Iranians vs Mullahs and Bahrain

Yesterday the Azadi Stadium (Freedom Stadium) showed the truth. When dozens of Basiji thugs wanted to chant pro-Bahrain and pro-Islamists slogans, the 50 thousands Iranians in the Azadi Stadium responded by chanting some anti-Basiji, and anti-Islamists slogans. The people chanted : “Basiji feel ashamed”, “No Gaza, No Lebanon, I will die just for Iran”, “Basiji, f-u-c-k your mother (Kosse Nanat!)”, “No Bahrain, No Lebanon, I will die just for Iran”, “Get out of here, f-u-c-k-er” “Iran, Iran, just Iran”. Yesterday, an Iranian football team played vs a Saudi team. Apparently, when Iranians chanted anti-Basiji slogans, the stupid Basiji thugs, who came to chant against Saudi Arabia, changed their mind and when Saudi team scored one goal, they applauded Saudi team ! The situation was very funny. And then the Iranians taught the Basiji thugs a good lesson. This unprecedented incident, show us that even the lower classes and football hooligans hate both of Khamenei’s dogs/thugs and Islamist pigs. Yesterday the Azadi Stadium had a historical day, and finally Iranians f-u-c-ked Basiji thugs, and Iranian team defeated Saudi team, 2-1. Yesterday Khamenei understood the meaning of the new slogan of Iranians: “The Dictator, Say Hello to the End”. The dictator, Khamenei, the game is over. Wake up and take a look at the Azadi Stadium. It shows you the truth.

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