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A reader, UNF, has said that he can see spam comments in our website (but we can not see them). Now we doubt whether it’s true or not. We want to ask you all dear readers that: “Do you see spam comments below our posts/articles ? ” We are sure that spam filtering feature of, Akismet, filter spambot comments and place them in Spam queue. And in this way, no one can see any spam comment. Apparently each one that post a comment, or spam comments, can see it by himself/herself, but others can not see it (maybe they are visible for some minutes, but not longer). But they are theory, and we want a real answer from you, the dear readers: “Do you see spam comments of other people in our websites? ” Please note that put some Ad below the posts, and it’s different from spam comments.

UNF has also said : “your comment moderation policy is so open it approves spambot trolling the blogs to deposit clickbait” There are two main matters here : 1- “Captcha”, and other spam blocking plugins, don’t work in blogs. In fact, it’s WordPress’s policy that the “Plugins” just work in “”, not in “”. So there is no Captcha, and no other Plugins in It seems so bad and should change this stupid restriction. Of course many users/people hate Captcha, but other Plugins are really helpful. In “”, the only spam filter service is “Akismet”, that you could not configure or disable it. It’s really bad that you could not configure “Akismet”. But apparently “Akismet” works with a “white list” policy, and filter almost all comments, with a few exceptions. And our experience show that it works well. 2- We believe in “Open” policy about comments, and any other thing. We believe in Open Society. We think that it’s a good thing that the Internet is different from the real world, and people could have nickname and fake name for themselves. Privacy and Anonymity is very important for us. “Fake names” or “Fake identity” is a very good feature of Cyber Space. In our website people could comments with “fake names”, and it’s very good. “Listing and Thanking all the ridiculous fake names” is ridiculous for UNF and people like him, but for us it’s very meaningful and important. There is no need for us to look at Wikileaks’ story to find the truth about the importance of Privacy and Anonymity. Reading about tyranny, or living under tyranny, could show us the importance of ” Privacy and Anonymity” very easily.

We believe in Open Society and Open Policy about all matters. But some stupid people violate other people’s freedom and privacy. The stupid people that spam by spambots or stupid spammers, are e-enemy of the open society. We should have some sort of e-punishment, or e-jail for these stupid e-criminals ! WordPress and other institutes report that 90% percent of readers/website’s users don’t leave any comment, and 90% of comments are spam. WordPress (Akismet) reports that it catches 5,000,000 spam comments per day ! But we have more important real criminals in the real world, like big corporations, and big dictators. They really threaten the freedom, democracy, and human rights. When you live in Iran, you really feel it, because you can not live a normal life. You can not have a website. Having a website is playing with fire, or playing with death. The Internet speed is horrible, and you can not be online and work like western people. When you live in Iran, you should invent some ideas for a new e-life. And we have tried to do the same in our website. We believe in open society, but we don’t publish any comment from Basiji thugs, i.e. well-trained Khamenei’s dogs in “War of Nerves”. And we try to not publish comments of stupid Islamists, stupid lefts, and stupid rights, i.e. the rapist, the Marxist, and the racist. We love the opposition opinions and thinkable criticisms, and we would try to discuss them in separate posts, like this one, in “Comments and Readers” category.

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