The Last Play of Khamenei

In the recent days, Khamenei and Mr. shit, i.e. the coup’s president, performed a very funny play. This funny play had seven Acts, and now we want to take a look at these seven Acts. It looks like an imaginary situation, but the reality is not very different. The reality is really like the following imaginary seven Acts:

Act 1 : Inside Mr. shit’s Cabinet

Mr. shit :“I’m the president. Hey, Moslehi, who allows you to ignore my order? I show you that …” Moslehi : I’m a Mullah, and Agha (our lord, i.e. Khamenei) has appointed me. I’m Agha’s minister of Intelligence and national security. I just obey Agha’s order (Khamenei’s order). Watch your mouth” Mr. shit : “You threaten me, f-u-c-k-er. you, a Basiji rapist. you think you are somebody. the poor Mullah. I appointed you. who knows you? f-u-c-k-er. you think that you can threaten me …” Daneshjoo : “Dear president, relax. Please forgive him. Moslehi apologizes for his behaviors. Please forgive him. he is stupid, but you are our master, our dear president” Moslehi : “Shut up Daneshjoo, Mr. fake Ph.D. All Iranians know that your Ph.D. is a fake. Shut your mouth, idiot lair. If I want to offer my apology, I could do it by myself. I don’t need you, Mr. minister of High Education” Daneshjoo : “How dare you. Dear Mr. shit, don’t you want to tell him something? “Mr. shit : “When I told you that Moslehi should go, you say not. From now on, he is not a member of my Cabinet. Get out of here, little f-u-c-k-er” Moslehi : “When Agha (Khamenei) order me, I leave here” Mr. shit : “Throw him out .. “I’m Agha’s minister” … ha ha” Moslehi :” I’m Agha’s minister. Mr. Vahidi, you are Agha’s minister, too. You should say something” Vahidi : “As the minister of defense, I’m surely an Agha’s soldier. But we should not forget that Agha supported Mr. shit in his military coup. We know the truth, so don’t be stupid, dear friends. All of us know the truth about, for instance about Mr. Daneshjoo’s fake Ph.D . but we should remain faithful soldiers” Daneshjoo : “What you means by referring to me. Oh my heart, oh my heaaaaaartMr. shit :“Call a doctor. he died.” Moslehi : “We have a doctor here, Mr. Shariatmadari’s wife, the minister of Health. Sister, could you do something for him” Shariatmadari’s wife :“Oh, no … he is a man, and I’m a woman. No, it’s impossible. Of course, I have forgotten some of my university’s lessons. but … but …” Mr. shit : “She is one of us, like the rest of us. Call a real doctor. A real doctor form the ministry of Health. Do we have any real doctor there? or all of them are like us? check it very soon.”

Act 2 : Inside Hospital

After an hour, finally they could find a real doctor and he treated Daneshjoo. Now Mr. shit says to Moslehi: “My brother, I accept your resignation, I’m really sorry. You were my real friend and my real supporter. So I appoint you as my advisor.” Moslehi: “But … but … Ah my heart … my heaaaaaaaart … don’t call any real or fake doctor … Just call Agha’s office … I need Agha … Ah, Aghaaaaaaa”

Act 3 : Inside Khamenei’s Office

Moslehi weeps like a stupid child. He says: “Oh, Agha, Mr. shit fired me … I want my job back … I want my job” Khamenei: “Don’t cry, idiot. You are my son’s puppet. Hey, Hejazi, call that little piece of shit, immediately.” And some minutes later Khamenei is on the telephone and talks to Mr shit: “Why do you fire Moslehi? He is my minister.” Mr shit: “But Agha, he insulted you and he disgraced all of us by his behaviors.” Khamenei: “I know him and I know you. I know that he has many weak points, like you and your cabinet. He is like you all.” Mr. shit: “But Agha, he is a Zionist and works for Zionists.” Khamenei: “Who says he is a Zionist? He is the head of our Intelligence Service, he is a Mullah”. Mr. shit: “But he works for Zionists … I will come there, and show you my documents. Please wait a minute, I will be there very soon, bye for now”.

Act 5 : Inside Mr. shit’s Office

Mr. shit: “I showed the secret documents to Agha. But he has not answered yet. I think he would accept them.” Mashaee: “As your right-hand man, I should say that we should officially declare that Moslehi has resigned and you have accepted his resignation.” Mr. shit: “I did it yesterday. But Agha’s men in Agha’s office, said: ” Agha has said that Moslehi should return to the Cabinet”. This tactic, has disarmed us.” Mashaee: “But it’s not an official order. We could ignore it” Mr. shit: “OK. I declare that Moslehi is not my minister, again.”

Act 6 : Inside Khamenei’s Office

Moslehi: “Agha, Mr. shit has said that I’m not the minister. what did you tell him about me? I want my job …” Khamenei: “Don’t cry again, idiot. I should show this little piece of shit that I’m the boss, and he must obey my orders.” Hey, Hejazi, bring me a piece of paper”. And After an hour Khamenei says: “Hey, Moslehi come on. It’s my letter for you. I said that you are my minister. Are you happy now?” Moslehi: “Yes, thanks. Now I get my great job back.” Khamenei: “Hey, Hejazi, call Keyhan. I want to talk to Shariatmadari”. Some minutes later Khamenei is on the telephone and talks to Shariatmadari: “You should show this little piece of shit that who I am. Show him who is the boss. We should prepare the situation for xxyxx him. We should prepare for the xzzzzx operation, too. Do you understand the codes?” Shariatmadari: “Yes, Agha”

Act 7 : Inside Keyhan’s Office

Shariatmadari: “Agha has said that we should prepare the situation for the final acts about Mr. shit. Prepare our classic themes. He is a Zionist and works for Zionists. But no, at first it’s better we say that his men and especially his right-hand man, Mashaee, is a Zionist and works for Zionists. Come on stupid journalists. come on. we have a lot of works. After doing your drugs, then try to write some lines for the tomorrow newspaper. Ali, where is my drugs? I should do drugs, I badly need it now.” And after 6 hours, and after doing a lot of drugs, Keyhan’s headline becomes : The Leader of Revolution did not allow the government to Dethrone Moslehi

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