Mullahs Plan to Unplug Internet !

May 31, 2011

Recently, the Wall Street Journal had a report that said: Iran vows to unplug internet . The report said: “Iran is taking steps toward an aggressive new form of censorship: a so-called national Internet that could, in effect, disconnect Iranian cyberspace from the rest of the world . The leadership in Iran sees the project as a way to end the fight for control of the Internet, according to observers of Iranian policy inside and outside the country. Iran, already among the most sophisticated nations in online censoring , also promotes its national Internet as a cost-saving measure for consumers and as a way to uphold Islamic moral codes … It’s part of a broader effort to confront what the regime now considers a major threat: an online invasion of Western ideas, culture and influence, primarily originating from the U.S. Khamenei and other top officials have called this emerging conflict the “soft war”… On Friday, new reports emerged in the local press that Iran also intends to roll out its own computer operating system in coming months to replace Microsoft Corp.’s Windows … Iran’s national Internet will be “a genuinely halal network !!, aimed at Muslims on an ethical and moral level ,” Ali Aghamohammadi, Iran’s head of economic affairs, said. Halal means compliant with Islamic law … Aghamohammadi said the new network would at first operate in parallel to the normal Internet -banks, government ministries and large companies would continue to have access to the regular Internet. Eventually, he said, the national network could replace the global Internet in Iran, as well as in other Muslim countries … Few think that Iran could completely cut its links to the wider Internet. But it could move toward a dual-Internet structure used in a few other countries with repressive regimes


The report added: “Myanmar said last October that public Internet connections would run through a separate system controlled and monitored by a new government company, accessing theoretically just Myanmar content . It’s introducing alternatives to popular websites including an email service, called Ymail, as a replacement for Google Inc.’s Gmail. … Cuba, too, has what amounts to two Internets (network) -one that connects to the outside world for tourists and government officials, and the other a closed and monitored network, with limited access, for public use. North Korea is taking its first tentative steps into cyberspace with a similar dual network, though with far fewer people on a much more rudimentary system… Though estimates vary, about 11 of every 100 Iranians are online (and about 70 of every 100 Iranians have access to the Internet, but they are offline; Because of the slow internet speed they can be online for a limited time each day), according to ITU, among the highest percentages among comparable countries in the region… “The regime no longer fears a physical attack from the West !! (they are sure of their secret deals !!) ” said Mahmood Enayat, at the University of Pennsylvania. “It still thinks the West wants to take over Iran, but through the Internet.” … Iran got connected to the Internet in the early 1990s, making it the first Muslim nation in the Middle East online … Young, educated and largely centered in cities, Iranians embraced the new technology … In 2003, officials announced plans to block more than 15,000 websites… and the regime began arresting bloggers …Until around 2007, the country had relied on filtering gear from U.S. companies !! , obtained through third countries and sometimes involving pirated versions, including Secure Computing Corp.’s SmartFilter , as well as products from Juniper Networks Inc. and Fortinet Inc …The Mullah’s government in 2008 allocated $1 billion to continue building the needed infrastructure . for what they called “The national Internet” … According to one former engineer at DCI, the government Internet company, during the 2009 protests he would block some prohibited websites only partially -letting traffic through to the outside world … The Revolutionary Guard (Sepah), a powerful branch of the Iranian security forces, has taken the lead in the virtual fight. In late 2009, the Guard acquired (Sepah) a majority stake of the state telecom monopoly that owns DCI. That put all of Iran’s communications networks under Revolutionary Guard control. The Sepah has created a “Cyber Army” as part of an effort to train more than 250,000 computer hackers .”

It’s very funny that the Mullahs and Sarkozy work together! G8 and Sarkozy want to civilized the Internet, and the Mullahs want to unplug the internet, and solve their problem, by removing the whole problem. Wasting some billion dollar of our oil money, was not enough and the Mullahs could not prevent Iranians from accessing the internet. Now they want to unplug the internet ! Sarkozy should learn from the Mullahs. Some westerners say: “Don’t worry Iranians, the west is trying to disconnect the internet and kill online content as well”. And some others say: “The Mull worried about the next Stuxnet worm !” But some Iranians say: “Oh no, don’t be stupid … the Mullahs are worried about the Stokefire worm, i.e. the people’s worm that would threw them in the trash can of the history !” The history tells us the truth. The Mullahs had the same stupid plans for Satellite dishes, Video films, Music instruments, and all other new technologies in the past decades. Have Iranians forgotten the Mullah’s tragedy of banning Video films and Music instruments in 1980s? or the tragedy of banning Satellite dishes in 1990s and in 2000s? ‘The History repeats itself; first time as tragedy, second time as comedy (farce)”

Oriana Fallaci Interview with Khomeini, 3

May 31, 2011

Oriana Fallaci, 19292006, the Italian journalist and political interviewer, had an interview with Khomeini in 1979 . We have published the English translation of this long interview in series of three parts, and here are the third and last part:

Imam, but as you can equate a beast of Savak and a citizen exercising his sexual freedom? Take the case of the young man who was shot yesterday for sodomy … We must eliminate corruption . What about the case of a pregnant young woman a few weeks ago was shot for adultery. Pregnant? Lies. Lies such as the breasts cut for women . In Islam, these things do not happen [!!!]. You do not shoot pregnant women. They are not lies, Imam. All the newspapers have spoken about it, and there was also debate on television because her lover had given only a hundred lashes. If so it means that she deserved punishment [!!!!]. How should I know. The woman has done something serious, ask at the forum who judges. And then you talk about these things. I’m tired [!!!]. They are not important things [!!!!] . Let’s talk about the Kurds who were shot because they want independence. These Kurds are shot are not the Kurdish people. That are subversive act against the people and the Revolution like the one that was shot yesterday and had killed thirteen people. And when they are arrested, such as the five this morning, for distributing communist leaflets? If arrested them means that they deserved [!!!!] , which were common in the service of foreign communists who are acting as false for America and for the Shah. I’m tired [!!!]. OK … if the Shah to return the money, you stop hunt him down? For the money, yes, if you really gave it back, yes, in that sense, the bill would be paid. For the betrayal of his country and Islam, but no. How can you forgive the massacre of 15 Kordad (1963) [!!!] , the massacre of sixteen years ago, and the massacre of Black Friday, a year ago, how can you forgive all the dead left behind? Only if I could resurrect the dead forgive contenting myself to get back the money stolen from the people he and his family. … His son Reza, for example. I have nothing against him. He can come back to Iran, and live like a normal citizen. … And Farah Diba? For her, the court will decide. And Ashraf? Ashraf is like Shah, a traitor like him … Imam, Have you ever felt pity, and understanding for someone? And have you ever cried in these months? I cry, I laugh, I suffer: You thinks that I am not a human being? I have granted amnesty to policemen, gendarmes, a number of people. I think I have shown mercy. But for those that have been discussed there is no forgiveness, no mercy. This is enough. I’m tired [!!!], stop. Please, Imam: I have to ask many more things. This “chador” for example, that they put me to come to you. That you imposes it on women, tell me, why force them to hide under clothing bundles as awkward and absurd with which you can not work or move?


“Women who have made the Revolution were and are women with the Islamic dress, not like you and your makeup.The women who showing the neck, hair, and shapes, did not fight the Shah [!] . They never did any good ones [!]. Never know to be useful: not socially or politically, or professionally. This is because, uncovering, distracting the men and disturb them [!!] . Then distract and disturb the other women. Not true, Imam. Anyway, I am not referring only to a garment, but what it represents: that segregation in which women were dismissed after the Revolution . The very fact that they can not study at university with men, for example, or work with men and do not swim in the sea or pool with men. They must dive to part with the “chador”. By the way, how do you swim with the “chador”? All this does not concern you. Our customs do not concern you. If you do not like Islamic dress, is not obliged to carry it [!!!]. Because Islamic dress is for young beautiful women [!!!] and decent man [!!]. Very nice. And, because I say so, I take off this stupid rag immediately from the Middle Ages. That’s it. But tell me: a woman like me who has always lived among men showing the neck and ears and hair, which has been at war and has stayed with the soldiers at the front, do you think is an immoral woman, a very unrespectable old woman? I do not judge cases, we can not know if your life is moral or immoral, whether or not they perform well with soldiers at war. But I know that in my long life I have had confirmation of what I said. If there were this garment, women could not work in a useful and healthy. And even the men. Our laws are good laws [!!!] . Including the law that allows a man to take four wives, Imam? The law of four wives is a very progressive law [!!!] and was written for the sake of women since women outnumber men [!!!], more women than men are born, wars kill more men than women. A woman needs a man, and what we do as the world there are more women than men? You prefer that women become prostitutes or instead they marry a man with multiple wives? [!!!] Does not seem fair that single women become prostitutes because they lack men [!!!]. And I say, even in difficult conditions that Islam requires a man with two or three or four wives, equal treatment and equal affection and the same time, this law is better than monogamy. But these laws or customs that date back fourteen hundred years ago, Imam Khomeini! Do not you think that the world, meanwhile, has gone on? In compliance with those laws, You have even revived the prohibition of music and alcohol. Explain to me: Why drink a glass of wine or beer when you are thirsty is a sin? And why music is a sin? Our priests drink and sing. This means that even the Pope, the Pope is a sinner? The rules of your priests do not interest me. Islam forbids alcohol and nothing else. The bans because they absolutely lose my mind and prevent you from thinking in a healthy way. Music also tarnishes the mind, it carries within it the same pleasures and ecstasy drug. Your music, I mean. Usually it does not exalt the spirit, it falls asleep. It distracts our young people who are poisoned and do not care more for their country.

Even the music of Bach, Beethoven, Verdi? Who are these names I do not know [!!!!]. If you do not tarnish the mind will not be prohibited. Some of your music are not prohibited, for example marches and hymns for marching. We want music that exalt us like the gears that move the young people do rather than paralyze them, causing them to worry about their country. [!!!] Imam Khomeini, you always expressed in very harsh terms to the West. You see us as champions of all ugliness, of every wickedness. Yet the West has accepted you in exile and many of your colleagues have studied in the West . Do not you think that there is something good about us? There is something there. But when we were bitten by the snake also fear a string that looks like a snake from a distance. And we have too much bite. And for too long. Yes, we have received so badly by the West, so much suffering, and now we have very reason to fear the West, to prevent our young people to get closer to the West and gain further influence by the West [!!] . No, I do not like that our young people go to study in the West where they are corrupted by alcohol [!!!], which prevents them from useful thinking and instead they think about music, drugs, and women face and women body [!!!!]. … Yes, Imam, but also the plane on which you returned to your homeland is a product of the West. The phone you communicate with from Qom, even the TV which you address the country so often, this air conditioner that allows you to sit in a cool place in the desert heat. If we are so corrupt, so corrupt, why you use our tools of evil? Because these are the good things of the West [!!]. And we have no fear [!!] and we use it. We are not afraid of your science and your technology, we fear your ideas and your morals [!!]. This means that you fear us politically, socially [!!]. And we want that the country is ours, we want not to interfere in our politics and our economy and our customs and our business. That’s enough. I’m tired [!!] One last question, Imam. These days I spent in Iran I saw very unhappy, very disorder, much chaos. The Revolution has not brought good results you had promised. The country is in deep waters and there are those who see dark, very dark future for Iran . What do you say? This is the answer: we are a child of six months. Our revolution has only six months. … And what do you want from a six month old child? … We need time …. Who call themselves communists or democrats, do not give us time. They are the ones that attack us and bring around talking about civil wars and coups that will not happen because the people are united. ”

That six months child, was a monster child, a baby Godzilla ! And now this monster is 33, but at the end of his f-u-c-k-ing life. It’s a historical joke that in 1979 and the whole 1980s, the Islamic regime shot and executed the young men for sodomy, but in 2009 and 2010, the young men were sodomized in the Islamic regime’s prisons. The Basiji rapsits, i.e. Khomeini’s children, raped men and women in the prisons and called it “a necessary Islamic duty” It’s the black comedy of the history. You know, the stupid Shah did not have to arrest and exile Khomeini to France. Instead, he had to use the Mullah’s tactics. He had to sodomize Khomeini in Qom, and then released him ! Then Khomeini’s followers left their “faggot leader”! very soon. Our situation in Iran is really comic-tragic. Khomeini and Islamists executed many young virgin or pregnant women, and then simply said “they deserved punishment”. In fact, it’s an Islamic principle and rule that says: “If the Islamic regime arrested any one, and then killed them, and raped them; it means that they deserved ” Oh, how stupid were Iranians! How stupid were the older generations of Iranians, who were blind and could not see how stupid is Khoneimi. But the price of this stupidity was very very high. Iranians have a funny old saying that says: “Choub to Kounet Mikonanad” which literally means “They put a stick in your ass !!” In fact, the Mullahs put a very long stick in the stupid Iranians’ ass ! But unfortunately it is not only an imaginary metaphor. It really happened. In 2009 and 2010, the Basiji rapists, the Khomeini’s dogs, put their batons in the protesters’ ass, and really proved that the Mullahs put a very long stick in the people’s ass ! So don’t be stupid, young Iranians and all human beings. If you were stupid and were deceived by the Islamists again, then they would put a very long stick in your ass !

Absolute Nightmare for Mullahs …

May 30, 2011

This month is Khordad, The third month of the Iranian calendar , and the second anniversary of Khamenei’s military coup. Two years passed, very quickly. Ten thousands of Iranians were killed, raped, and tortured without any serious and sensible outcome. Now it’s so obvious that who is the main responsible of this great debacle : “the Islamist Baboons, aka the
Islamist-Reformists, i.e. Khatamistsa and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries”. In the age of Internet and digital media, the people don’t forget their history very easily, as before. Now Iranians can read all Mousavi’s statements, and all shameful articles of the Islamist-Reformists in the past two years, especially after the Ashoura Day. Now Iranians can see how Mousavi and Islamist-Reformists went from “we don’t give up to Khamenei and his demands” (Khordad 1388, first mousavi’s statements) and “We need a referendum” (Khatami Tir 1388) to “Oh, Great leader, Khamenei, please forgive us and the people” (Khordad 1390, last Khatami’s bullshits!). Of course, it was so obvious, from the first weeks of the Green Movement, that the Islamist-Reformists don’t want to finish the job and solve the problem. They could make use of efficient non-violent protests like “sit-down strike”, “daily protests and staying in the streets”, “mass and general strike”, etc but they refused. Now all Iranians, even the most stupid ones, know the reason : “the Islamist-Reformists did not want to topple their beloved Islamic regime; They want to keep it safe”.



Iranians inside Iran, know how the Khamenei’s regime was on the edge of toppling in Khordad 88 (June 2009). The regime was shocked by the mass protests. But the Islamist-Reformists saved them. They did not ask the people to remain in the streets until the people won a victory. It was an obvious solution, and did not need Egypt’s experience). They delayed the mass daily protests and efficient non-violent protests, like mass and general strike, until the Ashoura Day, when they revealed their intentions. Before the Ashoura day, Mousavi and other Islamist-Refomists shut their f-u-c-k-ing month and did not call for any demonstration and any protest. But the people organized themselves, and went in to the streets in the Ashoura Day. It shocked both Islamist-Reformists and Khamenei . They saw that the people don’t care about Mousavi and his statements. The people went to the streets and did not wait for Mousavi. It was a clear sign for all analysts, who have an eye, en ear, and a brain. “The people want to topple the Islamic regime “. The Mullah’s regime brutally killed the people, they throw the people down from the bridges, they crushed the people under their vehicles’ tires, they shot at the people and massacre them But after Ashoura Day’s Massacre, the traitors and mercenaries began to discouraging the people. Masoud motherf-u-c-k-er Behound wrote: “I’m worried. I’m really worried. I did not want to see another revolution in my life … What I saw in the Ashoura Day was signs of another revolution in Iran … we don’t need another revolution … the people should go back to their homes … We know how we could fight for our values, so please listen to us … We are not traitors, we will not betray to the martyrs’ blood, but it’s not the proper time for protesting … protesting in the streets is not our solution.



Ezzatollah motherf-u-c-k-er Sahabi wrote: ” We should not chant against Khamenei … we should not chant against the Islamic Republic … we should chant only against Mr. shit … The Ashoura day was a revolutionary day, but the people should not lose their patience … this regime would kill one million people if they think the people want to topple them … we should be killed and tortured without asking for a revolution … we should advertise the fact that Mr. shit is the main problem of Iran, not Khamenei … We should not chant against Khamenei ” And Ebrahim motherfucker Nabavi wrote: “After Ashoura day, some Iranians say that we need mass and general strike, or sit-down strike, but Mousavi say that Iranians should go back to their homes, and the street protests is enough … some Iranians say we need revolution and radical change, but Mousavi and Islamist-Reformist say that we don’t need any radical change or revolution … the revolution is dead, as far as I know, the modern world reject the revolution, and we will not see another revolution in the world … the green movement needs a brake pedal … we should wait for a negotiation time, a deal time, a proper time, and if we wait, then in the near future Mousavi and Khamenei will sit down at the negotiating table … Mousavi’s statement is the beginning of our victory … In the near future Mousavi will go to Khamenei’s office and say “I’m ready for negotiation” … we should wait and don’t lose our patience


Now even the most stupid Iranians know the truth, and know who is the traitor and mercenary. Now even the most stupid Iranians know that the Big Brother is Khamenei and the Big Trouble is Islamic Constitution. And it’s a good news for Iranian movement. Mousavi once said: “The younger generation find their own leader and their own groups, and these new leaders and groups will not be like us, the Islamist-Reformists. They don’t ask for superficial change, they ask for radical change. They are not like us, and don’t like the Islamic regime, as we like it. If we disappoint the people, they will find their own leader and their own groups ” It’s certainly true. And it really scares Khamenei and Islamist-Reformists. Now the younger generation of Iranians say: “The game is over. We are not like our stupid parents. We are you nightmare, stupid Islamists.” In fact, the young Iranians thinkers and intellects say to the Mullah’s regime and Islamists: “We are your nightmare, not the hypocrite bastards, Rafsanjani’s merceranies and Khatamists. We are your nightmare, not the stupid hypocrite fake intellectuals; We are your nightmare, not the ultra-stupid bastards Monarchists; We are your nightmare, not the ultra-stupid terrorist Rajavists; We are your nightmare, not the ultra-stupid older generation of Iranians. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who try to know the world and the history; We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who hate the Mullahs and the Mullah’s Islam. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who want to put an end to the Islamic Middle Age in Iran. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who want to put an end to Islamic and non-Islamic Monarchy and dictatorship in Iran. We are your nightmare, the young generation of Iranians, who want to be global thinkers and global activists. We are your nightmare, idiots. We are your nightmare.

Mousavi’s Team = Dead Bastards

May 30, 2011

Today, Mousavi’s Friends and Mousavi’s team published an ultra-stupid statement. This historical shameful statement show the depth of Mousavi’s stupidity and charlatanism. Their statement are like this:

“Arabic bullshits … blah blah … some disgusting bullshits and craps about beloved Imam, beloved Khomeni, and beloved Islamic Republic … blah blah blah blah … again some disgusting bullshits and craps about beloved Imam, beloved Khomeni, and beloved Islamic Republic


This month, Khordad, i.e. the third month of the Persian year, is the second anniversary of Khamenei’s Military coup, but instead pf Khamenei and his regime, the Green Movement and Mousavi’s team and friends have died ! And it’s the best news of this Khordad, Khordad 1390 In fact, before any fundamental change, the Islamist Baboons, aka
Islamist-Reformists should be dead for the majority of Iranians, and now it has happened
. Now the majority of Iranians say: “Mousavi’s friends are dead Bastards. They are dead for us.” But the history will not forget Mousavi and his friends and their historical betrayals. They are the most stupid and most hypocrite Islamists and real motherf-u-c-k-ers in the modern Iranian history.

Nasrin Sotoudeh: Love in Handcuffs

May 29, 2011

Today, Nasrin Sotoudeh, a women’s activist and a lawyer who is in Khamenei’s jail, was brought to the Islamic court with handcuffs. She met with her husband after a long time; After a lot of hunger strike; after a lot of torture and abuse; And after a lot of sad things. but …


But love is still alive, even with handcuffs, even in handcuffs. This picture shows many things, really many things. It’s one of the historical documents in these historical days.

For seeing more picture of Nasrin Sotoudeh in handcuffs, Check here, ‘Campaign for Equality’, a website of Iranian women’s activists

Spanish Police vs Spanish Protesters

May 29, 2011

The Spanish Police use disproportionate force against peaceful protesters in Barcelona . But the shameful headline of the Guardian says: “Spanish protesters clash with police over clean-up !!” And some Brits and Spanish protesters say: “Crap headline. Wake up Guardian. You’re such a bunch of wimps. Spend less effort congratulating yourself for existing for 190 years. Shame on you Guardian for taking so long to report this dramatic incident and not even making it headlines. You’re nothing more than sock puppets and it is getting clearer day by day. We’ve seen the video and it’s clearly a case of ‘police brutally attack peaceful protesters’. How does The Guardian get away with passing itself off as being in some way ‘radical’ when it constantly insults our intelligence with this kind of blatant pro-establishment spin? Great work Guardian. Poor coverage, no analysis, dreadful and completely misleading headline. The Guardian should be ashamed of its self for this reporting, you’ve kept quiet this long and this is what you give us. You’ve shown your true colours. Not buying you again.” We, in Iran, knew The Guardian’s true color in 2009, and 2010, when they told big lies about Iranian protesters and did not cover us in Iran. But many Western intellects think there is a big difference between the Guardian and other Western media !!. They should feel ashamed now. Open your eyes, if you are not blind. Don’t you see how bastard and hypocrite they are?


The Spanish police clashed with Spanish Protesters who have camped out in Spanish squares for the past 2 weeks, for the first time on Friday after authorities dismantled a camp in the centre of Barcelona. Police cleared the square by using batons, reportedly injuring more than 120 people and arresting a dozen. In May 21, Around 30,000 people, according to the police, crowded Puerta del Sol and the neighboring streets despite the prohibition. And after the election day, the Indignados that had gathered at Puerta del Sol announced they had voted to stay at least another week. Police officers in riot gear were accompanying workers tasked with cleaning up the nearly two-week old camp at Plaza de Catalunya and police used force when protesters would not evacuate the camp as requested. TV images showed officers beating the demonstrators and dragging them on the ground. Some wound up with bloodied hands and heads, or broken limbs


The Municipal workers took away tents, mattresses, tarpaulins, computers and materials used to build the camp. A Spanish protester said: “A return to Franco’s grey uniformed police: seated, pacific demonstrators were truncheoned and pepper-gassed all “to clean the square” Obviously the real motive is to remove the uncomfortable demanders of “Real Democracy” from view . I had witnessed the protestors themselves sweeping the square in organized groups last week”


One of the funny and interesting matter about the young Spanish protesters is: “Spanish boys and girls working and sleeping together in the streets!”. It’s a very good chance and opportunity, and the young Spaniards should grasp the opportunity ! and go in millions to the streets for having fun and protesting. But only ten thousands of young Spaniards go to the streets now. If the Iranian boys and girls have the same opportunity, i.e. if they could work and sleep together in the streets, then you can be sure that 4 or 5 million young Iranians would be in the main squares all days and all nights !!


Many say: “Spain’s election results may lead to a more unpopular government”. And it’s a global problem, especially a big problem in the west. Choosing between a limited circle of corrupt politicians is a vicious circle . The two or three party system in the US, Spain, UK, France, Italy, and almost all other countries is a very serious problem. The vicious circle should be broken, by the people. Some Spaniards said: “We’re angry here in Spain, get up off your butts the rest of Europe


And one important matter: the Spaniards should make some good websites in English, for their movement. Their main websites, like or are only in Spanish. why ? When the mass media don’t cover you, then you should do it for yourself. I think many young Spaniards know English, so write in English for f-u-c-k-s sake ! In this way you could gain the support of Europeans, Americans, Iranians, and other people and nations. And then the Europe will wake up and rise up. The English resources about the Spanish movement/revolution are quite rare Instead of sleeping together all day or all night !, some Spanish boys and girls should create good website in English, with a good collections of all protesters’ blogs, all pictures, all articles, etc, and cover the Spanish protests properly. Sleep together, OK, but work together, too ! Work together a little for your movement !

Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s Mercenaries

May 28, 2011

These days are historical days for Iranians. In these days, the Islamist-Reformists, aka Islamist Baboons, desperately try to save their Islamic regime and deceive the people. But the people have given them a big “No” answer, or as Iranians say “a Big Bilakh”. Yesterday, Rafsanjani, the BastardFather, summed up the Islamist-Reformists’ bullshits in the past days and said: “Now, in these years, the lie and hypocrisy don’t work (of course it worked at the time of Rafsanjani !) … In 1980s when we toppled the Bani-sadr’s government, it united the people behind the great leader; Now we can unite behind our great leader in this way ( by toppling Mr. shit); The people are not stubborn and obstinate, they accept “Solh va Safa” (that literally means “peace and pleasure”, but many young Iranians use it as a slang that means “dirty trick; betrayal; bribe, etc”) … things should go back to normal … the people lover our dear leader, Khamenei, and the enemy should be aware of that !!

Rafsanjani’s bullshits about “Solh va Safa” and ” things should go back to normal” ! is the gist of Islamist-Reformists’ bullshits. But the people say: “our main problem is “your normal conditions!!”. Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries want to deceive the people as usual. But now Iranians are not as stupid as the past decades. Iranians have paid the highest price for the fundamental change, for a revolution, not for “going back to normal conditions“!! and respecting Khamenei for his crimes and brutality !! Now Iranians know their enemies and the real causes of their dreadful problems, i.e. “Mullahs’ normal conditions!”. “Normal conditions” in Khamenei’s regime means “Medieval conditions”; means: “rape, kill, torture, terror, tyranny, suppression, censorship, embezzlement, systematic destruction, etc . It’s a good news that Iranians finally understood that the Islamist Reformists and Basiji thugs are two sides of the same com . When the Islamist-Reformists, who are either Khatamist or Rafsanjani’s mercenary, desperately try to deceive the people but they fail in their attempts, it’s really very enjoyable. Now Iranians can see the Mullah’s foul play.


The stupid Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries are so shameless. All they did in the past two years was discouraging the people. In fact, they were the brake pedal for the people’s movements , as the stupid Ebrahim Nabavi, clearly declared it in his shameful article after Ashoura Day. The Iranian history will not forget this historical betrayal. Now all famous Islamist Baboons try to defend Khatami’s bullshits, and save their Islamic regime, but they gain nothing. The majority of Iranians have no media and no voice, but Khatamists’ propaganda machine, Rafsanjani’s propaganda machine and Khamenei’s propaganda machine could not deceive the people. And it’s a real victory for Iranians. The history will not forget these days. Now we are making history in Iran .


Now Khatami truly has become a symbol of Stupidity, Hypocrisy, and Spineless. Now Khatamists and and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries feel isolated and have lost their temper and are totally confused. But the people say: “There’s nothing to be gained by losing your temper. You have a good solution: Why don’t you go f-u-c-k yourself ?! ” The coward Khatami and the stupid hypocrite Rafsanjani’s mercenaries are the real enemy of Iran, a free and democratic Iran. They are the main responsible for the death of Green Movement. They have plundered our oil money, our national wealth, and our national resources. Almost all of them have big fat bank accounts, that are full of embezzling funds and mercenary money .


After killing, raping and torturing ten thousands of Iranians in the streets and jails, and when the Mullah’s regime was on the edge of toppling in the first weeks after the giant electoral fraud, or in the Ashoura Day, the stupid Khatamists and Rafsanjani’s mercenaries tired to calm and silence the people’s movement and the people’s voice, and save their beloved Islamic regime. But today is another day. Now Iranians say: “The stupid Islamist Reformists, including Mousavi, are not enemy of Khamenei. They are charlatan and hypocrite and want to save their beloved Islamic regime, i.e. the regime of the killers and rapists. Their media censor the people’s words and the people’s voice. They try to deceive us and play with us. They deserve no respect and no attention. We don’t do anything for these stupid traitors. They are dead for us.

Oriana Fallaci Interview with Khomeini, 2

May 28, 2011

Oriana Fallaci, 1929 – 2006, the Italian journalist and political interviewer, had an interview with Khomeini in 1979 that is very interesting and informative. We will publish the English translation of this long interview in series of three parts, and here are the second part:

“Let’s talk about freedom and democracy, Imam. In one of your first speech in Qom you said that the new Islamic government would guarantee freedom of thought and expression to all , including the Communists and ethnic minorities. But now the Communists are called “Children of Satan” or “Evil on Earth.” You demand that I allow the conspiracies of those who would lead the country to anarchy and corruption, as if freedom of thought and freedom of expression was plotting and corrupt [!]. So I say: [only] for more than five months I have tolerated [!], we have tolerated those who did not think like us . And they were free, absolutely free to do whatever they wanted. Through Mr. Bani-Sadr, who is here, I even invited the Communists to talk with us. But in response they have burned the crops of wheat, set fire to ballot boxes of the polling stations, and with guns and rifles have responded to our offer of dialogue …. But, Imam,Closing opposition newspapers, for example. In that speech in Qom you also said that you had to be modern means to train men who are entitled to choose and criticize. But the newspaper Ayandegan, for liberals, has been closed. And so all the papers for the lefts . The newspaper Ayandegan “was part of the conspiracy of which I spoke [!!]. They had relations with the Zionists [!] … The same in all the newspapers that the Attorney General of the Revolution considered subversive and closed [!!!] .This is not against freedom. It is everywhere. No, Imam. The lefts who fought against the Shah, were persecuted and arrested and tortured. How can you call them enemies, such as denying a right to exist in space and a left has fought and suffered so much? None of them have fought and suffered [!] . If anything, they have exploited for their own purposes the pain of the people who fought and suffered. You are not well informed : Most of the left alluded was abroad during the imperial regime, and returned only after the people had driven the shah. Another group was here, that’s right, in its hidden coves and hiding in their homes, and only after the people he gave his blood , they use of the blood. But so far nothing has happened that limited their freedom [!!].


“Excuse me, Imam: I want to be certain of having understood. You say that the left had nothing to do with the ouster of the Shah. The left that gave many arrested, many tortured and murdered so many. Neither the living nor the dead, left, count for nothing. They did not contribute anything. They have not served in any sense of the Revolution . Some have fought, yes, but for their ideas and nothing else, their purposes and nothing else, their interests and that’s it … No, the Left have never worked with us. … Our movement has always been a Muslim, and the Left have always been against it. They are built by the Americans [!!!] .A left US-made, Imam?! Yes, born in and supported by the Americans to launch slander and sabotage against us and destroy us. So when you speak of the people, Imam, refers to a people tied exclusively to the Islamic movement. But do you think these people who have killed thousands, tens of thousands died for freedom or for Islam? For Islam. The people fought for Islam. And Islam means everything [!!!], even what this world is called freedom and democracy. Yes, Islam has everything [!]. Islam encompasses everything [!!!]. Islam is everything. At this point, Imam, I have to ask what it means by freedom. Freedom … It is not easy to define the concept. We say that freedom is when you can choose your own ideas and think about what you want without having to think of others, and stay where you want, and pursue the job you want. I see … Thinking, therefore, does not materialize and express what you think. And what democracy means, Imam? I ask this question with particular curiosity about republic or monarchy in the referendum, because you have banned the term Islamic Democratic Republic. Deleted the word “democratic” and said: “Not a word more, not one word less.” Result, the masses who believe in you pronounce the word democracy as if it were a dirty word. What is wrong with this word that we in the West seems so beautiful? To begin with, Islam does not need words like the word democracy [!!]. Just because Islam is everything means everything [!!!] . For us it is sad to put another word next to the word Islam, Islam is perfect [!!]. If we want Islam, is the need to specify that we want democracy? [!!!] … Democracy is a thing of Aristotle, that the Soviets is another, yet another one of the capitalists [!!!]. We can not afford to put in our constitution a concept as ambiguous [!!!!] . Finally, here’s what I mean by democracy: I give a historical example. When Ali became the successor of the Prophet and leader of the Islamic state, and his reign was from Saudi Arabia to Egypt, and included much of Asia and even Europe, and this confederation had all the power, he happened to have a difference with a jew. And the jew sent for him by the court. And Ali accepted the call of the court. And he went. And seeing him enter the court stood up, but Ali said angrily: “Because when you get up later and not when I enter the jew? Before a court the two contenders must be treated identically. ” Can you give me a better example of democracy? [!!!!]

Imam, democracy means much more . And this I also say that the Persians as we foreigners, do not understand where it’s going to parry his Islamic Republic. If you foreigners do not understand, the worse for you. So the matter does not concern you. you have nothing to do with our choices. If you do not understand some Iranians, that’s their problem. It means that they did not understand Islam [!!!!!]. But they understood the despotism that is now exercised by the clergy, Imam. In drafting the new Constitution the Assembly of Experts has a past article, the fifth principle, that the head of the country must have the supreme religious authority, that is you, and final decisions should be taken only by those who know the Quran , that is, by the clergy. This does not mean that, for the Constitution, the policy will continue to be made by priests and that’s it? This law ratifies the people is not inconsistent with democracy [!!!] Because the people love the clergy, has confidence in the clergy [!!], wants to be led by clergy [!!!], it is fitting that the highest religious authority will oversee the work of the Prime Minister or the President of the Republic to prevent mistaken and that go against the law that is against the Koran [!!]. Or, the highest religious authority or a representative group of clergy. So let us have justice administered by the clergy. Let’s talk about that after winning five hundred executions were carried out in Iran . Do you approve of the summary manner in which these processes are celebrated without a lawyer and without appeal? Obviously you Westerners who had ignored those who were shot, or pretend to ignore it. These were people who had participated in the massacres in the streets and squares, or of people who had ordered massacres, or to people who had homes burned, tortured, sawn legs and arms during interrogation. What we should do them: to forgive, let them go? [!!] … My people did not put his questions. If we had not intervened with the shootings, revenge People would break out of control means any official of the scheme would be executed. Then we had more than five hundred: the dead would be thousands. Okay, but I do not necessarily alluded to torturers and murderers of Savak. I was referring to rifles that the sins of the regime had nothing to do, to people who are still executed for adultery or prostitution or homos-e-x-u-a-lity . It is justice, according to you, shot a poor prostitute or a woman who betrays her husband or a man who loves another man? If a finger is gangrenous, what should I do? Let go gangrenous whole hand and then the whole body or cut your finger? [!!!] The things that bring corruption to an entire people must be uprooted as weeds that infest a field of wheat [!!!] . I know, there are companies that allow women to treat themselves in the enjoyment of men who are not their husbands, and men to treat themselves in the enjoyment of other men, but the company that we want to build does not. In Islam, we want to pursue a policy that will purify the society [!!!], and for this to happen it is necessary to punish those who bring evil corrupting our youth . Whether you like it or not, we can not endure the bad guys to spread their evil. Besides, you do not do the same? When a thief is a thief, do not put in jail? In many countries, perhaps not to execute murderers? Yes, the evil must be removed, uprooted like weeds . Only eradicated the country cleanse. ”

The stupid illiterate Khomeini even could not understand the difference between “Democracy” and “Justice”. But the Western media, like the Time, called him “Philosopher-King“! The unknown and uneducated Khomenei became a hero by the Western media in 1978, and we would write more about it later. But how they could call an uneducated Mullah a
Philosopher-King” ?! Khomeini said that Islam does not need words like the word democracy, and he was right. Because the word democracy is a dirty word in Islam. In Islam you should only obey the god, the prophet and the leader ! that’s all. Khomeini said : “the people love the clergy, has confidence in the clergy, wants to be led by clergy”. It was true in 1979, but now, in 2011, “the people hate the clergy, has no confidence in the clergy, and doesn’t wants to see the f-u-c-k-i-ng face of any clergy! ” Khomeini said tens of thousands died for Islam, not freedom. But now in 2011, tens of thousands died for freedom and anti-Islamic values Khomeini confessed that Iran only was free for five months after the 1979 revolution. And it’s certainly true. Only 5 months. Closing opposition newspapers, for example Ayandegan for liberals and all the papers for the lefts was a clear sign of tyranny and dictatorship, and exactly the same as what we experienced in these years. Since 1979, the Mullahs always have said that “the protesters are Zionist and work for Zionists or America.”, or “You are not well informed”. Khomeini and the Mullahs used of the people’s bloods for their own interests, and stupidly said “We can not afford to put in our constitution a concept as ambiguous as democracy !!’ and then they put the most reactionary and ambiguous concepts in our constitution, like Velayat-e Faqih, an unelected Islamic Senate (Guardian Council), Islamic laws, etc Khomeini said : “If a finger is gangrenous, what should I do? The evil must be removed, uprooted like weeds ” It’s very funny that now the gangrenous finger is Mullahs, the weeds are the Mullahs, and the evil that must be removed is the Mullahs and their Islamic regime. Of course we cut the weeds in the modern way, not in the Mullah’s way. 2010s is not 1970s.

Hezbollah, Syria, and Mullahs

May 27, 2011

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah militant group stood firmly behind his allies in Syria on Wednesday in his first comments on the country’s uprising, saying that toppling the Bastard Assad’s regime would serve only U.S. and I-s-r-a-e-l-i interests !! the media reports : “Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech marking “Liberation Day,” which celebrates the withdrawal of the I-s-r-a-e-l-i army from southern Lebanon in 2000, “Overthrowing the regime in Syria is in the American and I-s-r-a-e-l-i interest … They want to overthrow the regime and replace it with a moderate regime !!! … We are worried about what is being plotted for the regime in Syria and the Syrian people !!! … A majority of the Syrian people believe in the regime and support Bastard al-Assad !!!” It’s so obvious that Hezbollah has much to lose if Bastard Assad is deposed.


Hassan motherf-u-c-k-e-r Nasrallah is the enemy of Iranians and Syrians. But this little piece of shit is on the end of his path, a path of terror and killing the people. Hassan motherf-u-c-k-e-r Nasrallah is a follower and weaker version of the great leader of Islamists, Khamenei. When Khamenei and his regime go to hell, then that little monkey, Hassan motherf-u-c-k-e-r Nasrallah, will go to hell, as well. Besides receiving money from Syria and Iran, Hezbollah also is received Iranian weapons shipments through Syria. Hezbollah not only has much to lose if Khamenei is deposed, but certainly Hezbollah would collapse if the Islamic regime is toppled. That’s why Hezbollah’s thugs came to Iran and help Khamenei’s thugs to kill Iranians in the street of Tehran . The above picture shows some Hezbollah’s thugs in the streets of Tehran. And the below picture shows 4 member of Hezbollah’s killer and rapist that were active in killing and raping Iranian protesters in 2009 and 2010. This picture were taken in Tehran and at the Mousavi’s building in Gheitaryeh, after Basiji thugs invaded it in June 2009.


As we said before, Hezbollah’s thugs are the most notorious Islamists in Iran, and Hezbollah at least sent 1500 members of its militia to Tehran to help Basiji Thugs. . Hossein Monif Ashmar, is one of the savage Hezbollah’s thugs in Iran, who is a really brutal killer/rapist. Hossein Monif Ashmar is one of the main killers of Ashora day, who shot the people on the Bridge College in Tehran, and killed a dozen . The below picture shows him on the Bridge College, shooting at the Iranian protesters


Hossein Monif Ashmar, and other Hezbollah’s thugs in Iran, are close friends and servants of Basiji and Sepahi thugs. The Sepah (IRGC) created Hezbollah and supported them financially with the Iranians’ oil money. After toppling the Mullah’s regime in Iran, it’s payback time for the Iranians who were killed, raped, and plundered by Hezbollah and Hezbollah’s thugs. We should not forget that Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah, Hugo Chavez, Noam Chomsky, Khamenei, Mullahs, Batard Assad, all are alike. They defend dictatorship and tyranny . Shame on them all

You can find more photos of Hezbollah’s thugs in Iran, , Here, in this Iranian protesters’ website

Naser Hezaji and Nourizad’s Confession

May 27, 2011

Today, another Islamist Baboon, an ex-Basiji rapist, and ex-dog and ex-thug of Khamenei, Mohammad Nourizad repeated Khatami’s bullshits. He asked “the dear leader, Khamenei !!” to forgive Mousavie ! and release him. He added: “Then Mousavi becomes a hero for all Iranians and can save the Islamic regime and their dear leader, Khamenei !!” The stupid Nourizad confessed:” If the angry people lose their patience, then nothing, no weapon, and even Islam, could not stop them, and they throw all of us into the trash can of the history !… So the dear leader, please release Mousavi, he could save us and our Islamic regime!, before it’s too late … The necessity of keeping our Islamic regime safe, imply this … It’s very bad that Naser Hejazi has become a hero, but Ezatollah Sahabi (a stupid hypocrite Khayemal [ass-kisser], worse than Khatami ) is not a hero !! … We and all Iranians [!!] ask our dear great leader, Khamenei [!!] to forgive you !! and release you … Oh, God keep our dear leader, Khamenei, safe [!] Amen [!!] ” Now the stupid Iranians that though the stupid Nourizad, the ex-Basiji repaist, is a hero should be ashamed of themselves. Of course they are ashamed of themselves, and the first backlash against Nourizad’s bullshits show the depth of Iranians’ resentment. Now more than 90% of Iranians hate Nourizad and all Islamist Baboons .

Iranians have an old funny saying that: “Gandesh Daroumad !” or “Taghesh Daroumad !” that means: “it revealed itself” or “it reveals its shit”. Now the Islamists-Reformists, one by one, reveal their shits ! Unfortunately the stupid Nourizad had become a straw hero for some stupid Iranians, inside and outside Iran. But now we can be sure that even the most stupid Iranians know the Islamist Baboons want to save the Islamic regime. It’s a good news for the people’s movement. Even if Mousavi says the same bullshits, the people would f-u-c-k him and send him to the trash can of the history, in less than a minute. For ordinary Iranians Naser Hejazi is hero, who was not Khayemal and became the people’s voice. Naser Hejazi became a legend in Iran, only because he was the people’s voice in the age of silence and hypocrisy. Naser Hejazi said the proper words, the people’s words, at the proper time. And now he has become a legend. Iranians sent near 5 million SMS for him in near 3 hours. It was a historical record that a TV program in the state TV, received 5 million SMS (the average number of SMS that were sent to a TV program in Iran is near 100 thousand). Naser Hejazi was a anti-mullah and what Iranians did for him, was a clear sign that shows us: “Iranians hate Mullahs more than anything else in the world, and if a celebrity openly opposes the Mullahs, s/he becomes a legend !


Khamenei and Islamist Baboons like Nourizad, should be angry and frightened of Naser Hejazi’s popularity. Naser Hejazi has become a legend and hero for ordinary Iranians, because he was a real anti-Mullah . Naser Hejazi wore tie, while Mullahs say it’s anti-Islamic; Naser Hejazi knew English and worked with westerners; The names of Naser Hejazi’s son and daughter were Persian names, not Islamic name; “Atilla” and “Atousa” were not Arabic names; Naser Hejazi did not believe in Islamic veil, Hijab, and his wife and his daughter had not Hijab outside Iran; Naser Hejad was dandy and chic, while the Mullahs said it’s anti-Islamic. Now Naser Hejazi is a hero for ordinary Iranians, not some one like Mammad motherf-u-c-k-e-r Nourizad, the ex-Basiji rapist and the ex-dog of Khemeni in Keyhan and Sepah, or some one like Sahabi, the great Bouzineh Khayemal (Ass-kisser Baboon!), who wrote a ultra-stupid and shameful letter after Ashoura Day. Mammad motherf-u-c-k-e-r Nourizad, was in Khamenei’s jail but some weeks ago he made a secret deal and was released. Now Iranians know why Khamenei released him. And now they clearly and openly say to the Islamist Baboons: “Oun Mame ro Looloo Bord”, that means: “That boob was gone away by the bogeyman”, i.e. the game is over. But Nourizad Bouzineh was right, when he said: “ If the angry people lose their patience, [i.e. if they organized themselves, if they daily protest against the nude emperor] then nothing, no weapon, no Islamic shit [ nothing, absolutely nothing] could not stop them, and they throw all of us, [i.e. all Islamists, including Khamenei, Khatami, Mousavi and all other Islamic rapists, killers, and traitors] into the trash can of the history !” It is certainly ture.

Oriana Fallaci’s Interview with Khomeini, 1

May 26, 2011

Oriana Fallaci, 1929 – 2006, the Italian journalist and political interviewer, had an interview with Khomeini in 1979 that is very very interesting and informative. These days we are near to the anniversary of the death of Khomeini, the great founder of the great Islamic disaster, the greatest tragedy of Iran and Iranians. All Iranians and non-Iranians should know Khomenei and his legacy, better than before. Oriana Fallaci’s interview is very interesting and important and can clear many things. We will publish parts of English translation of this long interview in series of three parts, and here are the first part:

“Tehran, September 1979 : His portrait is everywhere, as once the portrait of the Shah was. Pursues you in the streets, in shops, hotels, offices, parades, television, the bazaar … No alcoholic beverages, to begin … No music that excites or soften, to continue … It is forbidden to swim, as swimming more or less need to undress. And so the pools are empty, like empty beaches where couples must be separated and women can bathe only dressed from head to toe. If you’re a woman it is a sin to show your neck and hair … Even shaking hands is wrong, between persons of different sexes . “Allah does not want” exclaimed a young officer of the government’s gesture when I greet him that way … The s-e-x-u-a-l freedom, needless to say, is crime and the criminals are punished with the firing squad. Not a day goes by that the press gives the news some adulterous shot … Those who oppose or criticize or curse is considered an enemy of the Revolution and Islam, a traitor, a spy for the Americans, a Zionist provocateur, an agent of SAVAK, and has only two choices: surrender or flee the country … Inflation galloping to fifty per cent, the police are non-existent, the army is dispersed, the school does not work … Yet it is too early to say that this is a failed revolution, broke out to replace a despot with another despot. And it’s even risky to conclude that it is not a revolution but an involution, and its creatores say :”time of the Shah was better” … At the time of the Shah you could drink wine and beer and vodka and whiskey, but they tortured the detainees with torture from the Middle Ages, you could dance and swim in a swimsuit, but they thrown political prisoners from helicopters in Salt Lake, they do not shoot homos-e-x-u-a-ls, prostitutes, adulterers, but they massacred people in the streets and lived only to sell oil to Europe … 70% of the Iranian population is illiterate … They were the mullahs who preach Islam as a paradise on earth … I asked: “When you speak of the people, Imam, refers to a people tied exclusively to the Islamic movement. But do you think these people who has made a killing tens of thousands died for freedom or for Islam? “He said,” For Islam. The people fought for Islam. And Islam means everything. Islam encompasses everything. Islam is everything .” …It’s a sunny afternoon in Qom, the holy city where Khomeini chose to live in … Imam means saint, guide, leader … They recognized me. I am the stranger who in 1973 interviewed the Shah and asked him without timidity on behalf of its crimes: to the point that he replied: “You Will not it be blacklisted?’ … Blacks on my pants and black blouse wearing a black cloak, my neck and hair are well hidden by a black scarf tied to my chin, and above all this I have the chador. Black, of course … I will act as interpreter with Abolhassan Bani-Sadr of the Revolutionary Committee … He is an old very old … He has tolerated without blinking my accusations of dictatorship, despotism, fascism. “All this does not concern you. Our customs do not concern it. If you do not like Islamic dress, is not obliged to carry it. Because Islamic dress is for young beautiful women [!] and decent man . “(Then, indignant, I will throw off the chador, and open the shell and move the scarf asking if a woman who has always lived without those rags from the Middle Ages seems to be a respectable little old woman. And he wrapped in a long searching look which I feel deprived.) I thank him for seeing me .. It lasts for almost two hours.


“Fallaci: Imam, the whole country is in your hands: every decision is an order. So there are many who now say there is no freedom in Iran, the revolution has not brought freedom. Khomeini: Iran is not in my hands, Iran is in the hands of the people … You have seen the death of Ayatollah Talegani, and how the people have poured millions into the streets without the threat of bayonets. This means that there is freedom [!!]. It also means that people are following only the men of God, and that’s freedom [!!]. Allow me to insist, Imam, to explain myself better. I mean that many say that today the Persia has a dictator. Indeed, the new dictator, the new owner. Do you mind or you are indifferent? On one hand I’m sorry, yes, it gives me pain, because it is unjust and inhumane dictator call. On the other hand I do not care at all because I know that some bad things in human behavior and are covered by our enemies. With the path we’ve chosen, a path that goes against the interests of the superpowers, it is normal that the servants of the alien pricks me with their poison and launch me on all sorts of slanders … Oh, the mercenaries of the Shah said many things that even Khomeini ordered to cut women’s breasts. Say, you say that the Ayatollah Khomeini has made such a monstrosity, which has cut off women’s breasts? No, I do not know, Imam. But you scare the people. And this crowd seem scary. But what do you feel to hear them scream like that, day and night , knowing that if they are standing there for hours to get pound, to suffer, to see you for a moment and praise? I enjoy when I listen to them and see them … And then there is love, love intelligent. One can not enjoy it . Love or fanaticism, Imam? It seems to me more dangerous fanaticism and gender, that is fascist. Indeed not a few people who now believe that a fascist threat in Iran and even claim that it is already consolidating fascism in Iran. No, nothing to do with fascism, fanaticism is not involved. I repeat this because I love that scream. And I love it because I feel that they are acting for their own good, that is to apply the commandments of Islam [!]. Islam is justice [!]. In Islam, dictatorship is the greatest of sins [!]: fascism and Islam are two irreconcilable contradictions [!!!]. Fascism occurs to you in the West, not between the peoples of Islamic culture [!!!]. ” We may not understand the meaning of the word fascism, Imam. I speak of fascism as a popular phenomenon, that is, as we had in Italy when Mussolini as the crowds cheered here applauding you. And here’s how to obey obeyed you. No. Because our mass is a mass Muslim [!], educated by the clergy [!], that is, men who preach spirituality and goodness [!]. Fascism here would only be possible if he came back the Shah, what to exclude, or if it was communism. Yes, what you say could only happen if it was communism [!]. Crying for me is to love freedom and democracy [!!!] .”

What Oriana Fallaci saw in 1979, was very obvious for any one who had an eye, an ear, and a brain. But Yazdi, Banisadr, Mousavi, Khatami, Behnoud, Nabavi, Abdi, and the majority of Iranians were dumb, blind and deaf. Now it is too late to say that this is a failed revolution. The Mullah’s regime replaced a greater despot, the greater evil, with a lesser despot, the lesser evil. At the time of the Mullahs not only you con not drink wine and beer, or you can not dance, listen to music, watch a film, watch a satellite channel, and swim in a swimsuit, or you can not have any sort of s-e-x-ual freedom as the time of Shah, but at the time of the Mullahs they rape men and women detainees, for the first time in the Iranian modern history; They tortured the detainees with torture instruments from the Middle Ages; they thrown political prisoners in Salt Lake, in Acid, in the mass graves, etc. They massacre people in the streets; They massacre people in the prisons; They f-u-c-k the economy and plunder the oil money in a harsh way; They destroy the environment and plunder everything in a harsh way. But now, in 2011, Iran is not like 1979. Now 85% percent of the Iranian population is literate . Now about 25% of the Iranian population has university educations. Now the majority of Iranians hate the Mullahs and their Islam. Now 80% of Iranian women hate Chador and don’t wear Chador. Now the Islamic Middle Age has ended in the Iranian minds. Now Iranians hate the Mullahs, the Islamists, and their Islam, much more than any thing else in the world. Now Iranians really know that “Islam is everything, including rape, torture, massacre, murder, stoning, fraud, deceit, lie, hypocrisy, dictatorship, tyranny, etc” Now Iranians are sure that Fascism and Islam are two side of the same coin. Now Iranians are sure that the Mullahs and the Islamic Fascists rape, torture, and kill men and women, only for staying in power, and it’s the real meaning of Mullah’s Islam.

Mullahs and Zionists: A Phony War

May 26, 2011

Non-Iranians can be shocked to hear that the I-s-r-e-a-l’s regime and Zionists work with the Mullah’s regime and Islamists. Yesterday, Hillary Clinton has announced sanctions on seven international companies due to their unsavory ties to Irans energy sector, including Israel’s Ofer Brothers Group The report says: “The Ofer Brothers Group, a familyowned business that owns Zim Integrated Shipping Services, the worlds 10th largest shipping company; a majority of the Israel Corporation, the countrys largest holding company; and more, has been slapped with penalties for allegedly providing an $8.65 million tanker to the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines, according to the US Department of State … The Ofer Brothers Group also has holdings in Israel Chemicals, Oil Refineries Ltd. and Bank Mizrahi”

H-a-a-r-e-t-z wrote yesterday: “At least 200 international companies operating in Israel maintain extensive trade ties with Iran. These ties include investments in the Iranian energy industry, which is Iran’s main income source and serves to funnel funds to develop missiles, the nuclear program and other unconventional weapons. … the Israeli Airports Authority purchased hundreds of millions of dollars worth of equipment from Danish and German companies operating in Iran, and after Haaretz reported it, Israel still did nothing”

This new scandal, is very smaller than Iran Contra Scandal, and the great apparent paradox of the West , but it’s very meaningful and can show us that the Mullahs fight against the West and I-s-r-e-a-l is a sham fight, a fake fight, a false fight, a Phony War, or as Iranians say: “Jange Zargary”. It has always been a shame fight and “Jange Zargary”. Iran Contra Scandal can show us everything. Iran Contra Scandal in 1980s, proves many things. Even before 1979, and before the Islamic revolution, the West and especially the US worked with the Mullahs, and toppled the Shah

The World, wake up; Wake up and open your eyes; Wake up and see the fake fight, the Apparent Paradox.

G8 and Sarkozy vs Internet

May 25, 2011

In the recent days, there is a very important news that the main stream media doesn’t cover it : “ Nicolas Sarkozy (aka SarkHonry! ) will be convening the eG8 forum, just two days ahead of a G8 summit that will focus on Internet policy The report says: “One of the biggest advertising agencies in the world, Publicis, has been appointed by Nicolas Sarkozy to organize the eG8 forum , which will gather an impressive cast of business actors to discuss the future of the Internet economy. In fact, Sarkozy has stated for months his intention to use his presidency of the G8 to impose his concept of a civilized Internet !! This notion, borrowed from the Chinese government, is in line with Sarkozy’s record on Internet policy. Last year on the international stage, Sarkozy also tried to impose the idea of nation-state control over the network’s architecture, playing down the importance of the Internet for freedom of communication and democracy worldwide …the ACTA agreement that will be signed during the G8, the adoption of website blocking mechanisms and talks about a Virtual Schengen border !!! in Europe !!!, or plans for Internet Kill Switches, plans for Internet Kill Switches are some of the numerous examples of governments trying to take over the Internet and its governance. Citizens must react by holding their governments accountable and ensure that the Internet remains our most precious tool for improving societies” Apparently, the Big Brother is really French.


The Big Brother is also British, American, Iranian, Chinese, European, African, etc. ‘G8 vs Internet’ truly says: “The Internet is the place where we meet, speak, create, educate ourselves and organize. However, as we are at a turning point in early web history, it could either become a prime tool for improving our societies, knowledge and culture, or a totalitarian tool of suveillance and control … Now governments of the World are uniting to control and censor the Internet . … The US governments reaction to Wikileaks, the adoption of website blocking mechanisms in Europe, or the plans for Internet kill switchesare all major threats on our freedom of expression and communication. These threats come from (corrupt) corporations and (corrupt) politicians, unsettled by the advent of the Internet … By creating fears such as cyber-terrorism, their objective is to generalize rules of exception in order to establish censorship and control, thereby undermining free speech and other civil liberties … They will package this policy using words like democracy and responsibility, but look at their acts. Sarkozy has already enabled disconnection of citizens from the Internet and the censorship of online content in France ” When the stupid SarkHonry wants to be civilized and talks about “freedom” and “democracy”, It’s very funny.


The stupid SarkHonry is like stupid BerlusHorny. He thinks he is “Napoleon Bonaparte”, and we live in 18th century. He and his stupid friends in G8, want to f-u-c-k the freedom and democracy in the name of the freedom and democracy. SarkHonry and his friends are really “The Enemies of Open Societies”. But they should know that the young generation of the world, especially the French youth, certainly will f-u-c-k him and his friends in the near future, and the stupid SarkHonry will go to hell, where “Napoleon Bonaparte” went more than a century ago.

Don’t forget how shameless and how charlatan are the main stream media in the West. They don’t pay enough attention to this important news. Shame on them all.

American President met British Queen

May 25, 2011

The media said “the American President met the British Queen”. But when you look at the pictures, they tell you: “An slave met the great slaveholder, but this time the slave seems like a master and the slaveholder seems like a servant.” The history of American-British relationships is very funny, maybe as funny as their love-hate relationships. Some Americans say: “Why are the royal family involved in this? Obama is a democratically elected leader from a republic, why is he being greeted by the nation’s biggest unelected spongers?All I can say is that the Royal family must be extremely privileged! Such a shame that the Obamas won’t have anyone with a brain cell to converse with.” And some Brits say: “the Queen is our head of state. We are a monarchy, and I hate to tell you but that isn’t going to change anytime soon. … They look like they are enjoying the Royal visit, it’s a dream for many Americans to have tea with the Queen !” The ignorant of some Americans are really interesting, they say: “Cameron is the President of Britain, right ? but who is this Grandma ? Is she the Grandma of president Cameron ? But why Obama met president Cameron’s Grandma ? Is it a British custom ? Brits are really so weird ” But some other Americans answer : “No, idiots, she is not president Cameron’s Grandma, she is the mother of Mother Teresa. I heard that Brits call her, “Mother of nation” or something like this. Brits really love Mother Teresa’s family; That Grandma is her mother, and Princess Diana is her daughter “.

Some westerners’ comments in the western mass media are interesting, too :”Many Americans think Churchill is Prime Minister and cite Benny Hill when asked what they think of British television ,… Bloody ‘special relationship’ they sound like children. Where the f-u-c-k is our self esteem? We’re Britain for f-u-c-k-s sake, we ruled the world! It sounds like Julies Nicholson has been sticking his baldy head in again, where’s Jamie when you need him?! … Most Americans I’ve met (and I’ve lived here since 1998) have no idea how the British (read English in the US) political system- is set up. They know nothing about prime ministers and Houses of Commons/Lords, nor could they care less. Churchill? Please. Benny Hill? When was the last time you were over here? Sure, one or two oldies will equate the Brits with a short, fat, lascivious prat lusting after young women with big boobies … Hello Mr Obama. I hope you enjoy our little island, London. Are you visiting anywhere else? Of course not. Cameron would not want you to be let lose meeting real people, who will tell you how wonderful we think you are and what our thoughts of Cameron are! I thought it would be nice if you came to Essex or went to Cannock or Scunthorpe (yes it has a rude word in its name) or even Hull. If you are very brave you could go to Manchester. Obviously, you would have heard of the really touristy places such s Stratford, Bath, York and Southend on Sea. But they are all full of Americans, which I am sure you want to get away from… Please put aside your ridiculous stereotypes, Brits. Spend some time in the US. Visit New York or Washington DC. You will find plenty of educated, eloquent and interesting people. And we promise not to mock your bad teeth or mention that you lost the Revolution.”

A Zoo for Mullahs and Islamists

May 24, 2011

As we said before, we don’t want to kill or execute the Mullahs and the Islamists. We bring them to trial, but we dont execute them. We make a zoo for these Islamist animals Maybe something like Jurassic Park, that all humans could come and see our Islamist animals. The Mullahs, the Islamist killers, the traitors, the Islamist Baboons, etc should not be killed. They should be a historical lesson for all human beings. This Zoo could have different cages or parts as follows:

(A separate part or cage would be for : )

wild carnivorous dinosaurs like Khamenei, Janatai, Khazali
herbivorous dinosaurs like the Mullahs in Qom
fossils of early reptiles like Khomeini, Beheshti
Crocodiles like Taeb, Radan, Naghdi, Khamenei’s unknown soldiers
big Chameleons like Rafsanjani, Larijani brothers
little Chameleons like Behnoud, Mohajerani
wild Cows and wild sheeplike fans and followers of Islamists
wild dogs like Basiji thugs
wild Baboons like RajabAli, Abbas Abdi
Eunuchs and neutered Baboons like Khatami, Sahabi
big Monkeyslike Mr. shit
little Monkeys like Ebrahim Nabavi, Mehdi

Abbas Abdi = Great Traitor/Criminal

May 24, 2011

In the recent days, the Islamist Baboons, i.e. the Islamist-Reformists, are fighting for survival. They want to save themselves and their Islamic regime. Abbas Abdi is one of these Baboons, who opened his f-u-c-k-i-ng mouth yesterday and defended Khatami’s bullshits and craps , and bullshitted Iranians again. In the recent days, Abbas Abdi and other Islamist Baboobs threaten Iranians with a civil war, and a similar condition like Libya or Iraq. But these Baboon don’t know that Iran (75 million) is not neither Libya (6 million), nor Iraq (25 million). The total number of Mullahs’ mercenaries, in the best case, is near 1 million, and if 75 million Iran rise up, then the mercenaries corps would be f-u-c-k-ed up in less than a month. Iranians would try their best to topple the Mullah’s regime with non-violent protests, and it’s quite feasible. Only the traitors and Islamist Baboons like Abbas Adbi, are the main obstacle to effective non-violent protests, and they are the number one guilty of any violent protest or civil war in Iran. Abbas Adbi and his friends are really expert in imposing war and disaster to Iran. The history will not forget their shameful betrayals in 1980s, 1997 to 2004, and 2009 to 2011. But If the Mullahs impose a civil war to Iran and Iranians, then the Mullahs, their Islam and all Islamic things in Iran certainly would go to hell for ever. And What Iranians will do with the Mullahs and their Islam would be much worse than what Europeans did with the Priests and the Pope after the Middle Age. If the Mullahs impose a civil war to Iran, then never ever Iranians allow the Mullahs and their Islam to live in Iran. If the Mullahs prefer a final bloody end for their Islamic Middle Age, like the European Middle Age, then the lampposts in Tehran and other Iranians cities will be ready for hanging all Mullahs and all Islamists. Don’t threaten angry Iranians with a civil war. Threatening to a civil war, can not save the Mullahs, it only deteriorates the Mullahs’ destiny and the Islam’s destiny in Iran.

Abbas Abdi and his friends, including Ghouchani, Behnoud, Nabavi, Alavi Tabar, etc openly and clearly tried to silence and discourage the people. They are really traitors to the people’s movement. In 2009, Abbas motherf-u-c-k-e-r Abdi said: “If the people were beaten to death, they should not defend themselves, because it’s violence !! ” or he said: “The people should not chant against Khamenei . The people should listen to their leader, Mousavi. They should not chant against the Islamic regime.” Now the Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi says : “Some groups (i.e. the majority of Iranians inside Iran) that protests against Khatami, want to kill more people!, they think 40 or 50 martyrs is not enough for Iran. They want to convert Iran to another Libya or Iraq !!! … I think the 17th Mousavi’s statement (i.e. the dreadful statement after Ashoura day) was his best statement and could solve the problem … I agree with Khatami and what he said is really acceptable … If some one defrauds you, what do you do? you should go to the court , and you should not do whatever you want to do (i.e. Khamenei and his dogs/thugs in his Islamic courts! would solve the problems legally !!, as usual !!) … The politics and politicians’ duty is not demanding “Justice” or “social Justice”, it’s demanding “compromise”… What khatami said was right and free of paradox … Mousavi is totally agreed with Khatami … What khatami said is useful for ‘the balance of power’ (i.e. for keeping the Islamic regime safe) … But it’s not useful for other goals (i.e. for fundamental change and what the people wants!)” It’s not joke, it’s what he has said.


Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi tells some big blatant lies. He says 40 or 50 people were killed in 2009, while the name of more than 250 killed people have been published, and the real number of martyrs is near some thousands. Just in the above picture you can see dozens unknown martyrs. In fact, the majority of martyrs are unknown, and they have been buried in mass grave. Shame on Abbas lair. He says that the 17th Mousavi’s statement is his best statement, while Iranians know that after this shitty statement the green movement died. In these days, no one has any doubt that the green movement has died and Iranians hate Khatami and all Islamist-Reformists. And it’s a good news for the people’s movement. Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi says that the people should go to the Khamenei’s courts and complain about Khamenei’s crimes to Khamenei’s courts !! He is really full of shit and full of paradox. Talking about reform in this Islamic system and changing the unchangeable Khamenei’s regime is a great ridiculous paradox. Do you forget your ridiculous conditions in 1997 to 2004, Mr. Abbas mortherf-u-k-c-e-r? The defenders of this stupid shitty idea, are not ignorant people, they are really ultra-charlatan and traitor. Abbas motherf-u-c-k-er Abdi says that the politics and politicians’ duty is not demanding “Justice” or “social Justice” !! It’s exactly show us who is he. What Khatami and Abbas Abdi and other Iranian Baboons say is very clear and very meaningful. They want to keep the Islamic regime safe; they want to prevent the people form toppling the Islamic regime . It’s so obvious that what they say is useful for their own goals, not for the people’s goals

Abbas Abdi is really a charlatan and has deceived some stupid Iranians inside and outside Iran. Butwithout doubt, Abbas Abdi is one of the great traitor to Iran and the Iranian people’s movement. Abbas Abdi and his friends, who called themselves “Journalist” or even
“Intellects!!”, all are shameless mercenaries. They are not only full of shit, but they are really criminal. Politically aware Iranians know that Abbas Abdi works for the Mullah’s intelligence service. Abbas Abdi’s resume are so embarrassing, and until now he has not apologized for any of his shameful and criminal behaviors. He is so shameless. In 1980, Abbas Abdi was a leader of Islamist students, who invaded the American Embassy in Tehran . Abbas Abdi was a hardliner and Muslim fanatic in 1980s. The eight years war between Iran and Iraq, and more than $1000 billion damage, and more than 200,000 killed people, was just one result of Abbas Abdi’s stupidity and traitor. In the whole 1980s, a decade of Khomeini’s great tragedy, Abbas Abdi and his close friends worked for the Mullah’s intelligence service, and the Mullah’s Judiciary system . They were high rank Khomenei’s dogs/thugs, and they killed and tortured many Iranians in the prisons and in the streets. Abbas Abdi certainly is one of main criminals in 1980s, and should be brought to the court in the near future.


After Khomenei’s death, Abbas Abdi and his friends, i.e. the left-wing Islamist hardliners, were isolated. In 1990s, they were expelled from both the Mullah’s intelligence service and the Mullah’s Judiciary system, and tried to create Islamist-Reformists’ group. In 1997, the youth’s bomb exploded and Khatami, a neutered Baboon, became the president . Khatami was very stupid and very coward. The dreadful mistakes of Khatami in his eight years presidency, imposed huge burdens on the people. Khamenei truly called him Shah Soltan Hossein, who is the weakest king in the Persian History. After 5 or 6 years, Abbas Abdi became a critic of Khatami. Abbas Abdi said: “Khatami and all Islamist-Reformists should resign and leave the Islamic republic alone, then Khamenei understands that he badly needs us, and he can not control the people without us. So we come back again and would gain the upper-hand“. Khamenei’s dogs arrested Abbas Abdi. Then he made a secret deal with Khamenei’s dogs in the prison, and was freed. But what was his secret deal? some years later it became clear: “He should work for the Mullah’s intelligence service and write article for them in the Iranian media and tries to play the role of regime’s spy or secret agent” In fact, he became a mercenary again, and after the beginning of the people’s movement in 2009, he showed his dreadful mission and his dreadful intentions very clearly.

The Iranian Baboons ask for “the balance of power” not anything else. But what the majority of Iranians want is “fundamental change, that means toppling the corrupt regime of the Mullahs, the corrupt regime of killers and rapists”. Now in 2011, Iranians are sure that the reactionary Islamic system and all reactionary Islamic laws are the main cause of their problems. Now they know their enemy, i.e Khameni and his dogs/thugs, plus Khatami and Iranian Baboons. Iranians inside Iran hate both Khamenei and Khatami, but for toppling Khamenei’s regime, they need some active organizer groups. Unfortunately the majority of Iranian expats are either ultra-stupid or ultra-reactionary. Iranian expats’ population is near 4 million, But the main question is: “Do these 4 million Iranians, who live in the US and Europe, have 4 wise people ?!! ” It’s very ridiculous and embarrassing, but the answer is not very clear and Iranians can not be sure about the answer !! Even 4 wise and active people could create a good organizer group/website outside Iran. The current Iranian exapts’ media are belonged to the stupid Monarchists, the stupid Rajavists and the stupid Islamist-Reformits, i.e. the Iranian axis of Evil ! Shame on them all. And the western powers support the Iranian axis of Evil, not the Iranian people. The majority of Iranians inside Iran have no voice, absolutely nothing. The main voice and the main media are the traitors’ voice and the traitors’ media. This serious problem should be solved very soon.

Naser Hejazi Dies at 62

May 23, 2011

Naser Hejazi, a famous Iranian footballer dies at 62, today. He had lung cancer, and as we said before, Naser Hejazi was the footballer that did the intellectuals’ job in the recent weeks . Naser Hejazi was not an intellectual, and had not a big brain, and you know that for playing football and becoming a footballer you don’t need a big brain, but Naser Hejazi had a big difference with other Iranian celebrities: “Naser Hejazi was not Khayemal (Ass-Kisser)“. Naser Hejazi did not kiss the Mullahs’ ass. Naser Hejazi was a anti-Mullah. Naser Hejazi knew that he dies very soon, and then decided to speak his mind. What he said was the the people’s words, the people’s voice. What he said made him very very popular. Naser Hejazi became a hero and a symbol for Iranians. Naser Hejazi became a symbol of Iran. The Mullahs had destroyed his life, as they have destroyed Iran and all Iranians’ life. What Naser Hejazi said was the real voice of the people, and that’s why Iranians respect him or love him now . Naser Hejazi showed us that the famous Iranian intellectuals (that are really fake-Intellectuals), are really stupid. And almost all of them are Khayemal (ass-kisser )and hypocrite. But Naser Hejazi was not Khayemal. Naser Hejazi could be a good teacher for all other Iranian celebrities, like Abbas Khayemal (Abbas Kiarostami). They should take a look at Nase Hejazi and how he became a martyr and a symbol for Iranians, and made a good name for himself in the Iranian history. Naser Hejazi is also a man who reminds us How stupid are Iranian intellects, and how embarrassing is the tragedy of the Iranian intellectualism

Iranian female Film Stars

May 23, 2011

The outside world know nothing about Iranian film stars. Iran is isolated by the Mullahs and the Islamic regime and is not part of the International community. It has caused a lot problems for all Iranians, including Iranian film starts. Iranian actors and actresses, that some of them are educated and familiar with the world, could be global film stars if the Islamic regime is toppled. Now lets take a look at some of Iranian female film stars.

Niki Karimi

Niki Karimi is the first woman that became a big female film star after the Islamic revolution. In 1990s, she was the number one star of Iranian films. She has tried to be an intellect, and has learned English and translated some books from English into Persian. Niki Karimi is one of the first Iranian film stars who learned English and was an active member of film festival’s jury, like Cannes, Venice, etc.


Niki Karimi is a film actor that has become a film director. She was assistance/friend of Abbas Khayemal (Abbas Ass-Kisser!), i.e. who you know him as “Abbas Kiarostami” (but I prefer to call him “Abbas “Khayemal”). Niki Karimi was a friend of “Abbas Khayemal”, but she is not as stupid as Abbas Khayemal, who sell himself, his friends and the people to the Mullahs and Islamic regime. As a film director, Niki Karimi’s movies are not as shitty as Abass Khayemal’s movies (he has just one or two semi-good movie, that made it by chance). Niki Karimi has been on the people’s side and has not sold herself to the Mullahs, like Abbas Khayemal and many other Iranian stupid celebrities.

Mahnaz Afshar

Mahnaz Afshar is the second famous Iranian female film star. She is not as smart as and also as arrogant as Niki Karimi, but she is a good girl, a good simple-minded girl. Many of stupid Iranian film critics (charlatans), make use of her low self esteem for flirting with her and for laughing at her. Mahnaz Afshar should learn something from Niki Karimi and how she laugh at almost all stupid Iranian film critics. Of course, the film actors don’t need a big brain, and even a very small brain is enough for them.


Other Iranian film stars are pretty and attractive, but they are Khayemal (ass-kisser) and stupid, like the great “Abbas Khayemal”! Unfortunately the majority of Iranian film stars are dumb or charlatan.


The number of smart and open-minded film stars in Iran are really small, maybe like any other parts of the world. Taraneh Alidousti (she has worn black dress in the below picture) is one of these exceptions. Taraneh Alidousti and a small group of other Iranian film actors or film directors, including Fatemeh MotamedAria, have not sold themselves to the Mullahs.


Fatemeh MotamedAria

If Mahnaz Afshar and Niki Karimi were considered as Iranian Kate Winslet and Iranian Charlize Theron, then Fatemeh MotamedAria is definitely could be considered as Iranian Meryl Streep! Fatemeh MotamedAria is a very good actress, even if she is not very beautiful and very attractive.


Iranians film stars certainly have the potential for growth, and becoming international film stars. But their biggest obstacle is like the biggest obstacle of other Iranians: “The Mullahs and their Islamic regime”

Cannes Film Festival 64th

May 23, 2011

The 64th annual Cannes Film Festival was held from May 11 to May 22, 2011. The jury president was Robert De Niro, his jury colleagues were some one like Uma Thurman and Jude Law, the opening film was Midnight in Paris, written and directed by Woody Allen. The Italian film director Bernardo Bertolucci was presented with the inaugural Honorary Palme d’Or Award at the opening ceremony of the festival. Yesterday, Cannes Festival’s website announced the winners. Terrence Malicks “The Tree of Life (2011)” got the Palme dOr. The Tree of Life stars Brad Pitt as a domineering father in late 50s Texas, and Sean Penn as his son in the present day, struggling to cope with his brother’s premature death. Jury president Robert De Niro explained after the ceremony that it had been The Tree of Life’s grand scale and ambition that finally clinched it. “It seemed to have the size, the importance, the tension to fit the prize.” But there was the suggestion that it wasn’t a wholly unanimous decision. “Few films are 100%,” said De Niro. “But most of us thought it was great.”

The 64th annual Cannes Film Festival was another s-e-x-y Cannes! A film critic wrote: “The programmers seemed to group themes in batches this year, so the early days of the festival had female film-makers, then we moved through a couple of days of s-e-x and paedophilia (bordello movie The House of Tolerance, Austrian film Michael), before fathers and sons took over (Tree of Life, Le Gamin au Vélo, Footnote), then French politics (La Conquête, Pater), then depression (The Beaver, Melancholia), antisemitism (The Beaver, Melancholia) and, eventually, s-e-x-u-a-l politics (Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In, The Source).” Apparently, Woody Allen’s “Midnight in Paris” was better than other Cannes’ movies, and even Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, who playing a deadpan, tolerant museum guide was not very bad. I’ve not seen the movie, but some Iranians have seen the movie in Iran !, and say that it’s not as bad as they heard about it.


Lars von Trier and his “Melancholia”, or as Iranians say “Malikholia”, were controversial. Lars von Trier at the Melancholia press conference said: “I understands Hitler. He did some wrong things, absolutely, but I can see him sitting there in his bunker at the end … I sympathise with him, yes, a little bit … I thought I was a Jew for a long time and was very happy being a Jew … Then it turned out that I was not a Jew … I found out that I was really a Nazi which also gave me some pleasure … But come on, I am not for the second world war, and I am not against Jews. I am very much for Jews; well not too much because Israel is a pain in the ass. But still, how can I get out of this sentence … OK I’m a Nazi” I thinkLars von Trier has “Melancholia”! and should be treated for melancholia. Von Trier has said before that after his Jewish father died, he was told that this was not his biological father. Reports are saying he found out his biological father was a German Christian. Melancholia movie, is about the end of the world, about a rogue planet on a collision course with Earth. Some people say: “Banning Von Trier from Cannes should be an embarrassment for the film festival not for Von Trier.” And some people said: “Shame on stupid Lars Von Trier, who disgrace the human beings”. Von Trier claimed Dunst had insisted she be filmed naked for a scene in Melancholia. “And now she wants more,” claimed the Danish director. “That’s how women are, and Charlotte is behind this. They want a really hardcore film this time !, and I am doing my best. Von Trier also jokingly claimed he was writing a four-hour-long hardcore p-o-r-n film ! featuring Melancholia stars Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kirsten Dunst . It would, he said, contain “a lot of very, very unpleasant s-e-x”. “I said let’s have a lot of talking in it, and they said, ‘We don’t give a shit about the dialogue, we just want to have a lot of very very unpleasant s-e-x,’ and that’s what I am writing right now.” Some wise people tell him: “Let’s make a p-o-r-n film and call it art! ”


Pedro Almodóvar’s “The Skin I Live In (2011)” and Julia Leigh’s Sleeping Beauty(2011) gave both bad and good reviews. Some film critics say: “It’s another “Eyes Wide Shut”” and some others say: “Let’s make a p-o-r-n film and call it art! ” Pedro Almodóvar’s films are not very bad, but I think they are not very good, too. Gus Van Sant’s “Restless (2011)” should not be a bad movie. The plot and idea of Nanni Moretti’s Habemus Papam (We Have a Pope) seems very funny. The Italian comedy ‘We Have a Pope’ is on the relationship between the newly elected Pope and his therapist !! Apparently, many thought that “Habemus Papam” would give Palme d’Or Award. Iranian films and Iranian film makers were not in the Cannes 64th. Jafar Panahi’s short film, This Is Not a Film, was smuggled into the country on a USB stick buried inside a cake posted from Iran to Paris. Jafar Panahi gave a six-year prison term, and 20-year-ban on film-making, talking to the press and travelling abroad. Jafar Panahi is not like his friend Abbas Khayemal (Abbas Kiarostami), who sold himself to the Mullahs and the Islamic regime. Panahi tried to be the real voice of the people, so he has been accused of “colluding with the intention to commit crimes against the country’s national security and propaganda against the Islamic Republic”.

Silly Christians and False Apocalypse

May 22, 2011

The stupidity is a global problem. Christian doomsday prophet Harold Camping had predicted the world would end at 6pm on Saturday, 21 May 2011 !! The 89-year-old Californian preacher had prophesied that the Rapture would begin at 6pm in each of the world’s time zones, with those “saved” by Jesus ascending to heaven and the non-believers being wiped out by an earthquake rolling from city to city across the planet !!! It’s exactly the same as our situation in Iran. Mehdi Khaz, aka Mehdi Godzilla, and other stupid Iranian Islamists have predicted that Mahdi’a arrival is in Khordad (June 2011) ! In fact, they are Iranian version of Harold stupid Camping, an American stupid religious fanatic. Yesterday, the stupid western religious fanatics show us that the number of stupid people in the West, are not small. Camping, a retired civil engineer, has built a multimillion-dollar, non-profit ministry based on his apocalyptic predictions !! . How embarrassing; Americans, you don’t feel ashamed ?!! He previously predicted that the world would end in 1994 !! But still he has many followers in the West, who took his latest prophecy seriously !! His Family Radio Worldwide reaches millions of listeners in the US and around the world !! How embarrassing; Millions of stupid religious fanatics ! I think the number of the religious fanatics in Iran is less than the US. If we had the same Radio in Iran, the number of the listeners would not be more than some ten thousands. In recent weeks, callers to Christian radio stations in the US have debated what to do about non-believing friends and neighbours who will be left behind to endure the wrath of God !! The American religious fanatics are really ultra-stupid.

Some westerners’ comments in the western mass media are really interesting and meaningful: “I wonder whether all the people who donated their life savings to Harold Camping will get a refund tomorrow … Damn. I have a ton of essays to do that I put off, thinking there would be no point to them! DAMN YOU, CAMPING! … anyone who threw away their money and possessions is a fool, plain and simple … What losers. The stupidity of some people in this day and age … Camping has made millions from duping gullible morons and I hope that some of these fools who believed him have lost money; maybe that will teach them to challenge such ridiculous “imaginary friend” fantasies in the future … Camping’s followers are a very small portion of believers across the world. A sad portion, but not the majority … Now I’m waiting for December 21, 2012 to see the fools … I really look at Harold Camping as a brilliant man. All of his calculations are based on biblical information, which probably would be right if the biblical information were true. However, the bible is nothing more than a compilation of fairy tales made into a book … I am not ashamed to state that I am a Christian and remain a Christian. It is just sad that individuals are swayed by every wind of doctrine. The plain truth is that the Bible says all eyes would see the coming. It says no man knows the time. Come he will. (what this stupid American says, is exactly what the Mullahs say) … This guy should be sued for fraud, embezzlement, exploitation and basically anything that can be thrown at him … let’s all laugh at the silly Christians … These crackpots are – by and large – the same group who think climate change is a communist plot and the Earth is 6014 years old … Don’t stress, actual judgment day is March 26, 2018 !!”

In the Cyber space, the supposed stupid Armageddon sweep the world, with users expressing their mock disappointment at the lack of dead people rising from their graves ! . As we said before, Apocalypse Politics in Iran, the US (and even in some parts of the Europe) are exactly the same . The religious fanatics and stupid people in all around the world are all excited by the prospect of an Apocalypse in 2011. They should be aware that 2011 is the best time for the imaginary Apocalypse; 2011 has a big earthquake (in Japan), a big and global mess, many revolutions and uprising, etc. So, Apocalypse Now or Apocalypse Never ! because when the world becomes more free and more democratic and the number of the dictators decrease significantly, then having an Apocalypse would seem more impossible. Hey, stupid religious fanatics, Please hurry up, Apocalypse Now or Apocalypse Never !

Khamenie’s Bank Accounts

May 22, 2011

In the recent days, CNN has published a report Newest Top 1000 List For The Mullahs’ Officials’ Bank Accounts These Bank Accounts are in Swiss, UK, USA, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and other parts of the world. The fattest accounts belong to Khamenei’s sons, and Khamenei’s family. These days Iranians ask :”Where is the Oil Money ? Why do the Mullahs cut the subsidies?” In the recent years more than $600 billion have earned from selling the oil, gas, and other natural resource, that it’s near the half of the total revenue in the past 100 years !! The CNN’s report is an answer to Iranians’ question: “Where is the Oil Money ?” In the Mullah’s pockets. Of course all Iranians know the answer before, but the report gives them some detailed information. Here are excerpts of the report that are related to Khamenei: “ Swiss Numbered and OGDA accounts and identified assets as evaluated by the WH/OP, March 2011(C$-Canadian dollar, A$-Australian dollar)

1- Ali Khamenei . Khamenei has the following funds in bank accounts abroad that total about US $36 billion. (This figure exceeds western intelligence estimates from 2010 that suggested Khameneis net worth was about $30 billion) :

Switzerland (18 accounts, including in Micheloud&Cie/UBS/Credit Suisse) totaling 8.4 billion, or $11.84 billion
Liechtenstein: $9.7 billion
Cayman Islands: $6.8 billion
Shanghai, China: $3.2 billion
Belize $2.5 billion
Russia $1.1 billion
Malaysia $450 million
Trinidad & Tobago $400 million
South Africa: 2.1 billion, or US $2.96 billion
India: $630 million
United Arab Emirates: $560 million
Syria: $210 million

2- Mojtaba Khamenei . The foreign-held funds owned by Khameneis elder son, Mojtaba, total an estimated $21 billion

United Kingdom: £1.14 billion in two accounts frozen since 2009, worth US $1.84 billion
Germany: 2.12 billion in four accounts, or US $2.99 billion
Switzerland (18 accounts in UBS/Micheloud & Cie., Credit Suisse) totaling 3.85 billion, or US $5.427 billion
South Africa: 950 million in two accounts (worth $1.339 billion)
South Africa: $620 million
Shanghai, China: $4.1 billion
Liechtenstein: $2.8 billion
Malaysia: A$670 million (Australian dollars), worth US $715 million
United Arab Emirates: $700 million
Qatar: $400 million

3- Masoud Khamenei : (UBS/ Micheloud & Cie/Credit Suisse 2.7 billion Euros, S. Africa $980 million, Syria $45 million, UAE $120 million, Malaysia 540 million Euros, Venezuela $1.2 billion, India 320 million Euros)

4- Mostafa Khamenei : (Credit Suisse $690 million, Hong Kong £360 million, Russia $80 million, Syria $12 million, Canada C$110 million, Panama $992 million)
5- Naziyheh Khamenei :(Turkey $52 million, India 120 million Euros, Germany 102 million Euros, United Kingdom £ 280 million, UBS $421 million)
6- Badrieh Khamenei : (UAE £142 million, Syria $13 million, Spain 120 million Euros, Panama $329 million)
7- Hassan Khamenei :(UAE $60 million, Canada C$200 million, Turkey 37 million Euros, Shanghai $ 344 million)
8- Hadi Khamenei :(Liechtenstein $290 million, S. Africa £121 million, Malaysia 93.2 million Euros, UBS/Scobag Privatbank/HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) 890 million Euros, Turkey 84 million Euros)
9- Aziz Khoshvaght : (an in-Law) (Germany 52 million Euros, Austria C$ 101 million, S. Korea $21.9 million, Turkey $4.1 million)
10- Gholam-Ali Hadad-Adel : (Khamenei’s son father in Law) (Canada C$ 220 million, Virgin Islands $365 million, Panama110 million Euros, Hong Kong $ 252 million)
We can be sure that these bank accounts are just one part of Khamenei’s embezzlements. All Iranians know that the oil industry (all oil contracts without any exceptions) and the car industry, are plundered only by Khamenei and his family. In fact, Khamenei has monopolized these industries for his family and his close friends ! Iranians know that each section and industry are plundered by a special group of Mullahs. The Islamic Azad University (its total cost = $50 billion) and part of banking industry are plundered by Rafsanjani’s family, Sugar industry is plundered by Mesbah-Yazdi family, Tire industry is plundered by Yazdi family, Dried fruits/nuts industry is plundered by Asgaroladi family, etc. Many Iranians are aware of Khamenei’s Children Scandal . But two months ago, Iranians heard that some members of Khamenei’s family live in Canada. . Many Iranians knew that Khamenei’s wife, Khamenei’s children, and Khamenei’s family go to London, the mother city of Islam!, every now and then. Many Iranians knew that some members of Rafsanjani’s family, Larijani’s family and many other Mullahs’ family live in Canada, but this fact that some members of Khamenei’s family live in Canada is surprising for many Iranians. It can show them that the West’s fight against the Mullahs is a sham fight, a fake fight. The Mullah’s bank accounts in the western banks is another sign of the sham fight.

Mullahs are totally Confused

May 21, 2011

In the recent weeks, the Mullah’s regime is fighting for survival. Now they are totally confused. What is threatening the survival of the Mullahs and their regime? “People’s Awareness and Hope” Now the people know that the emperor is naked. Now the majority of Iranians know that the main problem is the Islamic leader/king and the Islamic Constitution. Now the Khamenei and his dogs know that their situation is really terrible. They want to get rid of Mr. shit, and try to make use of the stupid Khatami and other Iranian Baboons (Islamist-Reformists) for silencing and deceiving the people, but they have failed. Their situation is so terrible. In fact, Khamenei has a saw (Mr shit) in his ass, and he is not able to take it out, or move it backwards or forwards. In both case, the saw will tear up his ass! Yesterday, Ahmad Tavakoli, a high rank Khamenei’s dog and a member of the notorious Larijani family (he is a cousin of Larijani’s brothers) made a very important confess: “In 2009, we knew that Mr. shit is Mr. nobody and he has not the capacity to mobilize public support to challenge Khamenei, even if he has this intention; But Mousavi had the people in his side and had the capacity to mobilize public support to challenge Khamenei , even if he had not this intention. So it was better that Mr shit became the president”. It’s a big confession. They know that the people hate them and their leader, Khamenei. They know that they have not any public support. The number of Khamenei’s thugs/dogs are really small. The Sepah has about 120,000 members, and Basiji has about 90,000 members. All if we add the number of all other mercenaries and dogs to them, the final number of Khamenei’s dogs/thugs, in the best case, is near 1 million. But Iran’s population is 75 million ! and if the people realize that the emperor is naked and his hands are empty, then they can finish the job very very easily , even in some weeks, less than the Egyptian revolution.

Yesterday, Mehdi Khazali, aka Mehdi Godzilla, the son of one the most reactionary Mullah in Iran, Ayatollah Khazali, has said: “Khordad (June) is the month of big events. In Khordad, we will hear about a very big news. Iranians, I’m sorry for you, but nobody can do anything and you are gone !” Khazali Bouzineh, an ex-Basji rapist who now pretends that he is a member of the ex-Green Movement, is a stupid Khamenei’s agent who stupidly tries to be a secret agent! He is a member of Mullah’s intelligence service, and had a major role in the “Chain Murders” of Iranian scholars in 1990s. But in the recent years, some stupid Iranians think he has become a reformist ! His new mission is “Intimidating the people”. The Khamenei’s regime and his secret agents try to intimidate the young people into being passive. In fact, the Mullah’s regime and all its agents, i.e. Iranian Baboons (Khatamists) or baby Godzillas like Khazali, try to prevent a revolution and regime change . They know that the people are very angry and sooner or later the Islamic regime and its dictator should say goodbye, or as some Iranians say in these days: “Say hello to the end”. They try to spread lies and false information, and say: “Revolution is bad, Revolution is dangerous, revolution is not a solution, we need reform.” But Iranians are sure that the Islamic regime is unchangeable. In fact, from 1997 to 2009, Iranians experienced reform, but the end result was : “a total failure, plus a huge election fraud, plus killing, raping, and torturing ten thousands of Iranians . Now Iranians know that the real problem of Iran is not “who is the president” or “who is in Parliament”, the real problem is the Islamic leader/king and the Islamic Constitution. Now All Iranians know the real problem, and no one can deceive them again. We can be sure that Iranians will finish the job, and the Islamic regime is gone.

Some Iranians ask themselves: “What is this shitty-imaginary big news? ” And some stupid people say: “Mahdi is coming !! the big news is the Second Coming of Mahdi !! (along with Jesus Christ!)” It’s very funny. It’s so obvious that Khamenei wants to get rid of Mr. shit. Maybe Khamenei’s thugs/dogs would arrest Mr. shit’s right-hand man, Mashaei, and then would topple Mr. shit’s government. Today, some pro-Mullahs websites said that the regime has arrested Mashaei’s right-hand man!, Baghaei. Maybe Khamenei’s death is the big news. Khamenei has cancer, and sooner or later he will be fucked up. Maybe the regime wants to shock the people with another economical miracle ! But in any situation, and with or without any big news, the people should do their own job, i.e. “Toppling the Mullah’s regime immediately”. 2011 is the best time for toppling the Mullah’s regime. All Iranians need is an efficient organizer group. Building a popular website for organizing the people is feasible and can be done by some Iranian expats outside Iran .

Spanish Revolution, “15-M” 2011

May 21, 2011

The so-called 15-M (15 May) movement, also known by its motto «Democracia Real Ya!» (Real Democracy Now), has swept the nation, and spreading across Spain. The Arab Spring could become the European Summer ?!maybe! 2011 will be another 1968 ?! who knows, maybe! As we said before, the Western mass media has censored the Spanish revolution , but why? One of the main reason is :”they are frightened that May 2011 can become May 1968 “. They are frightened that the Arab Spring can become the European Summer . The current economic situation in Europe is so terrible, and the Spanish young protests can merge with the British student protests, and then the Italian protesters, French protesters and Greek protesters will join them and 2011 becomes a nightmare for all corrupt western politicians. A Spanish student says: “A few of my friends and classmates have joined in on the protests and some even slept in the Plaza de Obradoiro (Santiagos town square) last night, and are planning a repeat event tonight and every night through to Sunday. Im just not the type of guy thats going to risk spending the night in jail for a group that isnt even sure what it stands for. I learned my lesson with Obama. Just calling for change isnt enough. There have to be concrete goals and a plan of action or change means nothing. Despite this lack of clarity, the movement has even spread beyond Spanish borders to Italy and France, and there are calls for a Europe-wide revolution . A Spanish activist says: “A few politicians -mostly those with little to lose- have welcomed the protests; most are skeptical and irrational, as usual. Some Spanish activies said: “The younger generations have little chance of finding a job. To this day, 45% of Spaniards between the ages of 20 and 30 do not have a job, nor are they able to get one. Democracy in Spain is far from effective in many respects. Over half of the Spanish population distrust politicians and do not feel represents by any political parties. A limit should be established in order to prevent politicians from holding the same post for a maximum two or three terms . ”


“A week ago, such an event was almost unthinkable”, some Spanish activists said. Spain 2011, is not General Franco’s Spain, but the economic and political situation in Spain is really terrible. Spain’s population is near 45 million, but almost 5 million people are unemployed in Spain!, making it the European country with the highest rate of unemployment in the European Union. The economic crisis, which hit Spain harder than most European nations, has only made matters worse. As a Spanish activist says: “The new movement started via Facebook and Twitter, when a group calling themselves Democracia Real Ya (roughly translated as Real Democracy Now) organized a peaceful, non-political demonstration in several Spanish cities in order to ask for a drastic change in politics, and more importantly, a severe alteration of Spains electoral laws. The demonstrations come as no surprise to anyone (although a week ago no one could have foreseen such a large turn-out) given Spains current situation due to the economic crisis and the fact that next Sunday Spain will hold local elections in every municipality in the country, and general elections in several Autonomous Communities, such as Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Valencia and Aragon.”


A Spanish Activist says: “Spains Constitution came into force in 1978 and has never been amended since. Today Spain is a very different country from what it was three years after General Francos death. Surely it is high time to face reality and include those changes in the Spains Magna Carta. But it is high time that Spaniards took to the streets. Though by no means identical to the situation in Greece or the Arab countries, Spain has its own reasons to at least demand a new change in government and Constitution: “Economics.” Another Spanish Activist says: “Many years ago our parents and grandparents went out in the street fighting for the rights we enjoy now. They suffered a dictatorship and fought against. They were young and felt they had the obligation to take the streets and claim their liberty. Now, Spain has got to an intolerable situation. Budget cuts in public health and education, 45% of unemployment in young people; people finish their degrees and they cant find a job; not even serving coffee;which means we cant leave our parents houses. A too high rate of unemployment. We dont have unemployment benefit any more. People of my generation (20′s, 30′s) will retire, but I dont even know if well be able to retire when we are 70 or 75.”


Witnesses estimated that at least 20,000 people were on Madrid’s main square, despite a law prohibiting political events on the eve of elections which came into effect at midnight and has been upheld by the supreme and constitutional courts . Analysts said that police action against the peaceful demonstrations would be disastrous for the Socialists. The protests have resonated through Spaniards of all ages, including those who remember unrest which swept much of Europe more than 40 years ago (1968). “I saw the protests in May ’68, and this is a similar movement, of the youth that had to come out on the streets,” said a Spanish elderly.

Resource for more information:

Dawsr Blog , Castrap Blog

Spain’s Uprising and Censorship

May 20, 2011

In the recent days, thousands of young Spaniards angered over unemployment have taken to the streets across the country, demanding a boycott of the big political parties in local elections on Sunday. Thousands demonstrated in Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Granada, Santiago de Compostela, Vigo and Bilbao, but many Western mass media has ignored the young Spaniards. The Western media are so shameless. Now the young Spaniards ask: “Why aren’t “the Guardian” and many other mass media covering the current uprising in Spain?” . The movement, co-ordinated through online social media, marks a shift in Spain, where people have until now scarcely protested against the European Unions highest jobless rate, a stagnant economy and government spending cuts. Reuters said : “Most of the protesters are young, from what the International Monetary Fund has called Spains potential lost generation, given youth unemployment of 45 per cent” . “We want politicians who are concerned about our lives, not their own political and economic interests, said a spokesman for one of the protest movements,, surrounded by campers who spent the night under awnings in Madrids Puerta del Sol square. Thousands of protesters who filled Puerta del Sol on Sunday and Monday were removed by police on Tuesday, then more returned on Tuesday night. Protesters called the plaza Solution Square and covered it banners demanding Real democracy now and slogans such as Dont vote for them. Were not afraid. Weve been saying for days that were not going away, one of the protesters said on Cadena Ser, Spains most popular radio station.”

Reuters added: “The protesters, who also gathered in dozens of other cities around the country, are calling on people not to vote for the ruling Socialists. Politicians from both national parties have been implicated in corruption scandals in their traditional strongholds. Government spending cuts aimed at avoiding a fiscal crisis that could trigger a fourth euro zone bailout have worsened the hangover from a housing boom and bust. Spanish growth is lagging that of Central Europe and is not robust enough to create jobs. Smaller nationwide parties such as the United Left (IU), itself tainted by corruption accusations, have seen their representation squeezed by Spains voting system, which favours large national parties and strong regional ones.The protests have captured the mood of young Spaniards, many of whom have their lives on hold as they search for work, and sites related to the movement occupy three of the top trending topics on Twitter for Spain. This is about being an outsider in your own country. There is the sense that the youth is the most important thing in a country, they should be providing the cutting-edge ideas, they should feel like they are the future, said David Bach, a specialist in strategy and economics.” The Western mass media is really hypocrite and charlatan. “The Guardian” has not covered the current uprising in Spain. It’s really meaningful. Now the young Europeans, especially the young Spaniards, can understand the Iranian protesters. When the Western mass media closed their eyes on Iranian protesters and distorted the facts about Iran, it was very obvious that sooner or later they would do the same thing about western protesters and western countries, and now we can see a shameful censorship about Spain Shame on Western mass media, and Shame on all Western corrupt politicians.

Kelardasht Jungle is a Garbage Dump

May 20, 2011

Yesterday, some Iranian websites published photos of trash dumps in Kelardasht jungle. Kelarshat was one of the most beautiful parts of . Shomal, the north of Iran . The Mullah’s regime has destroyed almost all forests and rivers of Shomal. As we said before, Pollution Crisis in Iran is very serious, and many forests of Shomal have been polluted. Saravan Forest, near Anzali Lagoon, is one sample and now we have Kelardasht jungle. Shame on the Mullah’s regime and their systematic destruction.


Toppling the Mullah’s regime is very important for both Iran and Iranian people. Iranians should topple the Mullah’s regime for protecting their environment, their beautiful jungles, rivers, seas, etc. The Caspian see and Persian Gulf are very polluted now. And the only green and beautiful part of Iran, Shomal, has been destroyed by the Mullahs, and in the near future all parts of Shomal would a garbage dump full of trash and garbage, like the brains of Mullahs.


Iranians, you should topple the Mullah’s regime, for god’s sake! You should topple the Mullah’s regime for the sake of the environment.