Mullahs vs Female Activists

Nine female political prisoners were transferred last week to Varamins Qarchak prison, and their families are deeply concerned about their mental and physical well being. In a letter from prison, the women announced that they would go on hunger strike if the present conditions continue. Here are excerpts of the letter:

“Approximately one week has passed since we a number of female political prisoner, were transferred from Rajai Shahr prison in Karaj to Gharchak prison in Varamin … We are shocked at what is happening to those around us … Those of us who have experienced the burden of captivity at Rajai Shahr prison, never fathomed the idea that after leaving a place like Rajai Shahr, we would witness something so much more horrendous. While at the female ward at Rajai Shahr prison we witnessed all types of violence, illegal behavior and a variety of prisoner rights abuses on a daily basis. On occasion we even witnessed the killing of inmates by dangerous criminals … When we began hearing murmurs of the potential transfer of female political prisoners to Kachooie prison in Karaj, we told ourselves that anything would be better than Rajai Shahr … we were finally transferred to Gharchak prison in Varamin a barren, desert like area outside Tehran … Gharchak prison in Varamin consists of 7 cells. Although each cell consists of beds that accommodate approximately a few dozen inmates, more than 200 prisoners are currently forced to share a cell. The complete lack of ventilation has led to disastrous hygienic conditions, including the stench of sewage and the existence of gases that have caused serious respiratory conditions in many prisoners. There are 2 bathrooms and 2 showers for every 200 prisoners . The lack of adequate bathrooms has forced prisoners to literally use the area inside the cells and in between the beds as lavatories. It is worth mentioning that because there is not even a single water tap available outside this area, prisoners also use the same bathrooms and showers to wash their clothes. Gharchak prison offers what is referred to as three self service meals per day. Apart from the hygiene standards and the quality of food, last week as a result of the food rations many prisoners did not receive the much promised food that often consists of two pieces of dry bread, a potato or a small portion of macaroni. Given that many of the inmates are young, and some are even under 18 , there is clearly a serious malnutrition problem amongst prisoners. Add to that the fact that self service personnel and prison guards repeatedly address prisoners in the most offensive manner possible and the risk to your life while waiting in line with other prisoners who are fighting over food, and you will understand why prisoners refer to the self service area as where you go to get beaten up. … The severe punishment of prisoners and the conflicts between inmates is far from what we refer to as human dignity. We ask ourselves, where in the world does a conflict over hot water and the subsequent punishment result in pulling the nails on the fingers of a prisoner? Where on earth do they incarcerate 14 and 15 year old children in such unbearable conditions? … In conclusion we hereby announce that having witnessed the illegal and inhumane treatment of the prisoners at Gharchak, we have decided to launch a hunger strike. We will remain true to our values and stand up for our rights, knowing very well that if the current conditions continue we have no fear of losing our lives for if fear had been our driving force, none of us would find ourselves in a place like this today. Our experience have nevertheless proven that the life of a human being is considered worthless in (Khamenei’s) prisons , particularly in a prison such as Gharchak whose very existence leads one to question not only the law, the government of the Islamic Republic, judicial authorities, but also the basic fundamental principles of humanity itself. ”

The Mullah’s regime is an anti-woman and anti-human regime.

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