AP and stupid Iranian Journalist

Western media has published a week report of Ali Akbar Dareini, who is the AP’s senior correspondent in Tehran and has covered Iran for the AP for more than a decade. He has a weak report about Iran and current power struggle between Khamenei and Mr. shit, that has some good parts, but most parts of it are weak or wrong. The good parts of his report say: “A wave of reported detentions has included a prayer leader who angered clerics with a film about Judgment Day … The upheaval was ostensibly triggered by last month’s boomerang over the intelligence minister, Heidar Moslehi. Mr. shit wanted him gone, yet Khamenei ordered him to stay in a public slap to the president … In July 2009, Mr. shit picked his close confidant Mashaei as the most senior of his many vice presidents … Khamenei, the pinnacle of Iran’s ruling theocracy, quickly stepped in and Mashaei was gone within the week in a stinging embarrassment to Mr. shit … But Mr. shit regrouped and gave the post of chief of staff to Mashaei, whose daughter is married to Mr. shit’s son. Mr. shit apparently has been testing the ground for Mashaei to run as his successor in 2013 … “The supreme leader is above the constitution … his powers are absolute,” a hard-line cleric, Kazem Sedighi, told worshippers in a sermon broadcast around the nation on state radio. Morteza Agha Tehrani, a Mullah close to Ahmadinejad, is even quoted as saying that Khamenei has told the president he must either resign or recognize Moslehi as the intelligence chief. The Sepah (IRGC), meanwhile, have arrested up to 25 people loyal to Mr. shit and Mashaei in recent days and blocked half a dozen websites allied to them. Among those arrested are cleric Abbas Amirifar, prayer leader of the presidential palace. Amirifar caused outrage after he recently predicted in an interview that Mashaei will be Iran’s next president . But his detention is over his alleged role in producing the controversial film “Reappearance (The Second Coming) Is Very Near” that depicts Khamenei and Ahmadinejad as two close companions of Mahdi, the Hidden Imam. Shiite Muslims believe Mahdi will reappear before Judgment Day to end tyranny and promote justice in the world, with the Armageddon . The film -DVDs of it were distributed in millions throughout Iran- has been condemned by senior clerics in Qom, who say no one can claim when Mahdi will reappear. ”

Ali Akbar Dareini is either ignorant, or pretend ignorance. He said some stupid things in his report like “the powerful intelligence minister, Heidar Moslehi”, while Moslehi is the weakest intelligence minister of the Islamic regime, and all Iranians know that his a puppet of Khamenei’s son. He stupidly tries to make a distinction between Mr. shit and Iran’s hard-liners. But Mr. shit is one of the main Iran’s hard-liners, and all Iranians know it. The stupid Ali Akbar Dareini talk about “Mr. shit’s disputed re-election”, while all Iranians know that it was a coup, not a disputed election. A clear military coup that kill, rape, and torture some thousands of Iranians, is not a disputed election. He has not reported that Ayatollah Kazem Sedighi said: “Khamenei is our great Islamic leader; he could even ban Mr. shit from sleeping with his wife !“. His sermon broadcast around the nation on state radio, and stupid Ali Akbar Dareini could listen to it. He also tries to praise Mashaei, but Mashaei is a Mahdivst, who fights for the Second Coming of Mahdi, and the Armageddon. You should be too stupid to think that Mashaei is not one of Iran’s hard-liners. He is a puppet of Mr. shit, who himself is a puppet of Khamenei. Mashaei is very reactionary and is accused of using supernatural powers and invoking djinns (spirits) in pursuing the government’s policies. So, don’t be stupid Ali Akbar Dareini. You are an Iranian, and you should try to be a free journalist, not a stupid hypocrite mercenary. The Economist’s reporter, who is a Briton, seems more aware of Iran, when he says: “The latest bout began in April when Mr shit discovered that Moslehi, the minister of intelligence, was bugging the offices of Mashaei , his own chief of staff and a close ally. Mr shit fired Moslehi. But Khamenei, who dislikes Mashaei, fast reinstated him … In a huff, Mr shit refused to attend cabinet meetings, cancelled a visit to Qom, Irans holiest city, and avoided public appearances for more than a week . He eventually came out of his sulk after nearly 250 MPs urged him in a letter to respect Khameneis decision and to resume his duties. Some hinted that he should be impeached … In the past Mr shit has trodden warily when it comes to Khamenei. Both are conservatives. They have seldom differed on main issues (i.e. 99% of issues!). Theirs is a battle for internal power … On a visit to southern Iran last month, Khamenei praised the government and stressed that he intervened only when he felt that expediency is ignored. But each time Mr shit forces him to interfere in low politics, Khameneis position looks a little shakier. The supreme guide is no longer infinitely above Mr shit; he is part of the competition

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