Iran and Saudi Arabia

May 10, 2011

Noam Chomsky (Naive Chomsky) and other stupid lefts compare Iran and Saudi Arabia every now and then and say: “Saudi Arabia is worst than Iran, Saudi Arabi’s regime is much more reactionary than Iran’s regime. Compared to Saudi Arabia’s reigme, Mullah’s regime seems like a democratic regime”. But the stupid lefts and their leader, Noam Chomsky, are really stupid. They are blind and deaf, and can not understand that “Iranians are much more modern than Arabs of Saudi Arabi, but Iran’s regime is more brutal and reactionary than Saudi Arabia’s regime” They can not understand the clear difference between Iranians and Arabs, and Iran’s regime and Saudi Arabia’s. Now Lets take a closer look at Iran and Saudi Arabia, and then we will see how stupid are Noam Chomsky and their fans.

Iran and Arabs hostility is like French and England hostility, and their clashes have a long story. Iranians/Persians did not know anything about Arabs for more than 3000 years, because they were savage tribes in the remote and isolated deserts of Iran/Persia. But these savage tribes that ate grasshopper and lizard in the terrible conditions of Arabian deserts, made use of the corruption in Iran. The Mobads, Zoroastrian clergy, and the corrupt Zoroastrian religion in 6th century CE, were exactly like today Mullahs and Islam in Iran . They exploited the people, and caused a lot of problems and discomforts. The corrupt king (Shah) and the corrupt Mobads, became so unacceptable in the 6th and 7th century CE. In fact, after 2300 years, the Zoroastrian religion had become like today Islam or Christianity. Iranians desperately sought the change, like our today condition in Iran. So when Arabs attacked Iran/Persian, the majority of ordinary Iranians did not support the corrupt king and corrupt Mobads. But the savage Arabs were not better that the corrupt king and Mobads. In the first 200 years of Arab rule in Iran/Persia, Arab fanatics took revenge on Iranians by treating Iranians as second-class citizens . There was a custom among the Arab tribes that the weaker or poorer tribes should attach themselves to stronger or more prosperous ones as clients or Mawali. The Arabs considered Iranians as Mawali of Arab tribes . But these new Mawali were much more modern than Arabs !! The customs, laws, and traditions of the Sasanians, who had long administrative experience, were adopted in the Islamic territories. The Islamic tyranny, the Umayyads, was oppressive and gave rise to a number of movements and rebellions, mostly of a politico-religious nature, as an expression of Persian unease, antagonism, and opposition. The Eastern Iran, Khorasan, proved the most active breeding ground for such movements. When Shiism posed as a protest movement against orthodoxy, Persians flocked to it. When the Shiite in Persia turned into an Abbasid one, led by Abu Moslem in Khorasan , many Persians welcomed it. The movement grew in strength, and in one of the most dramatic episodes of Islamic history Abu Moslem and his Iranian supporters managed to defeat and topple the Umayyad caliphate. The gradual conversion of Iranians to Islam, in more than 200 years, brought changes in Iranian life. Mosques were built, often on the location of former fire temples. Hejab or the Islamic veil became widespread and mandatory, and Iranian women were forced to wear Hejab. But an important fact about Iran/Persia in the Islamic period is that, in spite of over 200 years of Arab rule in Iran/Persia, Iranians/Persians did not lose their language, and thereby their separate identity , whereas most other countries conquered by the Arab Muslims, notably Egypt assumed an Arab identity and adopted the Arabic language. Iranians remained Iranian, and protected their own language and their own ancient traditions, like Nowruz. Iranians had a major role in toppling the Umayyads, and after that the Barmakids, who served as powerful viziers under Harun-al-Rashid and his sons, illustrate the new positions that some of the Persians had risen to. After that the Iranians began to increase their influence in all aspects of the Muslim life, and even they could create some new religious sect and cult for themselves.

Iranians have a long history of civil protests in the modern history, too. In 1900, when Arabs were Mawali of Ottoman Turks and again ate grasshopper and lizard in Arabian deserts, Iranians fought for Parliament and Constitution. Iran have had parliament and election since 1910, while Arab states even don’t have any parliament and election now . But the main obstacle of Iranian progress in the contemporary history, was Islam and the Mullahs, i.e. Arab religion and pro-Arabs Iranians. Even today, the Mullahs and the Islamic regime try to define an Islamic identity for Iranians, and fights against the Iranian Identity. But the majority of Iranians are disagreed with Mullahs. They think that the Iranian Identity is much more important than Islam, specially Mullahs’s Islam. The Mullahs are pro-Arabs, and the enemy of Iran and Iranians. The Mullahs destroyed Iran, and created an unprecedented opportunity for Arabs to make use of Iran’s weakness. In 1960s and 1970s, Iran had a secular judiciary system, and some modern non-Islamic laws for protecting woman’s rights, child’s rights, etc, while Arabs f-u-c-k-ed themselves with Islamic laws in Arabian deserts. Hejab or Islamic veil was not mandatory in Iran, since 1935, while Arabs f-u-c-k-ed themselves with Islamic Hejab. It’s the main difference between Iran and Saudi Arabia. But its a difference between the people and their culture, not between their regimes. The Iranian people are much more modern than Arabs, but their regime have a different story. The Mullahs and Islamic regime are not an Iranian regime. They are pro-Arabs, and Islamic regime. They are the main enemy of Iran and Iranians. They raped the Iranian men and women, for the first time in the Iranian modern history. Does Saudi Arabia’s regime systematically rape Arabs ? No, they just torture and kill Arabs. But the Mullah’s regime in Iran not only kill and torture Iranians, but they rape Iranian men and women. Khomeini officially declared that protecting Islamic power and Islamic regime is more important than any other thing, even Islamic laws. Khomeini said that it’s one of Muhammad’s traditions, and he was right. But when and where Muhammad lived? In Saudi Arabia, and in the Age of Ignorance; When Arabs killed their daughters; When Arabs was savage and lived in empty deserts and ate grasshopper and lizards; When Arabs washed their faces with their Camel’s piss; When Arabs lived with their Camel’s piss and Camel’s shits; When camels were as important as humans for Arabs, and they counted their camels with the same unit (Nafar) as they counted humans!! Under these conditions, what Muhammad said and did was a miracle for Arabs, and really it was. He changed some Arabian stupid traditions, and it was good for Arabs. Jesus Christ’s story could be like Muhammad’s story, if he could escape from his enemies’ hands and established a government, like Muhammad. But what did Muhammad do about his opponents or the apostates, i.e. Muslims who did not want to be Muslims? Didn’t Muhammad protect his regime/religion at any price? What would Muhammad react, if some groups want to topple his regime? The answer is so clear (if it’s not clear for you, you should read the history). Now the Mullahs, the followers of Muhammad in Iran, like the followers of Jesus in the Middle Age,want to protect their Islamic regime at any price. “Any price” really means “any price”, i.e. killing, raping, torturing, butchery, genocide and any other crime against humanity. As we said before, Khomeini officially declared this matter and this Islamic intention; And even for less important matters, like Hejab and Islamic veils, the Islamist pigs want to shed blood. They clearly and openly declare their intention. The Mullahs in Iran are Mahdavists, and the stupid Noam Chomsky and his fans don’t know anything about Mahdavists. They don’t know that the Mullah’s regime and the Mahdavists want the Nuclear bombs for the Second Coming of Mahdi, not deterrence. They want to prepare the apocalyptic conditions of the Second Coming of Mahdi . But the stupid Noam Chomsky and his fans think that the Mullah’s regime wants nukes for deterrence. They don’t know that Saudi’s regime is not a Mahdavist regime, and Sunni Mulism didn’t believe in Mahdi, but Mullah’s regime is a Mahdavist regime, and seriously works for the Second Coming of Mahdi.

We know that Iran is the least free country in the Freedom of the Internet, and outranked Saudi Arabia . The same is true for the freedom of the press, and the freedom of the expression. Iran has the largest number of arrested journalists in the whole world, more than Saudi Arabia. Iran has the largest number of banned newspapers in the whole world, more than Saudi Arabia. The Mullah’s regime shut down more than 200 newspapers in the last decade. Iran has the greatest number of banned publishers and banned published books. The Mullah’s regime shut down more than 100 publishers and 10,000 book titles in the recent years. Iran is the greatest prison of journalists, writers, thinkers, and activists in the whole world , and one of its rivals is Saudi Arabia. So, don’t be stupid the stupid lefts! You should know that most of reactionary issues in Saudi Arabia are related to the Saudi people and Arab traditions. Yes, the Saudi regime is very reactionary, but not more than its own people, and not more than Iran’s regime. Hejab and Islamic veils in Saudi Arabia is one of the main result of Saudi people’s stupidity. How many Saudi women hate Islamic Hejab or have bad Hejab? less than 1% !! The foreign tourists could have not any Hejab in Saudi Arabia. Bun in Iran, under the Islamic laws of the Mullah’s regime, all women, foreign tourist or Iranian women, must have Hejab. The majority of Saudi protesters, and opponents of Saudi regime, are Muslim fanatics, who think that Saudi regime is not enough Islamic and should be more reactionary !! We can see the same conditions in Bahrain and Yemen (and even in Egypt). We have not forgotten that Osama bin Laden was a Saudi man, who protested to Saudi regime, and thought that Saudi regime should be more reactionary! But the majority of Iranian protesters, and opponents of Mullah’s regime, think that the main problem of Iran is Islam, Islamic laws, and Islamic culture. Iranians want to get rid of Islamic regime and Islamic laws, and put an end to the Islamic Middle Age in Iran. . It’s the main difference between Iranians and Arabs. The majority of 25 million Saudis love Islam and Islamic reactionary laws, but the majority of 75 million Iranians hate Islamic regime and the Islamic laws, including Hejab. They protests in many ways, but their protests are ruthlessly suppressed, and it’s the real tragedy. You are really ultra-stupid, stupid lefts. shame on you all.

Secret Deals between Mullahs and USA

May 10, 2011

In the recent days the Washington Post had an informative report about the secret deals between Mullahs and USA. In fact, part of this report that was good and informative can shows us signs of secret talks and secret deals between the stupid Obama and the Mullahs. Here are excerpts of the report (our comments come in parentheses):

“Mashaei is Ahmadinejads chief of staff and said to be his choice as successor scheduled for 2013. In recent months, Mashaei is said to have initiated a series of contacts attempting to open a dialogue with the US … He [AN] craves recognition from outside, and Mashaei is his instrument, says one well-informed Iran analyst … Sources say Mashaei has sent multiple signals indicating that he wants to meet with American representatives. U.S. officials say there hasnt been a meeting !! (It’s a big lie, they have some meetings)… Although Obama has never dropped his offer to talk with Iran (Shame on Obama), it would be risky for the US to engage any single faction. Thats likely one explanation for U.S. wariness about Mashaeis overtures …Given the widespread rumors about Mashaeis travels to the US, it is likely that Khamenei and his allies are aware of his efforts to open a channel to Washington. A search of the Iranian press doesnt yield any hard information about Mashaeis outreach, but it may help explain the recent attacks by mullahs on him and his patron, AN … The political battle erupted, after AN and Mashaei attempted to get greater control over the intelligence ministry, prompting the resignation of Heydar Moslehi, its director. But on April 20, Khamenei reinstalled Moslehi …Mashaei isnt the only Iranian who has indicated a desire to meet with Americans. Similar signals are said to have come last year from Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, the mayor of Tehran and a rival of AN who is thought to be close to Khamenei. But this track apparently didnt lead anywhere

Mashaeis travels to the US, and his meeting with US officials are not a new thing. Ghalibaf has his own channel for negotiating with U.S. officials. The notorious Larijani family, have their own channels, as well. They are just part of Mullah Mafia. Obama and his administration have sent many green signals to the Khamenei’s regime, including sending secret letters to Khamenei, and working with Mullah Mafia agents in the US (Check “Mullah Mafia” category for more information). The last shameful green signal was about Khamenei’s TV studio in Washington. In fact, for the first time after the Islamic revolution, the Obama’s administration allowed Khamenei’s TV to work inside Washington. And it’s very very important and meaningful for all Iranians. In fact, it’s Obama’s reward for the Islamic regime, the killer and rapist regime of Mullahs. Shame on Obama. Shame on U.S. officials that work with Mullah Mafia in the US. Shame on Mr. stupid Obama.