Gas Bills on Khomeini’s grave

The unknown reporters say that some utility bills, especially gas bills, have been seen in the Khomeini’s grave. 32 years ago, some months before the f-u-c-k-ing Islamic revolution of 1979, Khomenei, the leader of the revolution, had said: “The utility should be free in Iran. We should not pay anything for water, gas, oil, etc. We have a lot of oil and gas resources, and if we don’t give them to the West, we could use them for our people, and then oil and gas would become free in Iran, free of any charge. We should not pay even 1 cent for oil, gas, or petrol. Iran has a lot of oil and gas, and oil products could be free in Iran, if the Shah don’t give our oil to the West.”

What Iranians have done in the recent days, is a clear answer to the Khomenei’s stupid crap. Shame on Islam and its leader, Khomeini, that told blatant lies to all Iranians, and the whole world.

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