The UN and Syrian Dictator

The UN Security Council failed to agree on a western statement condemning Syrian violence against peaceful protesters, with Russia saying security forces were also killed !! and the actions don’t threaten international peace !! Until now, more than 500 Syrian people were killed by the Syrian dictator’s dogs/thugs, and the Syrian dictator, Bastad Assad, has used tanks and snipers for killing innocent Syrian protesters. China and India called for political dialogue and peaceful resolution of the crisis, with no mention of condemnation. And Lebanon’s UN Ambasador stressed the country’s special relationship with Syria, saying “the hearts and minds” of the Lebanese people are with the Syrian people and are supporting Bastard Assad’s lifting of the state of emergency and reforms! France, Britain, Germany and Portugal circulated a draft media statement on Monday calling for the 15-member council to condemn the violence. But during consultations Wednesday afternoon, several members were opposed so at the request of the Europeans and the UN the Security Council then moved into open session to hear a briefing from the UN political chief and statements from council members. The Syrian ambassador blamed the violence on “extremist groups !! whose fundamental objective is clearly the fall of the Syrian government” and said law enforcement had acted with the “utmost restraint” to prevent the killing of civilians !!. He waved a list of 51 members of the armed forces he said were killed “by armed gangs.” !!! US Ambassador Susan Rice truly said that Syria “casts blame on outsiders” instead of responding to legitimate calls for reforms from the Syrian people. She reiterated that Iran is supporting the Syrian crackdown using “the same brutal tactics” it did against its own people. It’s totally true. The Syrian dictator, Bastard Assad, is a close friend and follower of Khamenei, and both of them are the enemy of humanity and human rights. Along with Gaddafi, Chavez, Castro, Putin, Bashir, etc, they are the number one enemy of human beings. But the UN can not do anything about them. The UN should change and the international community should think more about a new structure for a new world, a world without the classic tyrants and dictators.

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