Syria, Bahrain, and Iranians

April 25, 2011

More than 300 people have been killed in Syria -including more than 120 on Friday and Saturday since the uprising against Bastard Assad’s regime began five weeks ago, according to rights groups. Friday was the deadliest day since the uprising began with 112 killed, rights groups said. At least 12 mourners have been killed in Syria as pro-democracy protesters buried their dead after the bloodiest day. Two politicians also resigned from parliament in a sign of growing unease at the government’s use of lethal force. But the Mullah’s regime in Iran has shut its f-u-c-k-ing mouth and says nothing about Syria and the Syrian bloodbath. They have focused on Bahrain, and have ignored Syria. The reason is so obvious. The Bahraini protesters are reactionary Muslims that fight for Shari laws, but Syrian protesters are modern and fight for the freedom and democracy. The Syrian dictator, Bastard Assad, is a close friend and follower of Khamenei. They both kill their own people, and say they have “Fitnah” in Iran and Syria. The state TV of Mullahs are full of the pictures of Bahraini Muslim fanatics, and 1or 2 killed fanatics in the recent days, but they don’t show any pictures of Syrian protesters and 300 Syrian people that were killed in Syria. In fact, they say nothing about Syria and Syrian revolution, absolutely nothing, except repeating Bastard Assad’s bullshits. This shameful hypocrisy and double standard has increased the Iranian hated towards Bahrain, and Bahraini Muslim fanatics.

The Bastard Assad’s tactics are exactly like Khamenei’s tactics. The resident in Douma, the Damascus suburb, said authorities tried to force families of three people killed in protests to sign documents that they were victims of an “armed gang” !! The families refused and hours later the bodies were handed over as tens of thousands of mourners chanted: “he who kills his people is a traitor”. Syrian Protesters now have a new round of chants. “We want the toppling of the regime” said a resident of Ezraa, a small southern town that saw one of the highest death tolls on Friday. “The blood of our martyrs makes this our responsibility now.” But some stupid American and stupid Britons, i.e. stupid lefts and stupid rights, say: “We think the issue in Syria is an internal issue which must be solved by the people themselves. We do not believe this massacres” !!! Shame on these stupid western people. Of course some wise and intellectual Americans and Britons say: “Where is the outrage from the American left and the left in general over the killings of civilians? It appears the left only comes out if American troops can be tagged as having murdered Muslim fanatics. Bashar is finished; maybe not in the short term but eventually the army will lose its stomach to kill unarmed civilians. We in the West should do all we can to bring down the murderous regime of the Assad.”

A open-minded Syrian says: “The Syrian leader is a murderous tyrant. He is killing his own people to keep power. He uses Islamic rules to control the people. In the past the leader was in position under the authority of the Koran. Any questioning of the leader was an attack on the Koran and punishable by death. All schools of Islam rule the death sentence for any who change from Islam, and this extends to any challenger or questioning of Islam. Now people are so oppressed they no longer fear death. They want freedom. Some do not realize freedom is not compatible with Islam. Islam rejects all freedoms. It rules Muslims must obey all the Islamic rules. No challenges are allowed. The rule to kill any ‘apostate’, an individual who chooses another, or no faith. Islam defines all other faiths as inferior. There is no equality. Islam is always superior. There is no individual choice in Islam, all must obey. Sharia law is biased, based on discrimination, wide open to corruption, and run by untrained appointees. It is a disaster. ”

But Bahraini protesters, i.e. Bahraini Muslim fanatics or Bahriani Basijis, want the Islamic rules, the Islamic dictatorship, and the Islamic system. An Iranian says: “When I see the footage of Bahrain in the state TV, I think that I see the picture of Basiji thugs in Iran, but this time Basiji thugs are not oppressor, and they are given the taste of oppression. I really feel a huge surge of relief and happiness, when I watch the footage of state TV, i.e. the pictures of the Bahraini Basijis, that are exactly like Iranian Basijis, but this time they are not oppressor. Bahraini Basijis that have the full support of Khamenei and his Basiji thugs/dogs should be given the taste of oppression, and we are really really happy about it.” And another Iranian says: “Shame on Bahraini Muslim fanatics and shame on Bahraini dictator. We hate the both side of Bahraini civil war. Both of them are really savage and fanatic. It’s like a war between Hitler and Mussolini. We don’t support neither Hitler (Bahraini dictator (king)), not Mussolini (Bahraini Muslin fanatics). Both of them are terrible terrible people. But it’s so obvious that we hate Bahraini Muslim fanatics more, because they are very like Basiji thugs, who kill and rape Iranians. And we are happy to see that the Islamic rapists and the Islamic oppressors are given the taste of oppression.”

Islamists Pigs in Iran

April 25, 2011

Yesterday, Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a high-ranking Khamenei’s dog, said: “We should shed more blood, and we need more blood for restoring Islamic veil (Hejad)”. In fact, What we said about the Islamist pigs, was not only a matter of anger or emotional things . It was a real thing, and Ahmad Khatami’s bullshit is further proof of how pig the Islamists are. The Islamist pigs in Iran not only rape and kill Iranians. but they clearly and openly ask for more blood. They want to shed more blood for all Islamic laws, like Islamic veil (Hejab), and other shitty Islamic rules. The Mullahs with blood on their hands, openly say that they want more blood, and they want to shed more blood, but some one like Naive Chomsky defend them and their corrupt system in the name of independence. Shame on Naive Chomsky

Islamist pigs in Iran defend Islamist pigs in Bahrain, a very small island of Persian Gulf. Bahrain is smaller than many cities of Iran, in the terms of geographic size and population. Bahrain is as small as Gaza, and both of them are as small as Qom, a small religious city near Tehran. The tragedy of Bahrain, and the tragedy of Gaza, are as important as the tragedy of Ahvaz, and the tragedy of other small cities of Iran. But the tragedy of Iran, is very very bigger than the tragedy of Bahrain or Gaza. The tragedy of Iran is as big as the tragedy of Europe in the Middle Age. The Muslim fanatics and Muslim pigs, are like Christian fanatics and Christian pigs in the Middle Age. The Church and the priests were like the Mosque and the Mullahs. All medieval things, like the Inquisition, rape, torture, etc, are still alive in Iran and the Mullahs are like the medieval priests. It’s really outrageous that Iranians should be victim of savage Mullahs, but Naive Chomsky and stupid lefts bullshit us about Mullah’s attractions, i.e. medieval attractions !

Hundreds killed in Nigeria

April 25, 2011

More than 500 people were killed in post-election violence in Nigeria last week. President Goodluck Jonathan, a Christian from the south, was declared the winner of the 16 April election, defeating northern Muslim Muhammadu Buhari, the former military ruler . Observers said the vote was the most credible in Nigeria for decades, and world leaders have congratulated Jonathan. But Buhari says the count was rigged, and his supporters have refused to accept defeat. Nigeria is home to more than 250 ethnic groups. The majority of the Muslim population live in the north, while the south is predominantly Christian, although sizeable minorities live in both regions. The results, announced by the Independent National Electoral Commission, showed Jonathan had more than 22m votes, compared to around 12m for Buhari. The Muslim dictator of Nigerian, i.e. Buhari is the Nigerian Mr. shit ! But he should look at Ivorian Mr. shit’s destiny, and how the people topple him after six months, and of course after a tragic and unnecessary violence and massacre, that the main responsible of it was the Ivorian dictator, the Ivorian Mr. shit. And now he should be brought to trial.

Churches, mosques, homes and shops in Nigeria were set on fire in the rioting. A military-enforced curfew was declared. More than 40,000 people were displaced by the violence. Nigeria could be another Ivory Coast. But Nigerian is really greater than Ivory Coast and its situation is more complicated. If fact, Nigeria, the great giant of Africa, with the largest population on the continent, i.e. 155 million, is awakening. Like Northern Africa and the Middle East, during the elections last week, Nigerian people wanted their vote to count, for disparities between the rich and poor to be reduced, and for access to education and health care. There are large disparities in access to education and health care for Nigerian girls and women . Improving women access to education and health care are so important, and they are considered as the key elements in building successful, sustainable democracies. We hope Nigeria could get rid of its Muslim fanatics and Christian fanatics very soon, and of course with a low cost.