Secret Deals between Mullahs and USA

In the recent days the Washington Post had an informative report about the secret deals between Mullahs and USA. In fact, part of this report that was good and informative can shows us signs of secret talks and secret deals between the stupid Obama and the Mullahs. Here are excerpts of the report (our comments come in parentheses):

“Mashaei is Ahmadinejads chief of staff and said to be his choice as successor scheduled for 2013. In recent months, Mashaei is said to have initiated a series of contacts attempting to open a dialogue with the US … He [AN] craves recognition from outside, and Mashaei is his instrument, says one well-informed Iran analyst … Sources say Mashaei has sent multiple signals indicating that he wants to meet with American representatives. U.S. officials say there hasnt been a meeting !! (It’s a big lie, they have some meetings)… Although Obama has never dropped his offer to talk with Iran (Shame on Obama), it would be risky for the US to engage any single faction. Thats likely one explanation for U.S. wariness about Mashaeis overtures …Given the widespread rumors about Mashaeis travels to the US, it is likely that Khamenei and his allies are aware of his efforts to open a channel to Washington. A search of the Iranian press doesnt yield any hard information about Mashaeis outreach, but it may help explain the recent attacks by mullahs on him and his patron, AN … The political battle erupted, after AN and Mashaei attempted to get greater control over the intelligence ministry, prompting the resignation of Heydar Moslehi, its director. But on April 20, Khamenei reinstalled Moslehi …Mashaei isnt the only Iranian who has indicated a desire to meet with Americans. Similar signals are said to have come last year from Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the mayor of Tehran and a rival of AN who is thought to be close to Khamenei. But this track apparently didnt lead anywhere

Mashaeis travels to the US, and his meeting with US officials are not a new thing. Ghalibaf has his own channel for negotiating with U.S. officials. The notorious Larijani family, have their own channels, as well. They are just part of Mullah Mafia. Obama and his administration have sent many green signals to the Khamenei’s regime, including sending secret letters to Khamenei, and working with Mullah Mafia agents in the US (Check “Mullah Mafia” category for more information). The last shameful green signal was about Khamenei’s TV studio in Washington. In fact, for the first time after the Islamic revolution, the Obama’s administration allowed Khamenei’s TV to work inside Washington. And it’s very very important and meaningful for all Iranians. In fact, it’s Obama’s reward for the Islamic regime, the killer and rapist regime of Mullahs. Shame on Obama. Shame on U.S. officials that work with Mullah Mafia in the US. Shame on Mr. stupid Obama.

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