The Savage Saudi Muslims

A Saudi man cuts daughter’s tongue, and burns her to death. The daughter was a Saudi blogger . In fact, Saudi man killed his daughter for converting to Christianity. The report says: “A Saudi man working with the Commission for Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice recently killed his daughter for converting to Christianity. According to sources close to the victim, the religious police member had cut the tongue of the girl and burned her to death following a heated debate on religion . The death of the girl sent shockwaves and websites where the victim used to write with various nick names have allocated special space to mourn her, while some others closed temporarily in protest. According to the Saudi Al Ukhdoud news website, the victim wrote an article on the blog of which she was a member under the nickname “Rania” a few days before her murder Interesting choice of names. Was she inspired by Jordan’s “hip” queen Rania, the woman devoted to proving to the world that, among other things, honor/apostate killings are totally alien to Islam??!!”

Oh, the poor girl. Such a savage and barbarian father she had. It’s really like the Arabian legacy of the Arabian Age of Ignorance. That’s why Iranians hate Arab fanatics, i.e. the Arabs that like their ancient fathers, kill their daughters. It’s better that they eat lizard and wash their face with their camel’s piss, like their ancient fathers, but don’t kill their poor girls.

Oh, the poor girl. This savage father is a typical fanatic Muslim in Arab world. Now you could understand that why Iranians hate Arab fanatics, and their friends in Iran, the Mullahs. They are very savage and barbarian. I think Arab barbarians disgrace ordinary barbarians, too !! Because the ordinary and typical barbarians did not kill their own children. There were like animals, and the majority of animals don’t kill their own children. Compared to the Arab barbarians, the ordinary and typical barbarians seem like Queen Elizabeth !

4 Responses to The Savage Saudi Muslims

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  3. Zahin says:

    that father must sentence to death !!!

  4. Zahin says:

    FUCK Islam ! father killed his daughter for converting to Christianity. Islam is the largest problem,asshole, in the world. DAMN Islam !!!
    All muslims shall suffer in the hell with muhammad !!!

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