Naive Chomsky = Stupid Lefts’ Leader

April 22, 2011

The great leader of stupid lefts is Noam Chomsky, that we could call him “Naive Chomsky”. Unfortunately the greatest enemy of Iranians is not Obama, Bush, Cameron, Blair, etc, but it’s “Naive Chomsky”. It’s very tragic that “Naive Chomsky” is the greatest supporter of Khamenei’s regime, i.e. the Islamic fascism that kill, rape, and torture Iranians. Naive Chomsky is the number one enemy of Iranians, and the number one enemy of the freedom and democracy in the developing world. Yesterday, Huffingtonpost published a Chomsky’s speech that was given in Amsterdam in March 2011 The speech is about “Arab Revolutions” and shows you why we call him “Naive Chomsky”. Lets take a look at the first part of what he has said about Iran: “The U.S. and its Western allies are sure to do whatever they can to prevent authentic democracy in the Arab world. To understand why, it is only necessary to look at the studies of Arab opinion conducted by U.S. polling agencies. Though barely reported !, they are certainly known to planners !. They reveal that by overwhelming majorities, Arabs regard the U.S. and Israel as the major threats they face: the U.S. is so regarded by 90% of Egyptians, in the region generally by over 75%. Some Arabs regard Iran as a threat: 10% !!! Opposition to U.S. policy is so strong that a majority believes that security would be improved if Iran had nuclear weapons !!! in Egypt, 80% … Elite contempt for democracy was revealed dramatically in the reaction to the WikiLeaks exposures. Those that received most attention, with euphoric commentary, were cables reporting that Arabs support the U.S. stand on Iran. The reference was to the ruling dictators. The attitudes of the public were unmentioned !!!… The democracy uprising in the Arab world is sometimes compared to Eastern Europe in 1989, but on dubious grounds. In 1989, the democracy uprising was tolerated by the Russians, and supported by western power in accord with standard doctrine: It plainly conformed to economic and strategic objectives, and was therefore a noble achievement, greatly honored … In Western policymaking circles and political commentary the Iranian threat is considered to pose the greatest danger to world order and hence must be the primary focus of U.S. foreign policy, with Europe trailing along politely. What exactly is the Iranian threat? An authoritative answer is provided by the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence. Reporting on global security last year, they make it clear that the threat is not military . Iran’s military spending is “relatively low compared to the rest of the region,” they conclude!!! … Iran has only “a limited capability to project force beyond its borders !!!” With regard to the nuclear option, “Iran’s nuclear program and its willingness to keep open the possibility of developing nuclear weapons is a central part of its deterrent strategy !!!” The brutal clerical regime is doubtless a threat to its own people, though it hardly outranks U.S. allies in that regard !!!!!!!! . But the threat lies elsewhere, and is ominous indeed. One element is Iran’s potential deterrent capacity, an illegitimate exercise of sovereignty !!! that might interfere with U.S. freedom of action in the region !!!

Now you could understand why Khamenei and his fascist regime love Naive Chomsky. Why Khamenei’s TV works with Naive Chomsky, and why our f-u-c-k-ing world has its current f-u-c-k-ing shape and form. The world should be like this, because its top intellectual is some one like “Naive Chomsky”; Because a lot of stupid lefts, that call themselves “Intellectual”, are among Naive Chomsky’s fans and follow him blindly. When the most famous intellectual of the world is some one like “Naive Chomsky”, then we should not expect better conditions than status quo. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand many vital matters. He can not understand that how dangerous is “the brutal clerical regime” and how it outranks other countries. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand that “exercise of sovereignty ” is a joke. In fact, he can not see the apparent paradox of the West and he has forgotten Iran-Contra scandal. He surely has not any explanation for this vital scandal “Naive Chomsky” can not understand that “the potential Islamic deterrent capacity” could f-u-c-k the whole world, and could cause another global nightmare, bigger than Nazism and Fascism. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand the complicated situation between Iran and Arab world. He pretends ignorance of the great hostility between Sunni and Shia in Islam world, a hostility that is greater than the hostility between Catholics and Protestants in Christianity world. He pretends ignorance of the great historical hostility between Persians and Arabs, a hostility that is greater than the historical hostility between Frenchs and Brintons. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand how unreal is the result of “U.S. polling agencies”; Those agencies that in 2009 declared that Mr. shit had the majority in Iran!! And needless to say that a good amount of money from the Mullah Mafia in the US could generate many fake polls. “Naive Chomsky” can not understand that Iranian people and their views about Iranian regime are important, not Arab people and their views. Khamenei and his regime kill and rape Iranians, and then Naive Chomsky talks about Arab people’s view about Khamenei’s regime ! Such a blindness and such a stupidity. Naive Chomsky doesn’t talk about Iranian wills. He doesn’t talk about the reality of Iran, Egypt, and Arab world. Iran, 75 million, has a population more than the population of the whole Arab world, except Egypt. And Egypt is not an Arab country, they are an ancient civilization like Iran, and were among the close friends of Iranians. Egypt, like Iran, was invaded by Arabs, and after that Egypt lost its identity, even its language. But Iran and Iranians did not lose their identity, and they kept their language and their own culture. This is the main difference between Iran and Egypt. Egyptian language was not Arabic. Egypt was not a Arab country. But Egypt lost its identity after Islam, while Iran and Iranians kept their own culture. It has a long story and we would write more about it later.

The Mullah’s Advanced Technology

April 22, 2011

Take a look at the following picture. What do you think about it? What is this? Who could guess? It is a picture of a comedy movie? Is it a picture of a children’s play? Is it a picture of a kindergarten? Is it a picture of a funny play? Is it a picture of a science fictional movies of 1950s or 1940s? What is this?


I think 99% of you could not guess the right answers! It’s a picture of the latest advanced technology of the Mullah’s regime. It’s a military vehicle or an Islamic missile (Who knows?! It’s a top secret plan !) that was showed in the Military Achievement Show in Tehran, in the The Islamic Army’s Day. Monday 19 April, was the Islamic Army’s Day, and the above picture is a real picture. The Mullah’s High Tech is very very advanced, like the above picture. Iranians say different things about the above picture: “Maybe it’s an atomic-Islamic missile. Maybe it’s a B-52 plane + an atomic bomb. Maybe the Mullah’s regime wants to send a human, or maybe two humans (the two stupids in the above picture) to the space, and it’s an Islamic shuttle, for sending these two stupids to the space.”

Answer to Readers, 22 Apr

April 22, 2011

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