The stupid Iranian Expats

In the recent days, some stupid Iranian expats held a conference in Toronto, and called their stupid conference “The International Conference of Iranian Secular Greens”! The Monarchists had a main role in this stupid conference, and some stupid non-Monarchist Iranians were in the same boat with the Monarchists. They used the flag of Monarchists to show how stupid they are. As we said before, Iranians seriously need an alternative. But the alternative group must support the minimum requirement of the Iranian movement, i.e. “A free Republic and Secular System”. The stupid Monarchists and other reactionary Iranians support only one part of the minimum requirement, i,e. a secular part of “A free Republic and Secular System” . It’s so obvious that we could have a secular dictatorship very easily. In fact, Iran had a secular dictatorship before the current Islamic dictatorship. And many of Arab and non-Arab states in the developing world have a secular dictatorship. “A Secular System” is desirable only inside a free republic system. The Monarchy and other stupid ancient forms of secular tyranny are not a free system. Some stupid reactionary Iranians say: “Some republic system in the developing world have lifelong president, or lifelong leader. It shows us that the republic system is not a free system, and so we support the Monarchy system !!” These reactionary Iranians are really stupid. They don’t know that those system only have the name of “Republic”, but they are like the Monarchy, and the people can not change their rulers each four years. Countries like Libya, Syria, Cuba, Mullah’s regime in Iran, etc are a Monarchy system that called themselves Republic . Iranians want a real republic system. They really want to vote every four years and change the whole ruling group every four or eight years. It’s what we call “Republic”, and what the Iranian want..


The reactionary Iranians that don’t support a free republic, are a tiny minority inside Iran. They only have the support of the western powers. The majority of Iranians hate them, even more than the Islamic regime. Because you should be too stupid or too charlatan to support the Monarchy strongly, while you live in a free democratic and republic system outside Iran! The stupid Iranian expats in Toronto, LA, and other cities of North America and Europe, are among the most stupid human beings. They are part of the accursed generations of Iranians, that we should write more about them later. The stupid conference in Toronto proves that the current situation of Iran and Iranians are so funny. The Iranian expats that live in the free world, and are able to organize the people and create effective websites, are so stupid, reactionary, or charlatan. But the Iranians inside Iran, who are much more open-minded than the stupid Iranian expats, are not able to organize the people and create effective websites. Iranians have an old funny saying that we should say it to the stupid Iranian expats: “God should give some brains to you, and some money to us.” Amen !!

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