Naive Chomsky = Enemy of Iranians

Naive Chomsky’s bullshitted us about Iran in his recent speech in Amsterdam . But his bullshits should be explained more. Lets take a look at the second part of Naive Chomsky’s crap about Iran :”It is glaringly obvious why Iran would seek a deterrent capacity !!!!; a look at the military bases and nuclear forces in the region suffices to explain … But Iran’s threat goes beyond deterrence. It is also seeking to expand its influence in neighboring countries, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence emphasize, and in this way to “destabilize” the region ! The U.S. invasion and military occupation of Iran’s neighbors is “stabilization.” Iran’s efforts to extend its influence to them are “destabilization” !! hence plainly illegitimate !!… Other concerns about Iran are equally interesting to explore, but perhaps this is enough to reveal the guiding principles and their status in imperial culture. As Franklin Delano Roosevelts planners emphasized at the dawn of the contemporary world system, the U.S. cannot tolerate “any exercise of sovereignty” that interferes with its global designs … The U.S. and Europe are united in punishing Iran for its threat to stability !!!, but it is useful to recall how isolated they are !!! The nonaligned countries have vigorously supported Iran’s right to enrich uranium !!!! In the region, Arab public opinion even strongly favors Iranian nuclear weapons !!!!!!!! … There is also much concern about the growing Chinese military threat. A recent Pentagon study warned that China’s military budget is approaching “one-fifth of what the Pentagon spent to operate and carry out the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan,” a fraction of the U.S. military budget, of course … Deep-seated imperial doctrine aside, there is good reason for China’s neighbors to be concerned about its growing military and commercial power. And though Arab opinion supports an Iranian nuclear weapons program !!!, we certainly should not do so . ”

Naive Chomsky ignores Iranian views, but he emphasizes on Arab views ! Such a foolishness! We are not sure about Arab public opinion in the recent years. The young Arabs are not like their parents. They support the freedom and democracy, at least more than their parents. The western polls about Arab public opinion are not reliable. But if we accept the logic of Naive Chomsky, and what Naive Chomsky says about Arabs, i.e. what was true in former times, then Naive Chomsky becomes an enemy of Iranians. According to Naive Chomsky, the majority of ordinary Arabs support pro-Arabs Mullahs or pro-Arabs Muslims in Iran, but it’s not the whole truth, and he doesn’t say that they hate Iran/Persia and Iranians/Persians; They hate the majority of Iranians that want to restore the glory and grandeur of Persia/Iran. In fact, Naive Chomsky, who is a lover of (old) Arab public opinion, is an enemy of Iranians and Iranian public opinion. Iranian public opinion hates Arabs and Arab public opinion, but they support the young educated Arabs that fight for the freedom and democracy, whom are not pan-Arab and racist. But why Iranian public opinion hate Arabs ? Because: Arab public opinion changes the ancient name of “Persian Gulf”; Arab public opinion supports Islamists and Muslim fanatics; Arab public opinion supports Islam and Mullahs; Arab public opinion prefers that Iran is weak and destroyed, so they can secure the future of their illegitimate interests. Indeed, the history of Iran and Arab states, is like the history of the UK and France. Is English language is like French language, because they have the same alphabet? Do Englishmen love Frenchmen, because their countries are English Channel’s neighbors ? The people that read the history know the truth. so Noam Chomsky, i.e. Naive Chomsky shows us that he is the number one enemy of Iranians, and the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in the developing world. Naive Chomsky is the number one enemy of suppressed nations, and the people that were killed and raped by Khamenei’s regime and other brutal dictators in China, Cuba, Venezuela, etc. Naive Chomsky shows us that he is the first and most important supporters of the reactionary regimes and brutal tyrants. Not only he defends Iran’s regime and China’s regime, but he defends the support of an Iranian nuclear weapons program! In fact, Naive Chomsky proves that his stupidity is congenital. Naive Chomsky is blind and deaf and can not see the Iranian views about Mullah’s regime and Mullah’s nuclear energy/weapons. Shame on Mr. stupid Naive Chomsky.

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