Bin Laden was Jailed ?

Osama bin Laden’s last hours are complicated and doubtful, but the last years of Bin Laden seem more complicated. Was he jailed or hidden? The pictures of the compound in Abbott-abad seem more like the pictures of a jail, not a house.


The first information about Abbott-abad said that the house is located in an urban area, but the pictures say that the house is located in a rural area. Do Americans and Pakistanis keep the flock of sheep and goats in an urban area ? “They had two cows and some goats, but had no discernible source of income”, a neighbor said.


The whole neighborhood is like a rural area in Iran, and I know that the situation in Pakistan is worst than Iran. But the funny point is that it was the only house in the neighborhood with barbed wire and surveillance cameras. Is it normal and acceptable in the garrison town of Abbott-abad? Do the military men and policemen accept this weird things very easily? In Iran, just the safe houses and jails, have barbed wire. “The expensive SUVs parked inside” the neighbors said, but did they belong to Bin Laden’s friends or the security forces and ISI ?

Although the house is large, it is unclear how three dozen people, including 9 women and 23 children, could have lived there with any degree of comfort. And it is also unclear how Bin Laden was able to flee form Tora Bora mountain with his clan, i.e. a herd of women and children. Is it a CIA’s joke that Bin Laden and 30 women and children could flee to Pakistan and Abbott-abad, without any problem?! According to U.S. officials, Bin Laden found the house safe enough to stay for up to six years !, a stunning length of time to remain in one place right under the noses of a U.S. But if you were Bin Laden, would you stay six or five years in one place? At least Bin Laden had watched some Hollywood movies and knew that he would change his place. But could he do that? was he free or jailed ?! It’s the main question.


Another funny and shifting narrative concerned the property itself. Up close, Bin Laden’s house, a tall, towering over the policemen guarding the gate, was not a million dollar mansion ! described by officials. When we take a look at the pictures of Bin Laden’s room, it becomes more clear that his room was like a dirty cell, or a dirty old room, not a room of a million dollar mansion ! The paint was peeling, there was no air conditioning, no telephone, no internet, etc. In fact, “it is worth no more than $250,000”, say some American and Pakistani property professionals, yet I think it should not be worth no more than $100,000, because it’s located in a poor rural area, and has no facility.


The Questions persisted about how authorities could not have known who was living in the compound, especially since it was close to the military academy. According to US officials, construction started around 2004, and a year later Bin Laden moved in, perhaps around about the time of the devastating Kashmir earthquake that killed 73,000 people in October of that year. As the wounded flooded into Abbottabad’s military hospital a mile away -so many that doctors set up a tent on the main lawn- Bin Laden and his clan were settling into this house down the road. But “there’s no doubt he was protected by some in the ISI,” the European official said of bin Laden. Anyway, on Sunday the 54 year-old Saudi-born leader of al-Qaida was killed by a CIA team in Pakistani military garrison town of Abbottabad. I don’t know why it seems like the assassination of JFK and its mysterious story. It’s so obvious that they tell lies about the last hours and last years of Bin Laden, but why?

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