The Mullah’s Double Standards

The reality of Mullahs and Mullah’s regime is very interesting and very tragic. Their apparent double standards are so ridiculous; They are like funny jokes. But this comic situation, becomes very tragic when you live under the Mullah’s regime. The Mullah’s shameful double standards are among the greatest double standards of the human history. Lets take a look at some of them.

Destroying Mosque

In Bahrain : Oh, God, Bahraini dictator has destroyed a mosque. Oh, God, such a great tragedy; such a great disaster. All Muslims should react to this non-Islamic tragic act.

In Gaza : Oh, God, the Zionists destroyed a mosque. Oh, God, it’s the greatest tragedy of the world. All Muslims should destroyed Jews’ temples.

In Iran : We destroyed a mosque yesterday. This mosque was a “Seditious and Bad Mosque” (Masjed Zerar). The prophet Muhammad, destroyed a mosque, too. Destroying a bad mosque is not non-Islamic. Mosque is not a holy place, we should be a little open-minded.

Killing Protesters

In Bahrain :Bahraini dictator killed the poor Bahraini protesters. The protesters just asked about their right, but they got bullets, instead their rights. Where is freedom? Where is democracy? Where is human rights?

In Gaza : The Zionists killed the poor Muslim protesters. They are very savage and brutal. They killed innocent people, and don’t allow them to protest peacefully. Where is freedom? Where is democracy? Where is human rights?

In Iran : The protesters should obey our great leader’s orders. The democracy is a Western thing. We have Islam and it’s enough for us. What is democracy? What is human rights? they are crap and nonsense; they are Western stupid things; they are not Islamic things. We have Islam and Islamic laws. We don’t need any non-Islamic thing like democracy and human rights. We can not tolerate any protests, even peaceful protests. The protest and demonstration is a non-Islamic thing, a war against God.

Free Election and Democracy

In Bahrain : Bahraini dictator should respect to the people’s vote. The Bahraini regime is not a democracy and it’s a very bad thing. The Bahraini dictator should listen to Bahraini people’s voice.

In Gaza : The Zionists should hold a free election, or a free referendum. Gaza should have a free referendum, and they should respect to the people’s vote and the people’s voice. The Zionists are very bad, because they kill the protests, and they have not any free referendum in Gaza and other parts.

In Iran :The people should obey the great leader. Election, or free election, is a non-Islamic thing. In Islam, the people should obey their leaders. In Islam, we don’t have any thing like referendum. You want a free referendum? it’s a Zionist thing, and you are a Zionist. Referendum is a non-Islamic and Zionist thing. Referendum is a very bad and dangerous thing, as free election.

Torture and Rape prisoners

In Bahrain :Bahraini dictator’s thugs torture the innocent protesters. They are very brutal; They torture the innocent people in their prison. where is human rights?

In Gaza :The Zionists torture the Muslim protesters. They can not tolerate any protest, and torture the poor Muslim activists in Gaza and other parts. where is human rights?

In Iran :We torture any protesters. But it’s not the whole story. We rape any women and men that protest against our regime, and our dear leader. We rape and torture any non-Muslims, who want to topple our system. We don’t tolerate them. What is human rights? a non-Islamic and Zionist crap.

Mass Arrests , illegal Arrests

In Bahrain :Bahraini dictator arrest many innocent people. Mass arrest is illegal. The Bahraini dictator’s thugs don’t respect to any international law, and arrest innocent people illegally.

In Gaza :The Zionists arrest the Muslims illegally. They are the enemy of humanity and their acts are against the international laws.

In Iran :The international laws are made by the Zionists. We don’t respect to any international law. We arrest any person who protest against us. In Islam, we don’t have any legal or illegal arrest. All the arrests in the Islamic regime are legal.

Rebels and Rebellion

In Bahrain :Bahraini Rebels fight for their basic rights. Bahraini rebels should get their own rights. Bahraini rebels should not respect to any Bahraini dictator’s law.

In Gaza :The Muslim rebels in Gaza should fight for their basic rights. They should not respect to any Zionist’s law.

In Iran : Rebel against the Islamic regime is a war against God. Rebels should respect to our Islamic laws, and if they rebel against our great leader, we should kill, torture, rape, and slaughter them. It’s an Islamic right for the Islamic regime.

These shameful and ridiculous Islamic double standards, are just a part of the Holy Islamic Hipocracy: Taqqiya

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