Chavez, Gaddafi, Assad

Again the Venezuelan dictator, the lifelong president, Hugo Chavez, repeated his condemnation of Nato military strikes. “Who gave them the right to do this? It’s crazy. Because they don’t like the leader Gaddafi !!!!, because they want to take Libya’s oil and water. They are throwing bombs everywhere.” In the recent days, Moscow and Beijing said that Nato was trying to assassinate Libya’s dictator !! We are sure that killing the savage Gaddafi is the best solution for ending the massacre and the civil war in Libya. But the dictators support the dictators, and they are the real friend of each other. On Monday Chávez expressed support for Syria’s dictator, Bastard Assad, in the wake of a crackdown on pro-democracy protests that has reportedly left hundreds dead. Venezuela’s dictator blamed “terrorists” for the protests in the Syrian city of Deraa. In fact, all savage and brutal dictators are friends of Venezuela’s dictator, and he strongly supports them. We have not forgotten his bullshits about Gaddafi . And now he said the same bullshits about Bastard Assad. Indeed, he is sure that he and his regime can be the next dictatorship that would be given the taste of civil protests.


“We’ve had enough abuse, wars and invasions directed against third world countries,” said the stupid Chavez. He is the close friends of Mr. shit and Khamenei, that kill and rape Iranians. As we said before, Venezuela’s dictator was the leader of the unsuccessful military coup of 1992. He has changed the Venezuelan Constitution and has become himself the lifetime president . In fact, in order to ensure that he took hold in Venezuela, Chavez spoke of ruling beyond 2030 !! Under the 1999 constitution, he could not legally stand for re-election again, and so brought about a referendum to eliminate term limits in 2009 ! The lunatic and stupid lefts are the real supporters of the dictators, especially Hugo Chavez. They bullshit us about Chavez. But, as we said before, they are blind and ultra-stupid. They don’t know anything about the world history. They know nothing about tyranny. They should be forced to live in Iran, under the religious tyranny. They really don’t deserve what they have.

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