Kelardasht Jungle is a Garbage Dump

Yesterday, some Iranian websites published photos of trash dumps in Kelardasht jungle. Kelarshat was one of the most beautiful parts of . Shomal, the north of Iran . The Mullah’s regime has destroyed almost all forests and rivers of Shomal. As we said before, Pollution Crisis in Iran is very serious, and many forests of Shomal have been polluted. Saravan Forest, near Anzali Lagoon, is one sample and now we have Kelardasht jungle. Shame on the Mullah’s regime and their systematic destruction.


Toppling the Mullah’s regime is very important for both Iran and Iranian people. Iranians should topple the Mullah’s regime for protecting their environment, their beautiful jungles, rivers, seas, etc. The Caspian see and Persian Gulf are very polluted now. And the only green and beautiful part of Iran, Shomal, has been destroyed by the Mullahs, and in the near future all parts of Shomal would a garbage dump full of trash and garbage, like the brains of Mullahs.


Iranians, you should topple the Mullah’s regime, for god’s sake! You should topple the Mullah’s regime for the sake of the environment.

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