1000% increase in Post’s prices

In the recent days, the post corporation of the Islamic regime has increased the cost of its shitty postal services by 1000% !!! If DHL or other international postal services can work inside Iran, and can perform local postal services, their costs certainly will be less than the costs of the Islamic postal service! And it’s another Islamic miracle of the Islamic regime. As we said before, the prices in Iran and Canada are almost equal, but there is a huge difference between Iranian incomes and Canadian incomes . This Islamic miracle is really the biggest miracle of the modern history. The price of postal services have increased 1000%, could you believe this? DHL and other foreign corporations can not work inside Iran, and they have many limits. In fact, the Islamic regime has a public monopoly on Post, Telephone, Internet, Car industry, Electricity, Water, Gas, Oil, Petrol, Wheat, Gold, Dollar, Banks, and many other vital Industries and services in Iran. The DHL’s costs for Iran is more than their average costs for other countries, and its reason is “the international sanctions against Iran”! In fact, the stupid West has imposed sanction on the ordinary Iranians, while the Mullahs make secret deals with the West. Shame on stupid Western politicians.

In the recent days, the Mullahs have increased the prices again. The price of postal services have increased 1000%, and the price of bread, a basic food for all Iranians, has increased 25% again . Shame on Islam and Muslims. Shame on these Islamic miracles ! Apparently the Mullahs are in a hurry to topple their Islamic regime! Now 99% of Iranians are sure that the Islamic regime would be toppled in the near future. But the Iranian big bang need coordinating. The most urgent needs of Iranians are “an acceptable Alternative” and “an active non-Islamic coordinator group”. A web 2 website that reflects the real voice of Iranians, should be created ASAP. If we were outside Iran, we certainly would create this vital website. But doing this critical job from Inside Iran is almost impossible. The Iranian Expats should do something. Are all Iranian expats are stupid Monarchists or stupid Rajavists? Some Iranian expats could create this vital service very easily, and then the content, i.e. the news, the plans, the articles, etc could be provided by Iranians inside Iran. It’s quite feasible, but the main problem is “finding some Iranian exapts that are not Monarchist, Rajavit, Marxist, Islamist, greedy and selfish.” They should be a little honest, educated, and responsible. That’s all. But could this kind of normal Iranians be found outside Iran?! It’s the critical question, and we are not sure about the answer.

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