House Rent Crisis in Tehran

Yesterday, a pro-Khamenei’s reigme news website,, published a report about the house rent crisis in Tehran. The report is a new evidence for what we said about the price in Iran and Canada . The following are excerpts from the report:

“The house rents have risen 20% to 25% in the first days of the new year. The spring is not the season of moving, and we are sure that the house rents will rise again form July, the beginning of summer. Now the majority of landlords prefer more rent, less mortgage … If you could find a small apartment, 50m2 (50 sq. meter), in any parts of Tehran with $10,000 mortgage + $500 monthly rent, your are so lucky. [in the Iranian housing market, many landlords prefer to get some mortgage from tenants, at least $10,000, for some sort of security. So the tenant can not pay the rent, or make trouble for the landlord. “$10,000 mortgage + $500 monthly rent” in the Iranian housing market is equal to “$800 to $900” net rent per month] … with $20,000 mortgage you only can rent a 40m2 dirty apartment without any facilities! in Central Tehran … with “$10,000 mortgage + $750 monthly rent” you can rent a 75m2, two bedrooms apartment in Hafte-Tir Sq (Central Tehran), or Marzdaran boulevard (Eastern Tehran). [i.e. the net monthly rent is equal to “$1050 to $1150”] … for renting a 100m2 apartment in Dolat street, you should pay “$20,000 mortgage + $1000 monthly rent” [i.e. the net monthly rent is equal to “$1600 to $1800” !] … The government should do something about the housing crisis. If they only repeat “there is no housing increase in Tehran”, the people lose more confidence in the Islamic government. We should do something about the crisis”

The whole system can see the crisis, and they know that the people has lost their confidence in the Islamic system. The economic crisis in Iran, is really greater than any other country. And it’s one of the greatest miracle of the Islamic system. In 1979, before the Islamic revolution, the average income of an Iranian middle class family was near $2000, but they could buy a small car for $1500, a nice 100m2 house, not apartment, for $10,000, 1kg meat for $1, 40 liter petrol for $1, etc. They could rent a nice 100m2 house, not apartment, with $30 rent per month. But now the average income of an Iranian middle class family is near $12000, but they should buy a small car for $15000, a 100m2 house, for $500,000, 1kg meat for $20, 1 liter petrol for $1, etc. Now they can hardly rent a 100m2 apartment, with $1500 rent per month. It is an Islamic miracle, isn’t it?

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