Khamenei’s regime is a Joke

When you live in Iran, under the Islamic tyranny, you can see many funny things in the Islamic system. In fact, living under an Islamic tyranny is a comic-tragic situation. Lets take a look at some of the stupid and funny things of Khamenei’s regime :

-“The head of “National Counter-Corruption Committee”, Rahimi, is a number one guilty of bribery and corruption. He is also the vice president of Mr. shit” -“The head of “National Counter-Smuggler/Smuggling Committee” was Naghdi, one of the greatest Iranian smugglers, who is the head of Basij now” -“The head of Basij, i.e. the Khamenei’s dogs/thugs that regime calls them “the corps of Islam and Muslims”, is Naghdi, who is not only a smuggler, but he is officially convicted of raping women, blackmail, and killing people” -“The head of “Moral and Islamic Police” in Tehran, was Zareii, who is officially convicted of raping women, and sleeping with six naked women in an Islamic version of Bunga Bunga party! Moral and Islamic Police in Tehran arrest young boys and girls for speaking to each other, non-Islamic dress, etc ! ” -“The head of Ministry of High Education, Daneshjoo, has fake Ph.D. and Master degree. Some people beleive that his BS. is a fake BS., as well” -“The secretary of the interior in Mr. shit’s cabinet, Kordan, had a fake Ph.D. and it was so obvious that the regime’s parliament impeached him and dethroned him. But Mr. shit defended him, even after that. Kordan that only had high school education, taught at several universities! and told his students about his memories of Oxford university! yet he had never been in Oxford university, or any other university” -“A close and old friend of Mr. shit, Mahsouli, is an upstart, a Sepahi billionaire. Before the election 2009, and after Kordan’s scandal, Mr. shit, who had made ridiculous proletarian gesture, appointed him as the secretary of the interior, that was the head of election. so the huge election fraud was predictable. Now in the coup cabinet, the carpetbagger and the ex-destitute Sepahi, Mahsouli, that was the main assistant of Mr. shit in their huge embezzlement in Ardebil and after that he became a billionaire, is the secretary of Welfare and Social Security that is the main manager of cutting subsidies and fucking the economy.” -“The Vice president of the coup cabinet, Rahimi, has a fake Ph.D. of Oxford University. But Mr. shit said that it is not important, and we should not call him Doctor, that’s all !!”. -“The head of regime’s judiciary, Sadegh Amoli Larijani, is the brother of the head of regime’s Parliament, Ali Amoli Larijani. But the regime state TV calls the former “Amoli”, and the later “Larijani”, because they try to not repeat that they are brother” -“Khamenei’s dogs/thugs kill and rape men, women, and children but they protest against the lesser version of their own crimes in Bahrain and Gaza” -“Khamenei’s regime executed a 18 years-old Iranian protester, Arash Rahmani, but they protest against the execution verdict for some young Bahraini Islamists, that are older than Arash” -“The name of one of Khamenei’s dogs, a savage and brutal Mullah, was “Fucker”. Ayatollah Fucker, was proud of his name. And his job was related to his name. He was really a F-u-c-k-er, motherf-u-c-k-er” -“The Khamenei’s regime sheds crocodile tears for Bahraini protesters, while they brutally suppress the Iranian protesters”

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  1. Found your article on google, interesting read, thanks!

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