Sina Arami’s Tragedy

In the recent days, some Iranian websites, like, has published a letter about a dreadful brutality. Sina Arami was an unknown victim of Khamenei’s regime. Sina Arami was tortured and killed in the last year’s Ashoura Day, the day that the motherf-u-c-k-er Iranian journalists betrayed the people’s hope and the people’s blood. Mehran, one of his close friend, has sent a letter and written about his dreadful tragedy. Mehran writes: “Sian’s family and friends have shut their mouths, but now a guilty conscience has inspired me to tell the truth. Last year, me and Sina had gone to Jamaran for listening to Khamati’s speech. As you know, the Basiji thugs attacked Jamaran and brutally beat everyone, broke the windows, etc and Kahatami’s speech remained incomplete. Sina wanted to record the scene of the crime (with his mobile or camera), but the Basiji thugs saw him, caught him, beat him to death, and took him into a van. The next day, i.e. Ashoura day, the news of his death were given to his family. They threatened that if Sina’s family says anything about his killing, they would killed the other child of Sina’s family. (Maybe) Naturally, his family (and his friends) was scared to death and said nothing about Sina’s tragedy. His family lived in Langroud, Gilan, but after Sina’s tragedy the regime forced Sina’s family into leaving Langroud, and moving to Karaj.”


He added: “When I went to Langroud for Sina’s funeral, I saw his dead body. The cuts and bruises on his backs, was clearly a sing of whip. His finger nails were pulled. And some holes, like drill’s holes, were visible in his bones. And the most dreadful thing was about his abdomen. They had emptied his abdomen. Apparently, after a lot of brutal tortures, they finally shot into his hip, and the bullet went from one side of his body to the other side ” The above picture is a picture of Sina Arami’s dead body. It’s the real meaning of the savage brutal Islamic regime. Shame Islam and Muslims. The savage Islamist pigs are not human beings. They are not even pigs, they are not even animals. They are so savage and brutal. The rapist terrorist fascist Islamists are among the most savage Cannibals in the human history. Now you could understand why Iranians hate Arabs and Islamists; Why Iranians hate the Bahrani Islamist pigs, who are like Iranian Basiji pigs. If Islamist pigs have the upper hand, they would kill, rape, and torture all human beings, exactly like what they did about the poor Iranian protesters, including Sina Arami. Sina Arami is just one example. He was unknown before the last week. And there are a lot of unknown martyrs like Sina Arami, that sooner or later the history will hear about them . They are the poor victims of a medieval religious regime, which is the most savage regime of the whole world. Their counterparts are like the Hitler’s regime and the Stalin’s regime. The history will not forget and forgive the stupid people that defend this savage regime in the name of independence. The history will not forget and forgive the Iranian journalists, i.e. the bastards and the charlatans, who sold themselves to the savage regime or the stupid Islamist reformists, and betrayed the people’s hope and the people’s blood, after the Ashoura Day. Shame on them all.

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