iPhone = Big Brother’s Tool

iPhone keeps record of everywhere you go. Security researchers have discovered that Apple’s iPhone keeps track of where you go and saves every detail of it to a secret file on the device which is then copied to the owner’s computer when the two are synchronised. The file contains the latitude and longitude of the phone’s recorded coordinates along with a timestamp, meaning that anyone who stole the phone or the computer could discover details about the owner’s movements using a simple program. “Apple has made it possible for almost anybody -a jealous spouse, a CIA/Basji agent- with access to your phone or computer to get detailed information about where you’ve been,” said Pete Warden, one of the researchers”. Director of the pressure group Privacy International said: “This is a worrying discovery. Location is one of the most sensitive elements in anyone’s life, just think where people go in the evening. The existence of that data creates a real threat to privacy”.

Mobile networks already record phones’ locations, and your location always is available to the police in the West, and to Khamenei’s dogs/thugs in Iran. MPs in 2009 criticized Google for its “Latitude” system, which allowed people to enable their mobile to give out details of their location to trusted contacts. The iPhone system, by contrast, appears to record the data whether or not the user agrees. Apple declined to comment on why the file is created. If someone were to steal an iPhone and “jailbreak” it, giving them direct access to the files it contains, they could extract the location database directly. Alternatively, anyone with direct access to a user’s computer could run the application and see a visualization of their movements.

Apple can legitimately claim that it has permission to collect the data: near the end of the 15,200-word terms and conditions for its iTunes program, used to synchronise with iPhones, iPods and iPads, is an 86-word paragraph about “location-based services”. It says that “Apple and our partners and licensees may collect, use, and share precise location data, including the real-time geographic location of your Apple computer or device. This location data is collected anonymously in a form that does not personally identify you and is used by Apple and our partners and licensees to provide and improve location-based products and services. .”

iPhone is not your phone. It’s Jobb’s phone. It’s Big Brother’s phone. Remember that. This is a major security threat. It should be called the iSpy.

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