Khomeini Hospital’s Tragedy

Khomeini Hospital in Tehran, threw two poor patients out on the street. These two poor patients had not enough money to pay their hospital’s bills. The health care and health care’s insurance is a real nightmare in Iran. And it’s another miracle of the Islamic regime. The Islamic fascists don’t care to human life and human rights. The staff of Khomeini Hospital in Tehran, took two patients in an Ambulance, and then threw them out on the street, in a Highway’s side. One of the patient was burned in an accident, and the other one had broken legs. It’s the real meaning of Islam and Islamic regime. It’s the real meaning of our tragic situation in Iran. Unfortunately, we have had a lot of this kind of reports and events in Iran, and it’s not a new and surprising thing.


It’s a real moving tragedy, bigger than the f-u-c-k-i-ng tragedies in f-u-c-k-ing Bahrain or f-u-c-k-i-ng Gaza. We and the majority of Iranians are really angry now. We and the majority of Iranians now hate the Islamists that create these f-u-c-k-ing conditions in Iran. We and the majority of Iranians hate Gaza, Lebanon, Bahrain, i.e. hate their f-u-c-k-ing Islamists, more than before. They love Khamenei’s regime and they have the support of Khamenei’s regime, the real enemy of humanity and human beings. They are pigs, and you should die like pigs. In fact, we should apologize to pigs, because Basijis and Islamists are meaner than pigs. They not only rape and kill the peopel (like Mullah’s case in Iran) , but they slaughter their own children and relatives The Islamists in Bahrain, Gaza, Lebanon, etc are Basiji or Basiji’s lover, and Mullahs support them financially. In fact, they plunder the Iranian Oil money. Basijis and Islamists are rapist, and killer, i.e. they rape and kill protesters, patients, prisoners, poor people and all human beings. They are really meaner than pigs. Shame on Islamist pigs, who rape and kill Iranians. Sham on Islamist pigs, who don’t care to human rights and human life.

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