Stupid or Smart Canadians ?!

Canada Election 2011 was surprising. Stephen Harpers Conservatives surged to a majority government Monday, winning their third consecutive election, and it’s really shameful for Canada and Canadians. But could we simply call the Canadians the most stupid nation of the world? No, because the Canadian voters dramatically redrew Canadas political map. The New Democratic Party, NDP, propelled by the personal popularity of Leader Jack Layton, scored a stunning success, becoming the Official Opposition, as the stupid Liberal vote collapsed and the stupid Bloc Québécois was all but wiped out. The NDP’s success shows that many Canadians hunger for a strong alternative and a positive message . Liberal Leader, the Michael stupid Ignatieff and Bloc Leader Gilles Duceppe were battling for their political lives in their own ridings. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May was marginally ahead with only a few polls reporting in the B.C. riding she was contesting. The NDP had about 40 per cent of the popular vote throughout Quebec, outstripping the stupid Bloc, the Tories and the Liberals. It got only 12.2 per cent in the 2008 election. It’s a good thing for Quebec and Canada. As polls had suggested, the NDP trounced the Bloc in Quebec while the Harper Tories scored big gains in Ontario at the expense of the Liberals who once owned the province federally. In Quebec, the NDP jumped out to a stunning lead, outstripping even the most optimistic predictions of its success in the province. We are living through a historic day, said Francoise Boivin, the New Democrat who won Gatineau in western Quebec.

But it’s a tragedy for Canada that Stephen stupid Harper won the election again.The Conservatives won near 40 per cent of the popular vote, with the NDP at 31 per cent and the Liberals at 20. The Conservative run started in Atlantic Canada, where the Tories overtook the Liberals in the popular vote and added three of the 12 additional seats needed to ensure solid control of Parliament. And early returns from Ontario showed the Conservatives dominating with 45 per cent of the popular vote, the NDP with 29 per cent, and the Liberals with only 22 per cent. In 2008, the Tories won 51 seats in Ontario with the Liberals taking 38 and 17 going to the NDP. As of 11 p.m. ET, the Conservatives had won or were leading in about 165 seats out of the 308 in the House of Commons, 10 more than needed for a majority, while the New Democrats had soared past 100 and the Liberals had tumbled to about 30. The Bloc had less than a handful of seats. Polls suggested that Mr. Layton caught the imagination of many Canadians, particularly younger voters, with his performance in the leaders’ debates and with his call for substantial change in Ottawa. Harper and Ignatieff initially focused their main attacks on each other, but then switched gears in the final days to take shots at Layton as he and his party surged across the country, particularly in Quebec. Michael Ignatieff made history as the Liberal leader who took his party to new lows, placing third for the first time in his partys history, behind the Conservatives and New Democrats. The latest results show the Tories leading or elected in 164 seats, and the NDP with 104. Meanwhile, the Liberals are trailing in a distant third with just 32 seats !! Such a shame !

Canadian analysts say stupid and smart things: “The Conservative victory last night was a double victory for Stephen Harper. Not only did the Conservatives appear close at press time to their elusive majority and a truly national mandate, but the election produced a New Democratic Party official opposition. The relegation of the Liberals to third party status represents an historic moment in Canadian politics. Harper’s win should not be read as an endorsement of his worst tendencies to secrecy and control !!! or of his low regard for Parliament and its officers !!! Canadians should take heart from the Quebec results. The sovereigntist choice, the choice to effectively opt out of the federal government, was thoroughly discredited. Three in four Quebeckers cast a vote for federalist parties . After years of Bloc obstructionism, Quebeckers are expressing a desire to participate in the affairs of their nation, of Canada. ” The Canadian analysts are full of contradictions, like other Canadian people. In fact, Canada and the Canadians are really weird and complicated, and while they seem really smart, they do the most stupid job, and vice versa. The stupid policies of Harper’s administration about immigration, freedom of internet, military budget, transparency and responsible government, etc are really shameful. And Now Harper will pursue these shameful policies, unless NDP and Layton do something about it.

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