Ashraf Camp’s Tragedy

The UN has confirmed that 34 people were killed in the Ashraf Camp. The Ashraf Camp is the PMOI’s camp in Iraq, and in the past week Iraqi forces attacked the Ashraf Camp again. The story of Ashraf Camp is really tragic. In fact, the stupid Masoud motherf-u-c-k-er Rajavi and PMOI kill the innocent people of Ashraf Camp.

Radio Farda has a good report about Ashraf Camp in Persian language that says: “Ashraf Camp is located in north of Baghdad, 80 km form Baghdad’s center. PMOI went to Iraq in 1980s, during Iran-Iraq war, and fought against Iranians. They helped Iraqi forces to kill Iranian people. One of Ashraf Camp’s inhabitants, who finally could get out of Ashraf Camp, told us: ‘I lived 25 years in Ashraf Camp. In this 25 years I did not have any contact with my family. We have been banned from using the Internet, cell phone, and telephone. In fact, PMOI even does not allow us to listen to Radio We were totally isolated inside Ashraf Camp, (and it was and is the main strategy of PMOI). Rajavi has said that each person that wants to get out of Ashraf Camp, would be executed. Rajavi and PMOI told us that we should stay in Ashraf Camp, because no country accepts us. The UN and Red Cross should go to Ashraf Camp and talk to its poor inhabitants. Ashraf Camp is a real prison PMOI and Rajavi know that if the Ashraf Camp’s inhabitants (three thousands) could get out of this hell, then they would leave PMIO, and PMOI would collapse. It scares them to death. Marriage is banned in Ashraf Camp. Even talking with women is banned in Ashraf Camp (It’s PMOI’s strategy). The real killer of innocent people of Ashraf Camp is Rajavi and his policies. Ashraf Camp is a large prison. We did not have any access to any communication tool; We could not even talk to each other, it was banned.”

PMOI and the Islamic regime’s are two sides of the same coin. The biggest enemy of both of them is “Freedom”, awareness, information, and communication tools. They are sure that if the people know the truth, their system would collapse. Shame on the US that supports Rajvai, this stupid brutal dictator. Ashraf Camp is a death’s camp for innocent people, while Rajavi live in the US. Ashraf Camp is a real human tragedy, and Rajavi is its first and main responsible.

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  1. nilewatch says:

    This story was under-reported in the West

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