Iranians under Poverty Line

In the recent weeks, some Iranian websites published a report about the economic disaster in Iran that says Half Iranian urban population are under poverty line The report adds: “44.5% to 55% of Iran’s urban population lives under the poverty line, according to a new report entitled ‘Measurement and Economic Analysis of Urban Poverty.’ The paper was presented by three senior government researchers at a conference organized two weeks ago by the national statistics center (Markazeh amareh Iran). The study provides a rare statistical glimpse into the country’s economic welfare, a topic generally treated with secrecy by the Mr. shit’s administration … The authors determined that at least 23.3 million city dwellers are under the poverty line and cannot subsist on their households’ incomes. Iran’s rural population was not included in the report. The researchers found that the average poverty line for urban households with 3.7 members is 653,000 tomans (about $650) a month if normal goods are consumed. Tehran province had the highest poverty line, 813,000 tomans (near $800) a month. Using this gauge, 55% of the country’s city dwellers are under the poverty line. The average figure falls to 547,000 tomans (about $540) a month if cheaper substitutes, for example chicken instead of red meat, are used. In this scenario, 44.5% of urban households live under the poverty line.” … On the eve of the subsidy reform vote in the Majlis, Mahsouli told Jameh Jam daily last November that the poverty line did not ‘have any meaning in our country,’ but insisted that the bill being presented by the government would help the poor and ‘make the meek more powerful.’ … Mahsouli, an IRGC officer (and close friend of Mr. shit) who became a multi-millionaire (with a series of joint embezzlements with Mr. shit), before taking the reins at the Welfare Ministry served as Interior Minister and oversaw the 2009 presidential election!”

It’s an official report. And the official report says that at least the half of Iranian city dwellers are under the poverty line, but Mr. shit and the Islamic regime say that Iran has no homeless or poor people!!! The Muslim fanatics tell lie more than any other people in the world. We can be sure that 90% of Iran’s rural population are under the poverty line. So at least two-third of Iranians are under the poverty line. But the regime and Mr. shit tell big lie, because they think the people are as stupid as Mr shit. We live in Iran and we know that in the new year the poverty line for Tehran is not even 813,000 tomans (near $800) a month. It’s more than 1,000,000 tomans (more than $1000). The economic situation of Iran is really terrible. A Simple Comparison between the price and the income in Iran and Canada can show us the truth. The Iranians live with a lot of difficulties inside Iran. Shame on Mullahs, Muslim liars, and the Islamic regime.

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