei’s death is the big news. Khamenei has cancer, and sooner or later he will be fucked up. Maybe the regime wants to shock the people with another economical miracle ! But in any situation, and with or without any big news, the people should do their own job, i.e. “Toppling the Mullah’s regime immediately”. 2011 is the best time for toppling the Mullah’s regime. All Iranians need is an efficient organizer group. Building a popular website for organizing the people is feasible and can be done by some Iranian expats outside Iran .

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  1. seena says:

    Very Funny,looks like like you onto something,
    keep it up.

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