Hugo Chaves and stupid Lefts

The love story of Chavez and stupid lefts is a real tragedy. What we said about Hugo Chavez and Oliver Stone had some stupid reactions, that were like the reactions to what we said about Chavez’s bullshit about Gaddafi . The stupid lefts can not understand the basic vital concepts, and it’s one of the main problems of the world. In fact, the Capitalists and the stupid lefts, are two side of the same coin. And both of them are really horrible troublemakers. The majority of stupid lefts are Marxist. The great Howard Zinn once said in an interview : “Some people label me as a Marxist professorthat is too rigid a definition for what I would argue is a complex set of beliefs I have about Marxism, Socialism, Capitalism. Marxist professor doesnt do it … You asked me about Marxism and I said well, I really wouldnt exactly call myself a Marxist professor because the reason I wouldnt do that is because Marxism has been interpreted in so many different ways. There are some terrible, terrible people who have called themselves Marxist and I dont want to be associated with them. But on the other hand, Marx himself, and Engels, they were two of the most brilliant thinkers of modern times.” That terrible, terrible people who have called themselves Marxist, and we dont want to be associated with them. are the stupid lefts and now lets take a look at some of their horrible mistakes.

Elections and Lifelong Presidents

Some stupid lefts say: “Chavez is not dictator; A dictatorship does not have elections! He just can stand for election each time there is an election !! ” But these stupid lefts have forgotten that Mubarak, Gaddafi, Saddam, Khamenei, Bastard Assad, and the majority of modern dictators have election in their countries. Saddam was the president, and he stood in the elections, and always won the election. Mubarak was the president, and he stood in the elections, and always won the election. Bastard Assad and Castro are the president, and they stand in the elections, and always win the election. And Chavez and Mr. shit (In fact Khamenei) are the president, and they stand in the elections, and always win the election. Are you blind, stupid lefts ? The modern dictators are not stupid like you, and they don’t say: “Oh, dear people, I’m a brutal dictator and I want to f-u-c-k you”. But always they says : “I’m your president, I’m your leader. You voted me, You elected me. I always stand in the elections, and you always elect me. I’m your servant, and you are my masters.” But the stupid lefts that live in the free countries, i.e. countries that are more free than Iran, Venezuela, Cuba, China, etc, think that the symbolic election is enough. The symbolic election deceives the stupid lefts. But the symbolic election means a “systematic election fraud, a systematic deceit.” A lifelong president, Mubarak or Chavez, who stand in every symbolic election, and win every election, is not the president of a Republic system. He is a Shah or tyrant of a Monarchy system .

Power = Corruption

The unlimited power is equal to unlimited corruption, and it’s the most important lesson of the world history. But the stupid lefts don’t understand it. They don’t understand that we must limit all the powers, and there is no good or divine power Khomeini and Khamenei, and other stupid Islamists said that the Mullahs are not corrupt people, and they are god people, and they have divine power. They said that the Mullahs are not like other corrupt politicians that are hypocrite and tell lie. They said that the Mullahs are honest and good politicians, and could rule without any limit. But the Mullahs were like other human being, and maybe more corrupt and more stupid than ordinary politicians. Every politicians should rule for a limited time. And this limited time should not be more than 10 years, under any condition. Ten years should be the upper limit, and no one should be a president, leader, or prime minister for more than 10 years Castro and Gaddafi, or Chavez and Mubarak, have not any significant difference with each other. Mubarak was a pro-US, but Chavez is an anti-US. That’s all. But they are the same in other characteristics. Gaddafi is in power for than 40 years, Castro is in power for more than 40 years, Khamenei is in power for more than 20 years, Chavez is in power for more than 13 years, Mubarak was in power for more than 30 years, etc. The lifelong presidents/leaders stand in the elections, and always win the elections. But it’s needless to say that their elections are symbolic elections, with a lot of election fraud.

The stupid lefts say: “Look at the UK system. The same prime minister can stay in power for a very long time and multiple elections. In the case of the US it is the same party that can stay in power over multiple elections.” Yes, the UK system is not perfect and has many serious problems. The British prime ministers must rule in a limited time. But we don’t have any British prime minister that ruled more than 12 years. The UK has a long history of parliamentary democracy, and is the world’s oldest parliamentary democracy. We should not compare the UK with Iran or Venezuela. The British people have fought against tyranny since the 16th century, and if any one, absolutely any one, wants to become a tyrant, like Castro or Chavez, in the UK, then the whole British nation would f-u-c-k him. The tyranny has been dead in the UK. Of course the UK has many serious problems in its democracy, and they must improve it ASAP. In the case of the US, the two party system is the most important American problem. But every one, and every party can stand in the American presidential election, and there is no limit. If any one could win the election, even an independent person, s/he becomes the president. There is no limit. But the media power and the power of money encourage the people to vote either Democrats or Republicans. It’s a voluntary act, not a mandatory task, that Americans vote either Democrats or Republicans. If one day they decide to vote a third party, they would get rid of their stupid traditional politicians, and many things could change inside the US.

Enemy of my enemy is not my friend

The stupid lefts think that all things that are related to the US, and all people and countries that are friend of the US are bad, and instead, all people and countries that are enemy of the US are good. It’s really a horrible mistake. It’s too naive to think in this way. Yes, Capitalism is bad and evil, but Communism and Totalitarianism are bad and evil, too. In fact, the Totalitarianism and Dictatorship are the great evil, even when they were the enemy of the US or Capitalism. The Capitalism and the majority of American politicians are bad and the enemy of the truth, but Chavez of Venezuell, Khamenei and Islamists of Iran, Castro of Cuba, Communists of China, Putin of Russia, Morales of Bolivia, and other stupid tyrants of other countries, who are the enemy of the US, are worst than the US. In fact, the enemy of my enemy is no my friend, and maybe s/he could be the bigger enemy of us, like what we experience it in Iran

Stupid lefts don’t deserve what they have

The stupid lefts say: “Have you been to Venezuela, have you spoken to ordinary people? By ordinary I mean any of the 99% of the population !! that have an income of less then a few hundred dollars a month !!” No, we have not been to Venezuela, but we live inside Iran. We know how wrong is this stupid “99%” thing. We know that the Iranian Proletariat , are a very tiny minority. By the Proletariat , we mean the illiterate and stupid workers or farmers. The educated and literate skilled or semi-skilled workers, i.e. the Middle Class, are the majority in Iran. But the stupid lefts call them “the Bourgeoisie” And the stupid war between the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie, and the stupid concept of the Proletariat’s Dictatorship are one of the most stupid concepts in the human history and we would write more about it later.

The stupid lefts in the western countries, that unfortunately are the majority of the western intellects, don’t deserve what they have. They should be forced to go and live in Iran, or Syria, or Cuba, or Venezuela, or Libya, etc and then they really understand the meaning of their stupid ideals. You love a tyrant like Hugo Chavez, that’s OK, but you must live in Venezuela or you must live in Iran. under the religious tyranny . You could not live in a free country and then bullshit us about the tyranny and the tyrant. We, i.e. the people who hate the tyranny, but we are forced to live under tyranny, must be able to go to the free world and live there. And the western lefts, who love dictatorship and a tyrant like Hugo Chavez, must be forced to live in Venezuela, Iran, Syria, Cuba, etc The world could be a better place, if all people live in where they deserve, not where they were born. We really need a world without any border, and any visa. A world that all people live in where they deserve, not where they were born .

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