Keyhan, Khamenei, and Mr. shit

Yesterday, Keyhan started a new project. Keyhan is the Iranian “Pravda”. Pravda was the official newspaper of the Communist Party of USSR, and Keyhan is the offical newspaper of Khamenei’s office. What Keyhan said yesterday, could show us the new Khamenei’s project, because as the Mullahs say: “What Keyhan says is the Khamenei’s words”. In fact, Keyhan always shows us behind the scenes. Yesterday, Keyhan had an unprecedented headline : “ The Leader of Revolution didn’t allow the government (Mr. shit) to Dethrone Moslehi ” Apparently Khamenei and his strategists want to get rid of Mr. shit. They can see and predict their downfall, and want to prevent it. But it’s too late. This stupid act had to be done in 2009. Now it’s too late. Now all Iranians know that the main dictator and the main problem of Iran is Khamenei, not Mr. shit or any other stupid person in the regime. After those brutal killing, torturing, raping, and beating, Iranians know their main enemy. They know the Mullah’s regime is unchangeable. The eight years of Khatami’s presidency showed them the truth. Now they are sure that they should topple Khamenei and his regime, if they really want the freedom and democracy. They know that if they want to live a normal life, and if they want to have a normal economic situation, they should get rid of Khamenei and the Islamic regime very soon. The sooner, the better. Khamenei’s new project just could deceive Khatami and Khatamists, who are very disgraced and discredited inside Iran. In fact, Khamenei’s new project has been failed in its first steps. It’s too late, Mr. stupid great leader. It’s too late. Just take a look at the world history. Or at least take a look at your dear friends Gaddafi and Bastard Assad. If they could save themselves, then you could do the same for yourself.

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