Slut, SlutWalk, and SlutWalkers

May 18, 2011

The first SlutWalk march was held in Toronto last month. SlutWalk called after a police officer told a group of students that women should not dress like sluts if they want to avoid being s-e-x-u-a-lly assaulted . But the Canadian police officer did not know that he would unwittingly inspire a movement that has caught fire across Canada and the US. “SlutWalkers” want to put an end to what they believe is a culture in which it is considered acceptable to blame the victim of rape, not the rapist. The western media says: “SlutWalkers say that they will chant “Yes means yes, no means no,” and “Hey hey, ho ho, patriarchy has to go.” Some women attended the protest wearing jeans and T-shirts, while others took the mission of reclaiming the word “slut” more literally and turned out in overtly provocative fishnets and stilettos. But they were all united by the same belief: that rape is about the rapist, not his victim. “We live in a society where rape isn’t taken as seriously as it should be,” said one of the organizers of the Boston SlutWalk. The SlutWalkers say: “What you are wearing doesn’t cause rape -the rapist causes it.”” But it’s a complex problem. It’s really complicated. Some open-minded poeple don’t accept all SlutWalkers’ claims. And some stupid religious fanatics reject all SlutWalkers’ claims. Some open-minded people say: “Yes, dress however you want, but be aware it can trigger things in other people which you cannot control. It’s the power of genes and hormones, the power of nature. Why the p-o-r-n industry earns billions a day? It’s a male characteristic that has evolved over millions of years. How you dress gives some information about you. What you wear sends a message to people . Clothes are self-expression, but you have to be aware it can trigger things in other people. That is not something you can control. You can only control yourself. So it’s really important to be aware. As human animals, there are time we expose our s-e-x-u-a-lity just the same as any other animal does. Like any other animals, there is a time to use camouflage, and a time to show your feathers: a time to attract a mate. A sensible woman know when to do both. ” But it’s not the whole story. It’s very important that we know there is ALWAYS a norm. A woman may be consider a slut in a society where they can go topless, if they do certain things that deviate from the norm. But in Iran a woman is consider a slut, even if she goes with a shirt, jeans and headscarf like below picture ! the poor girl; She stands up like a sore thumb in Iran, she is called “slut”, and she is arrested by the Mullah’s Moral Police, because of the stupid Islamic norm. In Afghanistan, the woman who is raped for looking like a slut, is the one who wears chador instead of a burqa !!


A westerner says: “I have been to Iran with a party that included women (without Islamic veil or Hijab). In country where the Islamic dress is mandatory, the women were constantly groped, pinched, and harassed by Iranian men who are obsessed by women’s bodies – because they never get a chance to see them ” It’s really true, and unfortunately it’s quite normal in Iranian parties! Iranian men are really obsessed by women’s bodies. But some stupid American and British Islamists say: “What Islam and Hijab is telling us is not to opress us, but to protect us from this innate human condition. In other words, nips the problem in the bud” It’s totally crap and nonsense. The Islamic Hijab not only could not prevent women from being raped, but Hijab even increased the number of rape. If the rapists were provoked by clothing, then in Iran, Arab stats, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc we should not see any rape! But we know that the number of rape in Iran, and other Islamic countries, are much more than Western countries. With the standard of Sweden, that Julian Assange was a victim of it !, 90% of Iranian men are rapist !! What Iranian men do if they take a girl (friend) home, start making out (it is consensual on both sides), get naked, put a condom, open legs … then suddenly she says ‘stop!, I change my mind, I want to go”, and expect him to respect it ?! Without doubt, 90% of Iranian men finish their job! but they don’t know that it’s called “rape” by Swedish and Western standards! and they are rapist!In fact, the majority of Iranian men don’t accepts “no” from a woman (wife/friend/etc). This condition is like the West’s condition before the recent decades. The fact that women wearing Hijab, women wearing jeans and t-shirts, women wearing long dresses get raped, even more than other women, suggest that rape is not the responsibility of the victim, whatever she is wearing. Some wise women say: “Should we stop living the way we want to live out of fear? In societies at risk of terrorism from religious fundamentalists, should we give up our liberties, our rights to freedom of thought and expression out of fear that religious bigots might attack us for it? ” Islamic veil, Chador or Burqa, don’t prevent rape. Don’t forget that Taliban beat up a woman in the marketplace because her ankle was visible. And the moral police of the Mullah’s regime in Iran arrests the young women because their hair or some parts of their hand or their foot are visible.

If girls want to dress s-e-x-i-ly and attract attention from men and then sleep with 100 of said men then why shouldn’t they? What’s wrong? As long as it is consensual on both sides, and when there is not any pregnancy or commitment issue, then what is the problem? In fact, the women should be campaigning for the right to stand around naked, not to stand around semi-clothed, because as we know from the ideas behind Hijab, enforcing covering up of the body is often about ideas regarding men’s inability to control themselves as potential rapists . But does it work in the reality? even in the western society? Some westerners’ comments about “SlutWalkers” are interesting: “I don’t think it is a good idea to encourage young women that it’s okay to be a slut. Being a slut isn’t empowering. Empowering women with education, work, confidence, not s-e-x-u-al, is the way to go … Years ago I was in Russia, talking to some young women aged 15 to 18 and they’d all seen the film ‘Pretty Woman’. When they were asked what they wanted to do when they left school, they said be a prostitute !… Rapists don’t rape because of uncontrollable lust, or revealing clothes, otherwise naturist beaches and strip clubs would be the site of constant rapes … Most rape is not strangers lurking in dark alleys anyway, it’s people who know each other … When you say “do not rape or you will have consequences” it buys into the idea that the only thing stopping men from raping women is the fear of being caught and prosecuted. … The vast majority of men will never rape a woman, not because they are scared of prison … What is rape? If I go to a bar, have a few drinks, get chatting with a man, take him home, start making out, take him upstairs, get naked, put a condom on him and open my legs … then suddenly I say ‘stop!’ and expect him to respect it ?! If the man rapes me, is it only his fault ? … the reality is, s-e-x-u-a-l-ly provocative clothing has an impact on men, and some guys simply don’t care as much about laws and the rights of others. Ignore this truth at your own risk …“Wanting to have s-e-x” is not the same thing as “willing or deserving to be raped.” If there is one message from this whole Slutwalk enterprise, it is that … I am getting rather tired of women in journalism (and television) telling me how attractive another woman is, as if she can see her ‘beauty’ more than I. … The less attractive women can dress more provocatively and a 60 year could walk around nude and it wouldn’t matter !!”

And an interesting and funny question is “When we could have a “SlutWalk” march in Iran ?! Who knows, maybe some decades later !!