On the edge of Animal Life

An Iranian university student and a political prisoner, Zia Nabavi, 26, who has been sent to Karoun Prison, a prison in the city of Ahvaz, has written an open-letter to Javad Larijani, the head of “Islamic human rights committee”! who is the brother of Sadegh Larijani, the head of regime’s judiciary, and brother of Ali Larijani, the head of regime’s parliament (As we said before, Larijani family is a pro-UK Mafioso family) Zia Navabi is a political prisoner, who was arrested in June 2009, some days after the electoral/military coup. He has described the terrible situation of Karoun Prison in his letter, that has been written with extreme caution. At the end of his letter he said: “I’ll be brief: “In Karoun Prison, we live on the border between human life and animal life.” Here are excerpts of his letter:

“I have thought a lot about writing this letter, since August 2009, when I was sent here, to Karoun Prison … I had doubt that this letter could be helpful, or change anything … I know that you at first think about my intention of writing this letter, and I want to tell you: “please read the letter with sympathy”. But I know that I can not defend my intention, that even is not very clear for myself … I don’t want to exaggerate anything, and what I say is less than the reality of our situation in Karoun Prison … The greatest problem of Karoun Prison is “Overpopulation”. The population density in my ward is three times more than standard! Here we have 110 beds for 110 people, but more than 300 people are kept here. Under these conditions, many people sleep on the floor and they are called “floor-sleeper”. About one-third of population sleep on the prison yard, in the outdoor space without any cooling or heating system. Indeed, they live in the prison yard, in winter and summer, in the rain or in the sun. They are called “yard-sleeper”, and I’m very happy that I have not been “yard-sleeper” yet. (In my first six months, I was
“floor-sleeper”.) The high population density violated state standard for the separation between political and non-political prisoners. In my ward, that is a ward for political prisoners, just one-sixth of population are political prisoners, and others are ordinary prisoners, thieves, drug users, etc … The poor drug users or thieves, have serious sanitary problems, and some of them have serious fatal diseases … the prison yard, in our ward, is about 8m * 15m that means for each 3 prisoners there is just 1 sq. meter open space. And as I said before, these tiny yard was already occupied by “yard-sleepers” … the yard is not really an open space, because it’s covered with steel bars, so we can not see the sky, and we feel that we are like animals in the cage … The sanitary conditions and facilities are really dreadful in Karoun Prison. In fact, “sanitation” and “hygiene” are nonsense words here”

He adds: “Some prisoners were homeless or “carton-sleeper”
(“cardboard-sleeper”, some one who sleeps on cardboard in the street.) outside the prison, and now they have brought their lifestyle to the prison. They never ever take a bath; they don’t change their clothes; they don’t use any cleanser or washing liquid/powder; even they don’t wear any shoes, and go to the toilet and bath with bare foot, and so you could guess how terrible are our sanitary conditions in the prison, with these people. On the other hand, the toilet and bath of the prison are so dirty and old, and for using them we should stand in a queue, for an hour or more. Very often the water is cold, and we should take a bath with cold water … One of the biggest problem of the prison is its sewage system. You can see cockroaches and mice everywhere. The sewage pipes and system get broken every now and then, and the waste water pour into the prison yard and stray “yard-sleepers”. The stink of the waste water is really terrible and unbearable. When it’s starting to rain, the main disaster begins, and the whole yard converts into a big pool of the raw sewage … The quality of our food is so terrible. The cook even doesn’t bother to peel the dirty potatoes. We have fruits just once every six weeks! We don’t have any fridge, and it becomes a serious problem in the summer … We don’t have access to any book, magazine, and newspaper in the prison. They even don’t allow us to bring them to the prison. Each prisoner can call his home once a week, only 3 minutes! … Our conditions here are far beyond anybody’s imagination. I didn’t experience such conditions before, and I even didn’t read or hear about it. No movie, and No novel, has described a prison like Karoun Prison. I never ever think that somewhere like here could exist on earth. Here you don’t have enough clean air for breathing, or even some meters space for walking. I think my life gradually lose its human meaning and I lose the human spirit and the human interests. I gradually becomes an animal. Here, the animal instincts, like a natural instinct for survival, become your first and main instincts, and you should follow them … How could you think about ethical questions or issues, in where you never ever are able to put yourself in the place of others?…I’ll be brief: “In Karoun Prison, we live on the border between human life and animal life.

The poor boy. Zia Nabavi, a student political activist, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison ! The poor Iranian political prisoners should live on the edge of animal life, yet Mr. Naive Chomsky and his stupid friends, the lunatic lefts, defend the brutal Islamic regime in the name of independence. Shame on Naive Chomsky and lunatic lefts. Shame on them that defend the rapist fascist terrorist Islamists.

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