Know more about Iranians

Iranians, like any other nation, have their own strong points and their own weak points. Now we want to have a closer look at Iranians. If the whole Iranian society is considered as an imaginary group of 10 Iranian persons, it would be like this :

9 persons are literate
8 persons are pro-West and anti-Islamists
9 persons hate Islamists of Palestine and Lebanon
3 persons have university education
2 or 3 persons are drug addict !
7 persons are under the age 35
9 persons hate Khamenei and Mullahs
7 persons are Muslim, but not like Mullahs or Arabs
1 or 2 persons are atheist or agnostic
9 persons do many non-Islamic activities in their life!
9 persons hate Arab dictators and Arab Islamists
8 persons are determined to topple the Islamic regime
7 persons think that each person with a Ph.D., is intellectual !
9 persons accept Intellectual’s advice blindly
9 persons could not think independently
9 persons think Persia should be restored to its former glory
8 persons like to travel the West
2 or 3 persons like to travel the Islam’s world
7 persons have access to computer and the Internet
9 persons have a cell phone
6 persons have a (family) car
8 persons are careless and crazy drivers!
8 persons have a Satellite dish for Satellite TV channels
8 persons have access to new and old Hollywood movies
4 persons know enough English for reading or speaking
8 persons live in the urban areas
9 persons are toady and sycophant; They are very hypocrite!
9 persons tell lie, and are not honest about any thing
1 person is pro-Mullahs or doesn’t hate Mullahs very much
1 person is Islamist, or Monarchist, or Communist, or Rajavist, or Anarchist, or Maoist, or Basiji Rapist, etc
8 persons have some sort of illegal (black) activity or embezzelment for earning more money!
7 persons say that they hate some of stupid Iranian traditions, but just 1 person is really honest!
9 persons want to live in peace with the whole world, especially with the US and Europe
8 persons think that the US is a dream world, full of freedom, democracy, joy, money, etc !!
8 persons think that the UK is the Mullah-maker and the real supporter of Mullahs and Khamenei
9 persons hate the British politicians and British historical workbook in Iran
7 persons could not get visa of the western embassies in Tehran, while Mullahs could get visa easily

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