Rape and Sodomy in Iran’s Prisons

May 11, 2011

In the recent days, Mehdi Mahmoudian, who is in Khamenei’s jail, has sent an open letter to Khamenei. Rahana.org has published the letter, in which Mahmoudian has revealed secrets about “the rape and sodomy in Khamenei’s prisons”. The letter is a historical document and all human rights groups should give it serious attention. Mehdi Mahmoudian is an Islamic Reformist journalist, who was arrested after 2009 coup. Some people said that he was arrested for revealing secrets about Kahrizak and the brutal crimes against humanity in Kahrizak. Mehdi Mahmoudian is a stupid Islamist-Reformist, not an intellectual or even a free open-minded Iranians, but he seems like a good Muslim, who has the balls to talk about the regime’s crimes and what he has seen in the Khamenei’s prisons. The following are excerpts of his letter:

“Your Majesty, Ayatollah Khamenei, the first and last letter that I sent to you, was a letter about Kahrizak in 2007. The letter was a report about the police’s brutal criminal behavior towards the arrested hooligans, who were jailed in Kahrizah. I wrote about the physical, mental, and s-e-x-u-al tortures that were used in Kahrizak. I wrote about dozens of killed prisoners in Kahrizak … but no attention was given to my letter, and then in 2009 we saw how a child of one of your friends, along with some dear young martyrs, were killed in Kahrizak … I want to be optimistic about you, and I want to tell you about what I have seen in your prisons by my own eyes. And we know that it’s an Islamic duty … All the brutal crimes in your prisons just disgrace Islam, and we have a duty to clean Islam from these shameful stains. I present my report to His Majesty, in the hope that you can do something about this vital matter before it’s too late”

“(1)-Evin, Kachouei, and Rajaei-Shahr Prisons (A)- Drugs and Addictions : In these three prisons, you can easily find the drugs … while you can not bring 2 books into the prisons … In Evin and Ward 350, the situation is very funny, and the drugs are distributed by the prison guards !, who eat their lunch with the head of prison everyday. (B)-Rape and Sodomy: Your Majesty, I’m so embarrassed to write about this matter, but its an Islamic duty and I should write. In all wards of Rajaei-Shahr prison, rape and sodomy are quite normal, and the prison authorities distribute condom among the rapists for their safety. I have seen hundreds of cases of consensual sodomy, that both side made a deal, and did it for just one cigarette, or for a little bit drugs. But the rape and non-consensual sodomy has a different story. The situation is so tragic, and every young man who is handsome, or who is not enough strong to fight against the rapists, or who has not enough money for bribing the prison guards or other strong prisoners to keep him safe, becomes a victim of the rapists, and every night he is forced to deliver its services in different wards and different cells. Each raped man has a rapist owner, who sell him to the other rapists and make money in this way. A political prisoner said that he had seen that the rapists raped a young man seven times in one night, and then in the morning, when he complained about the rapists, the prison guards punished him!, without punishing the rapists or even asking them a question! Your Majesty, the great leader of Muslims, here in Rajaei-Shahr prison, the rapists sell their s-e-x-u-al slaves for $250. In Kachouei prison, dozens of prisoners who were arrested for refusing to pay alimony or dowry, now have become the professional s-e-x-u-al slaves outside the prison. (C)- Beating and Hitting the prisoners: the prison guards beat and hit the prisoners with baton, steel chain, etc. In one case a poor prisoner complained about beating, and I heard with my own ears that the prison guard beat him and ask him to deny his complaint. (D)- HIV and AIDS: a considerable amount of prisoners that used drugs, have HIV or Hepatitis.”

“(2)- Political Prisoners and Protesters: All the interrogations were done by blindfold, and the political activists could not see the face of their interrogators. The interrogators, i.e. your unknown soldiers, humiliated and insulted the activists by using rude and insulting words, by undressing them, by threatening them to rape, etc. Your Majesty, your unknown soldiers threatened the political activists to arrest their wife and their children. In two case, they arrest the children of two political activists, and then interrogated those activists in front of their children. And then those activists accepted what the interrogators dictated to them, only for saving their children and their family. Your Majesty, your unknown soldiers in Sepah, Basij, and Ettelatat (Intelligence Service) don’t respect to anything, any Islamic and non-Islamic law. In some cases, they asked the activists’ wives to file for divorce. They used private family matters or private personal matters for putting pressure on the political prisoners. Your unknown soldiers make use of the medieval instruments of torture, like instruments for pulling the finger nails … Your Majesty, the courts of the political activists were totally illegal. All the people who confessed to the imaginary crimes, were threatened and intimidated. They were threatened to arrest their family. In one case, a political activists accepted his imaginary crimes just for the sake of his daughter. Because your unknown soldiers have arrested his daughter and wanted to declare that she is a drug user and drug dealer . He was forced to make false confession against himself in the Islamic court … I hope that the famous political activists (Islamist-Reformist) that made false confession against themselves, respect to bloods of young unknown martyrs, and talk about their tragic situation in the prison, and win back the confidence of the people. … After a lot of physical and mental tortures, and before the false confession in the false court, the poor political prisoners were brought to the court building to practice their false confession in front of camera and main interrogators … These stupid practices were done some days before the court … the interrogators wanted the false confession to seem natural… they told the prisoners how they moved their hands or how they read their texts … In fact, the interrogators were the director of the confession play, and the prisoners were the actors of this shameful play …Your majesty, under these conditions, certainly it’s so ridiculous that we talk about the court of law …Your majesty, I don’t know what happen to me after publishing this letter . Maybe your unknown soldiers torture me more than before, and I make some false confession! and say that this letter was written by a Zionist agent in the prison ! … But today, I declare that all I wrote in this letter is true, and is the reality of your prisons.”

The letter reminds us of many things. It reminds us of Papillon(1973) movie. The letter reminds us of the Stalin courts in 1930s, when the ex-leaders of Communist Party, made false confession against themselves. We know that the Khamenei’s reigme has a systematical cooperation with the ex-interrogators and the ex-torturers of KGB. The methods of Khamenei’s unknown soldiers is like the methods of Stalin’s unknown soldiers. The letter is so informative and so meaningful, and Mr stupid Naive Chomsky and his fans should read the letter. The current situation of Iran’s prisons are really terrible. For more information you could take a look at “Human Rights” Category of our website.

The Accursed Generation of Iranians

May 11, 2011

The older generation of Iranians, i.e. Iranians who are over the age 50, should be called “accursed generation”. The accursed generation made the greatest historical mistake by creating the damn reactionary regime of Mullahs. Without doubt, the accursed generation is the main responsible of our current ultra-tragic situation in Iran. The accursed generation is among the greatest foolish humans in the whole world. Without doubt, 99.9 % of them have been ultra-stupid and very hypocrite and Khayemal (who kiss the ass). But they have not learned their lessons, and even in the recent years they have repeated their historical mistakes again and again. Their betrayals in 2009 and 2010, are undeniable. They were and are the main and biggest obstacle to the freedom and democracy in Iran . Some of them are the ultra-stupid Monarchists; Some of them are the ultra-stupid Rajavists and Marxists. Some of them are the ultra-stupid Khatamists and Islamic-Reformists. And some of them are the ultra-stupid or ultra-charlatan Iranian journalists and political activists that betrayed the people’s hope and the people’s trust.

The accursed generation has one foot in the grave, but do they think that the younger generation forgets and forgives their betrayals and terrible mistakes? If they think that the younger generation forgives them just because they have one foot in the grave, they are wrong. Some one like Ezattollah Sahabi would not be forgiven, and would not have a good name in the Iran history. Last year he bullshitted the younger generations with his ultra-stupid letter after Ashoura Day. He had shut his mouth for more than 6 months and only saw the brutal military crackdown by the Islamic regime that he and his stupid friends had created it in 1979, but after Ashoura day, when the people wanted to topple the Islamic regime, he betrayed the people’s movement . Those days many of young intellects said that he had to stop bullshitting Iranians, but he refused and proved that he and his stupid generation don’t deserve any respect and attention. Some one like Ezattollah Sahabi, Masoud Behnoud, etc thought that the history would forget their shameful acts and betrayals. In these days, Masoud Behnoud has tried to make a nice gesture, again. But he should know that the young generation would not be deceived by false gesture. He and other people of the accursed generation, at first should offer their apology and then they should show that they really regret betraying the people. The hypocrisy and false gesture just could worsen their problems.

The accursed generation is the creator of the reactionary Islamic revolution. They fought for the Islamic freedom! and Islamic laws! The majority of them, 97%, voted for the Islamic regime in the referendum of 1980. They supported the great leader of the rapist fascist terrorist Islamists, Khomeini, and imposed the current f-u-c-k-ing conditions on the younger generations. The Islamic system that has been created by the accursed generation, kill, rape and torture Iranians, and destroy Iran more than any foreign enemy in the modern history. The horrible legacy of the accursed generation, i.e. the Islamic regime, plundered the oil, the people’s money, the natural resources and the national wealth. It screwed the economy, the environment, water, air, soil, living creatures including human being, and everything. Now the younger generation wants to get rid of the damn legacy of the accursed generation. But the accursed generation resists any change. They are still ultra-stupid and have not learned their lesson. Some of Them defend their stupid legacy, i.e. the system of the rapist fascist terrorist Islamists. Some of them defend the Monarchy, the ancient reactionary system. Some of them defend other stupid cults and Ideologies, like Rajavi’s cult and the ideologies of Fascism, Communism, Maoism, etc. And some of them sell themselves to the invisible hands. The accursed generations are really the main problem of Iran and its younger generations. Apparently, when the accursed generation is alive and has a significant influence, Iran could not change. The younger generation of Iranians should get rid of the accursed generation ASAP.