Iranians become Dumb outside Iran

In the recent days, the Islamist-Reformists, a.k.a. “Iranian Baboons”, have tried to defend their stupid leader, Khatami. They try to justify Khatami’s bullshits and calm the people. The majority of these stupid Iranians, have fled the country and now live in the EU or the US. They show us a very important neglected matter :”Iranians become Dumb outside Iran”. It’s not just Akbar Ganji that had become dumb outside Iran (Of course, in the recent weeks he has tries to write more acceptable articles.) The crap that Babak Dadd wrote about Khatami’s bullshits, is another evidence In fact, yesterday Iranians had to say: “Babak Dadd, Babak vaDadd !” (Babak was sodomized, Babak gave up”) The stupid Babak Dadd was a Khatami’s assistant. In fact, he wrote Khamati’s speeches in his eight year’s presidency. He and his brother were Islamist, and they were among the creators of the great tragedy, the Islamic revolution. Now the stupid Babak Dadd says: “Why the people attack Khatami? Mousavi and Karoubi are in jail, but the people don’t do anything for them … Do we deserve Mousavi and Karoubi? no, we don’t deserve these brave leaders !! … “. The stupid Babak Dadd is ultra-stupid like his friends, and all of them are so shameless. They are “Iranian Baboons”, the
Islamist-Reformists. As we said in an open letter to Mousavi, about 80 days ago, Mousavi’s friends and Iranian Baboons are the main responsible of discouraging the people. What they did was the real meaning of betraying the people’s hope, and betraying the people’s trust.

Now the stupid shameless Iranian Baboons have become creditors. But we should say to them: “Hey charlatans, you are debtor, not creditor. You betrayed the people. You owe the people a lot”. The stupid Babak Dad is really so shameless and did not deserve what he got last year, i.e. a political asylum in France. Ten thousands of the innocent boys and girls were killed, raped, jailed and tortured by Khamenei’s thugs/dogs, and the majority of them could not get a political asylum. Now many Iranian refugees are seeking political asylum in Turkey, and their conditions are really so tragic (some of then killed themselves) but Mr. stupid Babak Dadd got his political asylum very easily, and now lives in France with his son and daughter, and bullshits Iranians. Shame on you Babak Bouzineh, you are so shameless. What did you do for the people’s movement, except what you did for your own benefits? You and your stupid friends owe to Iranians a lot. You, the stupid Islamists, are not only the main responsible of creating the Islamic regime and creating the current f-u-c-k-ing conditions in Iran, but you are the main responsible of the death of Green Movement, that was a complete fiasco. You should seek forgiveness, and you should be very happy if the history forgive you, the idiot Islamists .

The majority of Iranian people are not as stupid as Iranian Baboons. They don’t want to be killed for saving the Islamic regime ! They don’t want to be killed for keeping the Islamic regime safe !! They are not stupid and what they did in the recent months was really meaningful. They said: “ The Green Movement died. Mousavi and Karoubi, who said that they want to save the Islamic regime, put an end to the Green Movement, and now they are not important for us “. The green movement died three months ago. Now the main problem of Iran is not the people or even the regime, the main problem of Iran is the stupid Iranian expats (stupid journalists and politicians). They are so stupid and so shameless. The Iranian’s urgent need is an Alternative. This alternative group should be the real voice of the people, the majority’s voice, and should organize the people.

It’s very comic-tragic that the majority of Iranians who leave Iran, become dumb and stupid outside Iran. It’s really shameful. But the new generation of Iranians, who have some young thinkers and activists that can be called “global citizen”, are not like their stupid parents. They were silent in the past years, but now they have started to write and talk. They are not as stupid as the older generation of Iranians, who were and are “Disaster-Maker”. They will change the Islamic regime, the Iranians’ image, and Iranians’ stupidity syndrome, inside and outside Iran .

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