Ashraf Camp’s Tragedy

April 17, 2011

The UN has confirmed that 34 people were killed in the Ashraf Camp. The Ashraf Camp is the PMOI’s camp in Iraq, and in the past week Iraqi forces attacked the Ashraf Camp again. The story of Ashraf Camp is really tragic. In fact, the stupid Masoud motherf-u-c-k-er Rajavi and PMOI kill the innocent people of Ashraf Camp.

Radio Farda has a good report about Ashraf Camp in Persian language that says: “Ashraf Camp is located in north of Baghdad, 80 km form Baghdad’s center. PMOI went to Iraq in 1980s, during Iran-Iraq war, and fought against Iranians. They helped Iraqi forces to kill Iranian people. One of Ashraf Camp’s inhabitants, who finally could get out of Ashraf Camp, told us: ‘I lived 25 years in Ashraf Camp. In this 25 years I did not have any contact with my family. We have been banned from using the Internet, cell phone, and telephone. In fact, PMOI even does not allow us to listen to Radio We were totally isolated inside Ashraf Camp, (and it was and is the main strategy of PMOI). Rajavi has said that each person that wants to get out of Ashraf Camp, would be executed. Rajavi and PMOI told us that we should stay in Ashraf Camp, because no country accepts us. The UN and Red Cross should go to Ashraf Camp and talk to its poor inhabitants. Ashraf Camp is a real prison PMOI and Rajavi know that if the Ashraf Camp’s inhabitants (three thousands) could get out of this hell, then they would leave PMIO, and PMOI would collapse. It scares them to death. Marriage is banned in Ashraf Camp. Even talking with women is banned in Ashraf Camp (It’s PMOI’s strategy). The real killer of innocent people of Ashraf Camp is Rajavi and his policies. Ashraf Camp is a large prison. We did not have any access to any communication tool; We could not even talk to each other, it was banned.”

PMOI and the Islamic regime’s are two sides of the same coin. The biggest enemy of both of them is “Freedom”, awareness, information, and communication tools. They are sure that if the people know the truth, their system would collapse. Shame on the US that supports Rajvai, this stupid brutal dictator. Ashraf Camp is a death’s camp for innocent people, while Rajavi live in the US. Ashraf Camp is a real human tragedy, and Rajavi is its first and main responsible.

Vakilabad Prison: A Hell on Earth

April 17, 2011

In a letter to the Head of the regime’s Judiciary, Seyed Hashem Khastar, a prisoner of conscience who is currently serving time inside Vakilabad, provides details about the dreadful conditions of the prison. Khastar describes conditions where the number of inmates inside the prison is now more than four times the normal capacity of the facility, and that prisoners are serving their sentences while deprived of the most basic living conditions. In his letter, Khastar compares the prison conditions with Hitlers Death Camps. Khastar, a Khorasan Teachers Union representative, also states in the letter that 63 prisoners were executed on a single day on 10 August 2010. Over the past year, Iranian authorities have been silent about the secret mass executions in Vakilabad Prison. The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran has received reliable reports that the true numbers are much higher and at least 300 prisoners were secretly executed in Vakilabad in 2010.

Khaster wrote in his letter: Prior to the revolution, the Mashad Vakilabad Prison was constructed by a German engineer, containing four wards, about 1,500 prisoners, and a park-like [atmosphere]. According to the prisons current authorities, this prison has been built for 2,500 prisoners, and by the authorities own admission, [the facility] currently holds about 13,000 prisoners. the number of prisoners has grown by 4,500 compared to last year. Hall 4 of the Quarantine Ward in which I served time in July 2008, had an area of 200 sq. meters and a population of 200, which I heard has reached 250. [This Ward] had 456 prisoners in it on 4 December 2010. Every individual had a per capita space of .5 square meters, which equals the area for keeping half of a sheep in a stable. Before, when it was warm, they used the Fresh Air Yard, where sports equipment was installed and the roof was covered in corrugated plastic. But when it got cold, they stopped using it like that and by putting a heater in there, they started using it as space for housing inmates. Hall 4 has 80 single beds in it, and each bed is used by two people. The prisoners sleep between and under the beds in compressed rows. Hall 1, which is for drug addicts, used to have 300 inmates and there are stories about its housing 1,100 now. In Hall 4, Ward 5, which has 13 rooms, each holding 15 beds, the inmate population has reached 950 people, to the point where inmates sleep in the mosque and in front of bathrooms. Halls 1, 2, and 3 are no better than Hall 4. Ward 4 has so many prisoners that inmates sleep in front of the bathroom, on the stairs, and on landings. At bath times, one person is under the shower while 10 people wait in line. Isnt this prison, the likes of which are not scarce in Iran, a source of shame for the Iranian nation and humanity? A prison is a full-length mirror of the way a country is managed and our country is no better managed than this. Where are we going?! Javad Larijani ( a memeber of the notorious pro-UK Larijani family, brother of te Head of the regime’s Judiciary, Sagegh Larijani, and brother of the head of regime’s parliament, Ali Larijani ), Head of the Judiciarys Human Rights Council, is a very brave man to defend Irans human rights practices, including its prisons

Vakilabad is a hell on earth, where inmates are subjected to sardine-like overcrowding, health threats, humiliations, and mass executions, said Hadi Ghaemi, spokesperson for The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran. Conditions at Vakilabad and other prisons need to be on the agenda of the new UN special rapporteur and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, he added

Berlusconi: Mr. Bunga Bunga !

April 17, 2011

The 74-year-old Italian premier, Silvio Berlusconi, doesn’t seem to be letting his legal woes get him down, joking last Friday to two young blondes that he’d like to invite them to his famed “bunga bunga” parties !. Berlusconi that was in a particularly ebullient mood on Friday, told the crowd that he had some 2,000 jokes at his disposal for just about any occasion. In the recent days, Berlusconi has said that he really believed “Ruby” was the granddaughter of Mubarak, and that he set her up in business so she could get out of s-e-x work . But this was not one of his 2,000 jokes ! In fact, the Italian prime minister said on Monday he gave 45,000 to Karima el Mahroug, a belly dancer who uses the name Ruby, to help her launch a beauty centre, so that she could escape a life of prostitution. “The girl told a very painful and moving story ! I gave the girl money so she would avoid prostituting herself !” Berlusconi said. Asked about the cash gifts, Berlusconi said he funded the pricey hair-removal equipment to allow Ruby (Mahroug) to join a friend in setting up a beauty center. “I gave her the possibility of starting a beauty center with a friend by buying laser-treatment equipment for hair removal that I believe cost 45,000” Berlusconi said, adding that the money had the aim of “keeping her from prostitution, of pointing her in a different direction !” Berlusconi is on trial for using an underage prostitute because prosecutors believe he had s-e-x with Mahroug in 2010 when she was 17, a year younger than the legal age for prostitution in Italy. He is also accused of coercing police into freeing Mahroug when she was arrested last year on suspicion of theft. Berlusconi repeated his claim that he had mistakenly believed Mahroug could be the granddaughter of former Egyptian leader, Hosni Mubarak.


Apart from the prostitution and TV rights fraud trial, Berlusconi is on trial for bribing British lawyer David Mills. In addition, Fabio de Pasquale called for Berlusconi to be put on trial for tax fraud and embezzlement. De Pasquale said he had evidence to show the media tycoon-turned-conservative politician conspired with 11 others, including his son Pier Silvio, to evade millions of euros in tax between the end of the 1980s and 2008. He said shareholders in Berlusconi’s Mediaset television empire were embezzled until at least 2006. But he told the judge: “As far as I know it could still be going on.” Prosecutors have also requested he face trial in a second TV fraud case. Berlusconi has said he is innocent of all charges. Asked on Monday if he could be convicted, he replied “No way -you must be dreaming.” In fact, Berlusconi is on trial in three cases, and risks arraignment in a fourth. In the Mills trial he is accused of paying $600,000 (£370,000) to his formal legal adviser for withholding court testimony that might otherwise have led to his conviction.

The charges revolve around “bunga bunga” sessions involving dozens of dancers, beauty queens and alleged prostitutes at his villa outside Milan. The Berlusconi camp freely admits that his weekend dinner guests were drawn from a circle that included “about 100” young women !! One of two young beauty queens, said they were “literally terrorised” on a visit to Berlusconi’s mansion. They said they had been taken there by Emilio Fede, a newsreader on one of the prime minister’s television channels who is under investigation for aiding and abetting prostitution. After describing how other guests stripped as they danced for the prime minister, Chiara Danese, then aged 18, said: “Berlusconi and Fede encouraged the girls to get involved in the game. They said: ‘Go on, take off your clothes strip dance’.” She added: “All we wanted to do was get out of there, but we didn’t know how to.” Eventually, she and Ambra Battilana, also then 18, went to see Fede. Danese reported him as replying: “If you want to leave, fine. But don’t think you’ll become weather girls or Miss Italy!! ” Mr. Bunga Bunga thinks that Italy is the ancient Rome, and he is the new Caesar. His new Harems in European cities, remind us of 1001 nights’ stories. Mr. Bunga Bunga is really the current Don Corleone of Italy, and he shows us that the Italian Mafia is really alive and very active in Italy.