Final Nail in Mousavi’s Coffin

Today, the Mousavis’ website,, published a new version of an Islamic crap vision, that certainly is the final nail in Mousavi’s coffin, that is the last remaining Islamist-Reformists’ coffins. said : “We want “the Islamic Republic”, not less, not more. We want “the Islamic Republic” without any extra words .” It’s Khomeini’s words. Apparently it’s a reply to Mojtaba Vahedi, the chief advisor of Karoubi, who live in the US now. Yesterday, Mojtaba Vahedi said that he and some ex-Islamist-Reformists are not agree with Mousavi’s team and Mousavi’s website. He said that the people don’t want the Islamic Constitution, which is the main obstacle to the freedom and democracy. It’s so obvious that some groups of Islamist-Reformists know that they have lost their positions in the people’s movement, and want to restore their positions by coming to the people’s side. Each group that accepts the minimum requirements of the people’s movement, i.e. “A free Republic and Secular system”, could be part of the new movement. But the Islamist-Reformists can be sure that they can not deceive the people by good gestures, and they should try to be honest. Mojtaba Vahedi and other Islamist-Reformists should clearly declare that they support “A free Republic and Secular system”, and don’t want the Islamic regime any more.

But the story of Mousavis’ website and Mousavi’s team is a different story. They proved that all of them are like “Rajab-Ali Boozine”, and all of them deserve the title “Iranian Baboons“. What they said in was “The Final Nail in Mousavi’s Coffin“. The “Iranian Baboons” can be sure that they are dead for the majority of Iranians inside Iran. And the death of “Iranian Baboons” is a good news for the people’s movement. But we should not forget that Iranians’ urgent need is an alternative. and Iranians should take it serious. The majority of Iranian expats, i.e. Iranians outside Iran, prove that they are really ultra-stupid and is a bad news for the people’s movement, but if the minority of Iranians outside Iran and the majority of Iranians inside Iran work together, they could finish the job.

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