Iranian urgent Need: Alternative

The second half of Ordibehesh, the second months of the Iranian year, is the real beginning of the routine work and life in Iran. Now the ancient Nowruz and all its side effects have passed, and Iranians are ready for thinking about their revolution and their tragic situation in Iran. Now the majority of Iranians know that the Islamic Reformists are full of crap, and they try to save the Islamic regime, like what they have done in the past decade. We are sure that the arrest of Mousavi was the best case for him, because he would lose his position if he was free and bullshitted Iranians. In fact, the green movement died, and Mousavi finished , even before his arrest. In the recent months, Mousavi’s team and friends proved that they are ultra-stupid. They clearly declared and clearly showed Iranians that their main goal and their main agenda is “saving the Islamic regime”. Now the majority of ordinary Iranians know the truth and it’s very important. But these days Iranians have two main issues: 1- An acceptable alternative group to the Islamist-Reformist, for organizing the people for toppling the Islamic regime and for creating a free and democrat “Republic and Secular System” inside Iran 2- Some free and people media for mobilizing and organizing the people and the people movement. Now lets take a look at the first issue.

We live inside Iran, and we can see that the majority of Iranians hate the Monarchists and Rajavists, the two reactionary opposition groups that have a few supporters. The Rajavi’s Cult, that has about 5,000 supporters and members outside and inside Iran, is a reactionary and terrorist group. This stupid small group is among the most reactionary group of the whole world . But the stupid western politicians support the Rajavi’s Cult, and in the recent months the British and American media and politicians support this group. You can find our articles about this important matter in the “Reactionary Iranians” category. . The Monarchists, another reactionary small group of Iranians, has some thousands supporters and members outside and Inside Iran, and the majority of them live in LA, California. They are very rich and very reactionary. The stupid Reza Pahlavi, the son of last Shah of Iran, is their leader. He stupidly want to imitate Khomenei and his actions, and he thinks that the young generations of Iranians are as stupid as him and his supporters. He and other stupid Monarchists have not been in Iran for three decades, and they don’t have any idea about the Iranian youth. They don’t know that Iranians have said goodbye to the Monarchy. Reza Pahlavi wants to repeat Khomeini’s tragedy, because he has heard that “history repeat itself”. But what he has not heard, is that “history repeat itself, but at the second time it will be a comedy, not a tragedy.” What Reza Pahlavi says is a load of rubbish, and the majority of Iranians laugh at them. But unfortunately the reactionary Monarchists, like the reactionary Rajavists, have the support of the West and Western media. VOA strongly supports this reactionary group. You can find our articles about this matter and other related matters in “Reactionary Iranians” category.

The reactionary Iranians are the majority outside Iran, but a tiny minority inside Iran. They live in a free world, and could have their own voice, i.e. their own website and their own media. But the majority of Iranians that live inside Iran, have no voice; They can not have their own website and their own media. In fact, the minority, i.e. the stupid and reactionary Iranians have voice, but the majority, i.e. the wise and modern Iranians have no voice. Unfortunately, the majority of Iranian journalists and Iranian media, that live outside Iran, are either Islamists (Islamic reformist) or reactionary (Monarchist-Rajavist) They have sold themselves to the Islamists or the western powers. Under these conditions, the ordinary Iranians ask themselves: “Why should we go to the street and die? for the Monarchy and the stupid monarchists ?!! for Rajavi and PMOI?!! or for the Islamic reformists and Iranian Baboons ?!!” It’s a very important matter, and many analysts, Iranians and non-Iranians, don’t care about it. You can be sure that the Iranians, ordinary or educated, are not stupid. They don’t kill themselves for unclear goals and reactionary and stupid groups .

Some stupid Iranians outside and inside Iran, say stupid things about “unity between the reactionary Iranians (Monarchists, Rajavists, etc) and the people inside Iran”! But they forget that we don’t live in 1970s and Khomeini’s era. We live in 2010s, and now all things should be clear and transparent. Opposition to Khamenei’s regime is not important. We know that “the enemy of my enemy is not my friend”. It’s so obvious and so important that the majority of Iranians strongly support a free and democrat “Republic and Secular System” . In fact, it’s the minimum requirement for the new movement. The reactionary Iranian groups that don’t accept the minimum requirement, are like Khamenei’s regime. Do you talk about “unity between Khamenei’s regime and the Iranians? No. We know that there is not any significant difference between Khamenei’s regime and other reactionary Iranian groups. If “unity between Khamenei’s regime and the Iranians” is impossible, then “unity between
Monarchists-Rajavists-Islamists and the Iranians” is impossible as well. The majority of educated Iranians say: “We want a better life. We want a better system. We don’t want to f-u-c-k ourselves, like 1970s. So we should die for an acceptable alternative, not for the stupid Reza Pahlavi, Rajavi, or other mother-f-u-c-k-ers who live outside Iran. The Western powers support these reactionary groups. It’s not a good sing for us, and for the whole world.”

The majority of Iranians strongly support a free and democrat “Republic and Secular System” , but they need an alternative group that works for this goal actively, and organize the people. This alternative group doesn’t exist now, but the Iranians can create it. In our era, this group can be created within the Cyber Space. A decent and acceptable website for the young and educated Iranian thinkers and activists inside Iran, can be the engine of the alternative group. In fact, the majority of Iranians have no voice. They don’t have any media and any organization. And it’s the second urgent need of Iranians, that we would write more about it later.

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