Mullahs, Iranian Women, and Hijab

May 17, 2011

In the recent days, the Mullah’s Moral Security Police Chief announced the presence of 70,000 law enforcement officers on the streets to implement the Mullahs moral security plan, a plan for arresting Iranian women who have bad Hijab (bad Hejab), i.e. who don’t want to wear the mandatory Islamic veil and try to protest the Islamic laws. In fact, the spring and summer are the season for Mullah’s fight against Iranian women. In the warm season, the Mullah’s regime brutally suppresses the Iranian women, who ask for their equal rights. The followings pictures show you how the Mullah’s regime and their morale police arrest young women for Bad Hijab. These pictures show you a typical case of what we see in Iran, in the spring and summer.


Ahmadi Moghadam, the Chief Commander of Mullah’s Police Force said As the warm season begins and traveling increases, improper hijab becomes more prevalent. The police force will deal with these individuals who are a handful of people intending to pollute our social environment !!!. Along these lines, we began our initiative in Tehran last week to combat non Islamic attire and dress code.” The savage Mullahs and Islamist pigs, who really have polluted Iran for more than 30 years, are really shameless. Emphasizing the importance of educating the public, Ahmadi Moghadam added, The police force isnt tasked with the responsibility to build or shift the culture. We only arrest and punish the bad Hejab women. In the recent weeks, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a high rank Mullah in Khamenei’s regime, said “We should shed more blood, and we need more blood for restoring Islamic veil (Hejab)“. It’s the reality of the Islamic regime and the Islamic pigs. They are really savage and ruthless


The Islamist pigs say: “The women should wear Hijab, because if we see women in jeans and t-shirts, we can not control our s-e-x-u-al desires! When we see women’s hair, women’s hands, or women’s body we can not control ourselves ! We should be virtuous men, so all women should wear what we dictate to them .” It’s not a joke. It’s exactly what the Muslims say. The Islamic laws have created many psychotic and abnormal men in Iran, and no one can deny it. The majority of Iranian men, especially Muslim fanatics, are abnormal and psychotic patients that should go to a Mental Hospital. This tragic situation has been created by the Mullahs and their Islamic laws. Nowadays, the western people have “SlutWalk” and “Slutwalkers” movement, but Iranian women could not even have “Humanwalk” or “HumanWalkers” movement !

1189940339FootballIran_20077247134764.jpg 1189940339FootballIran_20077247115862.jpg

But it’s not the whole story. The Mullah’s regime situation is really comic-tragic. Last year, the Mullahs made use of professional prostitutes , who deliver their services only to the Mullahs!, and tried to pretend that Iranian bad Hijab women support Khamenei !!

2-roospi.jpg 5-roospi.jpg

It’s very funny that the Islamist pigs try to pretend that the prostitutes support Khamenei and the Islamic regime !! It’s very funny and shows the depth of Islamists’ bankruptcy in Iran . It’s a very important fact, and it’s one of the main historical Islamic scandals !


You can find more pictures about Mullah’s Moral Police and how they fight against Iranian women, Here, in a pro-Mullah website Shame on Islamist pigs.

Khatami, Go to Hell

May 17, 2011

The stupid Khatami, the ex-president and the leader of
Islamist-Reformists, aka “Iranian Baboons”, says : “We, the Islamist-Reformists believe in this Islamic regime, and defend this Islamic regime … We, the Islamist-Reformists, believe that this regime, this Islamic republic, should be kept safe. We should improve the system, not topple it. We don’t want to topple the Islamic regime. We believe in Islamic regime, and we defend the Islamic regime. We should forgive the oppressions. If the people oppress the dear leader !!, Khamenei, the great leader should forgive the people !!! (yes, Khamenei should promise that the next time he would kill one million and torture and rape ten million, because killing some thousands, and raping and torturing ten thousands are not enough for Mr. Khatami), and the people should forgive the oppressors (killer-rapists), as well !!! So in this way we could keep the Islamic regime safe !! (and f-u-c-k ourselves over and over !) ” It’s not a joke. It’s exactly what the stupid motherf-u-c-k-er Khatami has said (except our comments that were in parentheses). Yesterday, the stupid Khatami, aka Khatami bi-Khaye, the great leader of “Iranian Baboons”, opened his f-u-c-k-ing mouth and clearly declared that he and other Islamist-Reformists want to keep the Islamic regime safe. (This link is in Persian language, and for reading it you could use Google Translator). In fact, yesterday Khatami wanted to be sure whether Iranians hate him and the Islamists or not, and now he can be sure that he can go to hell and f-u-c-k himself ! Now the Iranians say: “Shame on you Khatami. Khatami Boozineh, go to hell and f-u-c-k yourself” . In fact, If just 10% of Iranians inside Iran support Khatami, we would accept him as the great leader of all Iranians !! But we are sorry for him and the Islamist-Reformists, because now in 2011 Iranians are not as stupid as 1997, and the majority of Iranians clearly say to him: “Khatami, Go to Hell”. It’s the people’s voice in the last 24 hours. Indeed, what Khatamis says and what the people say, are totally different, and are totally clear. Now all things have become clear for all people, even for the most stupid people . And it’s a very good news for Iranians. Iranians has an old saying that says: “No one shred leek for him [Kasi Barash Tare Khord Nemikoneh]” which generally means “who cares? who cares to this motherf-u-c-k-er. He is dead for us”. In fact, “No Iranians shred leek for Khatami and the Islamist-Reformists, aka “Iranian Baboons””

The stupid Khatami said some other things about his beloved Islamic regime, that just could disgrace the regime: “In a small village with 90 families, we can see 80 satellite dishes on the roofs !! … In the past 100 years, Iranian earned near $1000 billion from selling the oil, but $450 billion of this $1000 billion, i.e. near the half of whole, has earned in the last 6 years !! … Where is the oil money ?!… Mr. shit says that we want to create 2.5 million jobs in a year, but this needs a 20% economic growth rate, while now our current economic growth rate is near zero, 0% ”

Iranians has another funny old saying that says: “that Boob was taken away by the Monster [Oun Mama-ro Looloo Bord]” which generally means “That nice thing, that nice time, all were gone. Now you should f-u-c-k yourself “. It’s really interesting that the nice thing for the ancient Iranians was “Boob (women breast)” !. Anyway, now Iranians say: “That Boob was taken away by the Monster, Mr. stupid Khatami”